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Download the 495-page PDF e-book of Huang Rongtai’s “Xuan Kong Ba Zhai Jingwei”. Brief introduction Xuankong’s mystery does not come from public books, but from the words of the Legalists. The word emptiness is also related to the door of emptiness, which shows that this xuanxuan is also xuanxuan from one to nine. It is called xuankong, which is straightforward. , it is full of stars, it is related to the auspiciousness of life

Huang Rongtai’s “Xuan Kong Ba Zhai Jingwei” 495 pages PDF e-book download.


Mystery of Xuan Kong does not come from public writings, but from the words of the Legalists. The word emptiness is also related to the door of emptiness, which shows that this xuanxuan is also xuanxuan from one to nine. It is called xuankong, which is straightforward. , it is full of stars, which is related to the good or bad of life, and it is difficult to think about it, so it is called Xuankong. The sages once said that the study of the earth said: (The heart is not seven orifices, so it cannot create its mystery; the accumulation is not three generations, it cannot understand its mystery.) Is it difficult to learn the earth? It is difficult to learn, the difficulty lies in discernment, and correct words: (one hundred and twenty schools of thought have no secrets), there is a generation of Ming Dynasty, this is already the case, and when it is added to the end of the law, the evil and the false will mess up the right, and there will be more than a hundred schools of thought. The chaos of this school can be imagined And know. Distinguishing and rectifying geography has always been the standard of rationality and qi recognized by the public. Whoever can reason well can be allowed to pass on the rectification of rectification. Today, Shen’s Xuankong’s theory is rigorous and clear in order, especially expressing his heart, not making hidden words, and being close to the meaning of the text, which is very popular among intellectuals. Therefore, there are many related works in the market from scholars, and most of them can draw their hearts out. When it comes to the tactic, you can learn it by yourself without a teacher. Especially Xuankong numbers, the word Yunpan, the word Shanpan, the word Xiangpan, plus the word New Year’s Day, four characters for one palace, and nine palaces make up a total of thirty-six characters, which can be described as full of stars. When (Dajiale) became popular, people with aspirations used the changes of thirty-six characters to calculate Dajiale in an attempt to get rich overnight, just like the Oriental Mathematics, which led to a wave of social research on Xuankong. The deep influence was not expected by Shen before his death. . Master Xuankong in modern times talked about Yangwu. Although he got the true biography of Li Qianxu, he was also fascinated by this study before. He said in a new interpretation: In the old house, one knows that Xuankong’s method is infallible. It can be seen that Xuankong is fascinating, and it can be regarded as a must-read in the public. Especially Xuankong’s prompt judgment is helpful to the spiritual improvement of ordinary scholars. , the sages advised people to start with erudition, because without erudition one cannot distinguish clearly, but the ancients had to rely on twenty-four books to distinguish geography and righteousness. It is not taken by the wise. Today, the right to cite a few sayings, although it is not the way to go upward, but it is used to build a foundation, it is said to be convenient, and practice it diligently, it is enough to wrinkle a pool of spring water.


Self-preface Reordering the first chapter of Xuankong Longitude and Latitude Preface Xuankong definition Xuankong characteristics Xuankong compass three elements nine luck Xuankong disk arrangement method Xuankong conclusion skills Xuankong four bureaus couples together ten yin and yang zero positive theory Tianxin theory of star (Kun Ren Yi Jue) ) Discussion on Hexagrams and city gates Discussion on Seven Stars Robbery Birth and Restriction Imprisonment and Earth Luck Long and Short Entering the Pagoda and Cremation Three Hexagrams Year, Month, Flying Stars, Flying Years, Jue Jue, Stove Position Theory, Destiny Transformation .Wu Jingluan Xuan Kong Secret Edict Flying Stars Fu Said Hexagrams Records of Eight Diagrams and Eight Diagrams Preface Part Two Eight Mansions Jingwei Preface You Nian Song Three Yuan Destiny Hexagrams On Male and Female Life The Great Gate, Stove, Fire, Incense, Marriage and Children, Different Fate, Different Stove, Yang House, Six Demons, Making Stoves, Seeking Wealth Pit Nine Stars Conquer Chen South Guards North Oblique Boundary Map The Mover Comes Lu Yuan Kong Prestige Hexagram Jue Tested Good and Bad Eight Digits Always Determine Eight Fate Houses and Break All Stars Good and Bad Flying Palace Jue Jade Chariot Sutra Chapter 3 Appendix Hetuluo Book Taiji Liangyi, Sixiang, Bagua, Bagua and Xiangge Figure sixty Jiazi value year Tai Sui Nayin five tiger escape and five rat escape Wang Xiang’s death penalty for the death row prisoner’s gold map year, Zibai Jixing song, moon, Zibai Jixing song, Rijiabaixing, Shijiabaixing, Shijiabaixing, main quotations and bibliography

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