Liu Guosheng’s latest “Face-to-face Teaching Materials for Yuan Gua Fengshui Day Selection Class”

Liu Guosheng’s latest “Face-to-face Textbook of Yuan Gua Fengshui Class of Choosing a Day” PDF e-book download. Summary Recently (December 19th to 23rd, 2017), Yang Gong’s daily class (class A) was lectured by Jiangxi Xingguo, Yang Gong’s thirty-seventh generation disciple of Yang Gong’s Fengshui, and Dean Liu Guosheng of Yanggong’s Fengshui Research Institute. The systematic training is successfully concluded! Choosing auspiciousness is based on Yang Gong’s method of creating fate: three yuan auspiciousness

Download PDF e-book of Liu Guosheng’s latest “Face-to-face Textbook of Yuan Gua Fengshui Day Selection Class”.

Content Summary

Recently (December 19th to 23rd, 2017), Jiangxi Xingguo, the thirty-seventh generation direct disciple of Yanggong Fengshui, and the director of Yanggong Fengshui Research Institute, Liu Guosheng, gave a lecture on Yang Gongri Class (Class A) professional system training is successfully concluded! Choosing auspiciousness is based on Yang Gong’s fate method: Sanyuan auspicious and unlucky class arrangement, Zhujia’s seven-story fighting first class, Qimen Liuyu, Wutu Tianxing and calendar Tianxing are particularly incisive. The method of choosing good and bad days is very effective. With the combination of Jiuyan Baguazhang and compass, you can calculate the eclipse of the sun and the moon, the calendar of Ganzhi, the flying stars in Luoshu, the latitude and longitude of stars in Luoshu, and the good and bad fortunes of various daily lessons based on Yang Gong’s six palm diagrams, all of which are incisive and accurate , When reviewing and commenting on the daily lessons of the masters, they are also subtle and meticulous. “Collection” as the basis, convincing people with reasoning, and has been well received by the Fengshui circles and people. And there are more than 50 new and old people from all directions (Northeast, Beijing, Hebei, Henan, Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou and Jiangsu and Zhejiang, etc.) Lovers of daily classes return with full teaching and praise the lecturer! ) consists of four major systems. Fengshui situation is the dragon’s cave, sand and water, and all the topography, which is the basis of regulating qi. Regulating qi is based on the shape of the mountain, to determine the acupuncture points, to collect the mountains and water to form a good and bad pattern. Qi Luantou is not taken, and the regulation of Qi is inaccurate. The effectiveness of mountain-shaped mountains depends entirely on regulating Qi. Regulating Qi is not effective without mountains. Those who rely on form and qi instead of cooperating with qi will have no experience in coping with misfortunes and fortunes, so we must use the profound yin and yang tailoring method, and use both form and qi to create a good yangyang auspicious house. Auspicious day classes are even more man-made. On the basis of complete form and truth, the “time” is used to adjust and catalyze the adjustment and supplementation of the Lishan to the Jianjia. The precise artificial selection of auspicious techniques is used in conjunction with the weather and geography to avoid evil. The miraculous effect of auspiciousness. No matter how good the qi in Yamagata is, if it is not used properly, disasters will happen at the beginning. Honggeng or the lucky master will not be able to bear the pressure and give up. The effect of promoting wealth and longevity will not be achieved, and the supplementary rules will cause Adverse effects, waste of previous efforts and ruined reputation may be detrimental to morality. It must not be ignored and must be cautious. Therefore, Yang Gong listed Fengshui shape, principle, law, and class as the four legal systems for reference, taking the innate as the body and the acquired as the Use, take the head as the body, regulate the qi as the function, the four complement each other, one is indispensable, the application perfects the essence of Fengshui academics. At the same time, the combination of “integration and mastery” is the real professional geographer.

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