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Download the 127-page PDF e-book of Hao Jianpeng’s “Daxuan Space and Sky Confidentiality”. From the preface to Xuankong geology, it is probably ancestors of Huang Shigong and Guo Jingchun. In the work of Huang Shigong (Qingxiang Jing), the first volume regards the invisible Qi as the beginning of the heaven and the earth, and the middle volume regards the tangible image as the mechanism of the heaven and the earth. There are three volumes of this sutra to establish the root of earth science. Guo Jingchun’s <Funeral Book), even

Download the 127-page PDF e-book of Hao Jianpeng’s “Daxuan Kongtian Confidential”.


Xuankong geology is probably ancestors of Huang Shigong and Guo Jingchun. In the work of Huang Shigong (Qingxiang Jing), the first volume regards the invisible Qi as the beginning of the heaven and the earth, and the middle volume regards the tangible image as the mechanism of the heaven and the earth. There are three volumes of this sutra to establish the root of earth science. Guo Jingchun’s “Funeral Book” is very subtle and can be regarded as the commentary of Qingxiang Jing and the originator of geology. By the end of the Tang Dynasty, Yang Junsong wrote “Aoyu”, “Tianyu”, and “Baozhao”; he had been taught by Yang Gong, and he had a thorough understanding of the principles of yin and yang. , and then regarded it as the authenticity of Sanyuan Xuankong geology. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Jiang Dahong obtained the true biography of Wujizi and Wu Tianzhu, and wrote “Geography Dialectics”, “Gujingge”, “Shuilongjing”, “Guihoulu” and other books. It is a generation of famous teachers after Yang and Zeng. Since then, due to the limitation of literature, it is impossible to verify how the orthodox canon of geology is passed on. Jiang’s disciple Jiang Rugao’s Daxing Xing Jue, “Zi Gui merges with Jia Shen, and Tan Lang travels all the way” is not a correct formula. Qing Shenzhu threw it from Zhang Zhongshan. In “Yin Chang Er Zhai Lu Yan”, the Flying Star Method (i.e. “Shen’s Xuan Kong Xue”), which was enlightened by his wisdom, is customarily called Xiao Xuan Kong. The real Daxuankong secret technique has never been made public so far, and none of the books about Daxuankong on the market are true biography of Jiang’s family. The news of “Daxuankong’s Mystery of the Sky” will make geomancy lovers feel the huge difference in operating procedures and practical value between Xiaoxuankong and Daxuankong’s star-struck art. The following is Shen’s Xuankong and Daxuankong Do a brief analysis of the similarities and differences of the method of staring at the stars, and please correct me if it is inappropriate.

In terms of operating procedures, Xiaoxuankong has to set up three disks: one is the astrology disk. The second is the mountain astrolabe. The third is the directional astrolabe, and there are differences between the next hexagram and the rising star, which is very complicated. Easy to master. As for Daxuankong Star Fighting Art, no matter whether it is going forward or flying against the sky, it can be accomplished in one set, which is very simple and easy to learn. in addition. Xiaoxuankong had to find out how many degrees of a certain mountain and a certain mountain when measuring, and used the lower hexagram method for a few degrees, and the star rising method for a few degrees, which caused problems when measuring the old tomb, because no one in the old tomb How many degrees can be clearly distinguished, not to mention that the star trick is fake. These problems do not exist when using the Daxuankong Astrology Technique to measure Yinyang Houses, New Tombs and Old Ying. 1. In the aspect of reversing obedience, Shen’s Xuankong regards the fortune star as the pole star, and the reversing obedience is completely based on the black, red, yin and yang of heaven, earth, people in the hexagram position of the mountain and the mountain to determine the order of the stars in the mountain and the direction of the disk. Reverse flight method. Taking advantage of the difference in luck between upper and lower yuan, Daxuankong Baxing divided the nine stars into yin and yang, yang goes along and yin goes against. That is Yang Yilu. Yin all the way, upside down with Yuan luck. From this, it can be seen that there is an essential difference between Xiao Xuankong and Da Xuankong in the theory of reversing the sequence of events, and it is not difficult to see that the basis of Xiao Xuankong’s yin and yang sequence is a kind of stupid method. It is no wonder that Master Zhong Yiming also believes that “it is inherent to those who practice it in practice, and those who do not use it, or even cause catastrophe, are in the minority.”

Although Xiaoxuankong has substantial flaws in the principle of flying stars, on the other hand, it emphasizes the combination law of “righteous gods are installed in the right place, and water enters the zero hall”. , and the most taboo “go up the mountain and go down to the water” (the mountain dragon goes down the water. The water dragon goes up the mountain), at this point it is completely consistent with the principle emphasized by the Daxuankong Staring Star Theory. In the application process of Xiaoxuankong theory, it is very valuable to always be able to grasp the spiritual essence of Xuankong Liqi.

The above is a brief comparison between Shenshi Xuankong and Daxuankong. The art of staring at Xuankong establishes perceptual knowledge and plays a positive role in future study.

There are two schools of geomancy: one is the “Santai School” and the other is the “Three-Yuan School”. In fact, the Sanhe School and the Sanyuan School both focus on the Luantou situation (combination of mountains and rivers, and the affection of mountains and rivers). This is a commonality. If Sanhe focuses on Luantou and Sanyuan focuses on rationality, this must be an expression of ignorance , Luantou is the “body”, which – – faction will give up the “body” to be a style for others! Therefore, Sanhe and Sanyuan both pay attention to the situation of the Luantou. The real difference between the Sanhe School and the Sanyuan School lies in the difference in using the theory of regulating qi to establish upward. The theory of regulating qi of the Sanhe School is mainly “three-in-one game” and “Najia method”, while the theory of regulating qi of the Sanyuan School is derived from Beidou , Taiji, Heluo, and Tianxia Bagua. Whether the theory of regulating qi can reveal the basic laws of natural changes, practice will give the answer. A few years ago, the publication of “Shen’s Xuan Kong Xue” and Zhong Yiming’s “Xuan Kong Geography Cong Tan” made countless Sanhe school geologists abandon Sanhe and learn it. Isn’t this a good explanation? The Thirty-Six Gates of the Yuan Dynasty, the true one is the only one”. We firmly believe that the publication of the book “Da Xuan Kong Tian Ji Mi” will be favored by more Feng Shui lovers.

Yu studied under Taoism Faxed by Yang Shouwan (born in Zhenping County, Henan Province, born on December 19, 1916, and died on October 18, 1996). The teacher became a monk at the age of eight and became a Taoist. Obtained the true biographies of Yao Taoist (name unknown) in Hubei and Zhu Ershan in Suoping County, Henan, and later became famous in Yu’e. From the secret books passed down by the teacher, we can know that if there is no master’s enlightenment. , the method of staring upside down is also difficult to understand. Various schools of proof, as long as they criticize the absurd, the real opportunity is never revealed, so that those who practice this technique still have no way to enter. Affected by the laws and precepts of heaven, Jiang Gong secretly It is obvious that you can know it! For decades, I have witnessed and followed the actions of many mediocre teachers. There are many misfortunes, harming others and myself. There are also countless Fengshui enthusiasts. There is no harvest, and the time is wasted. This is the reason why the truth is hidden. , One is to guide the maze of later studies.

Geoscience should take Yang, Zeng, and Jiang’s art as the authentic, and use this as the context, and then learn from others’ strengths, and it can be tested and verified. Thorough research and in-depth research make the three-dimensional geography Continue to develop and expand. This book is organized and arranged by disciples Zhang Changqing and Zhang Hongxing. I would like to express my gratitude for a lot of labor in the writing process. Because Feng Shui is profound and complicated, and my generation is ignorant, there are inevitably mistakes in the book. Experts don’t hesitate to correct me.


Preface and preface of “Xuankong Essence” Volume 1 Xuankong General Discussion 1, Xuankong Meaning 2, Kanyu is the Way of Heaven and Earth 3, Kanyu Theory 4, Male and Female Intercourse 5, Qi Volume 2 Xuankong Roots 1, Taiji Circle 2, Hetu 3, Luoshu 4, Xiantian Bagua 5, Houtian Bagua 6, Big Dipper Map. Volume 3 Xuankong Zhengjing 1, “Qingxiang Jing” 2, “Qingxiang Jing” Nang Preface 3. “Qingxiang Olympic Language” 4. “Tian Wang Jing” 5. (Du Tian Bao Zhao Jing) Volume 4 Important Concepts 1, Yuan Yun 2, Nine Stars 3, Golden Dragon 4, City Gate 5, Burial Vehicle Qi, On yin and yang, five elements, stems and branches, seven, eight trigrams volume, five real mechanisms for regulating qi, the first section Theory of regulating qi, the theory of regulating qi by beating stars (1) the true formula of beating stars (2) zero positive yin and yang (3) the law of combination (4) fire breaks and stars are inauspicious Game (5) Nine-star anti-game judgment 2. The theory of earth luck and qi regulation (1) Luoshu nine palaces with hexagrams and star charts (2) Three yuan and nine palaces to divide luck (3) Zhengshen zeroshen (4) Emptiness, reality, emptiness and fullness (5) Discussion on Water Breaking through the Order and Stars (6) Eight Diagrams Against the Bureau and Breaking Jue III. The Theory of Qi-Regulation of the Prior and Later Heavens The inauspiciousness of the congenital hexagrams, (6) The reverse of the heaven and the earth, the second section, the secret of hitting the stars 1, reverse the sequence (1), the yang and yin stars (2), the principle of the sequence 2, the pattern of the sequence of the stars Volume 6 Luantou Situation and Judgment Method Collection Section 1 Luantou Situation Summary 1, General Introduction (1), Situational Principles (2), Introduction to Luantou (3), General Tips for Seeing Size and Land (4), Five Essentials of Geography (5), Yin and Yang of Mountains and Rivers (6), Obtaining Elephants from Eight Mountains (7), Distinguishing the Power of Dragons, Prosperous, Prosperous, Trapped, Dead, Evil, and Defeated II, On Dragons (1), Secrets of Recognizing Dragons (2), Dragons Are Precious Truth Three, Discussion on Acupoints (1), Acupoint Image (2), Secrets of Acupuncture Recognition (3), Thirty-eight Acupoints for Fear of Yin Houses (4), Discussion on Sand (1), Anshan and Lailong (2), Anshan’s Most Important Five , On Water (1), Five Water Bureaus (2), Public Water and Private Water (3), Rising and Ebbing Tide VI, Discussion on Mingtang VII, Discussion on Housing Distribution (1), Nine-Star Discussion on Housing Distribution/1O9 (2), Eight Diagrams Discussion on house allocation/l10 (3), Discussion on the distribution of housing by situation VIII, Discussion on burial method IX, Discussion on site selection gate (1), Conditions for site selection of Yang Zhai (2), Conditions for site selection of yin site , Judgment method of yang house and yin house (1), on the evil of concave wind (2), on the evil of rushing and anti-bow water (3), entering the grave (4), He Zhijing (5), peach blossom and eight evil waters (6) The method of house division, volume 7, the principle of standing direction 1, the three hexagrams of Yang Gong 2, the theory of twenty-four mountains, 3, the principle of standing against the stars, the principle 4, the principle of the combination of dragon and water, the principle of combining left and right, volume 8, choosing a date for burial Summary 1. “Yuhan Jing” Tianyuan Wutu chooses the law 2, Yang Gong overcomes the law 3, Qimen Twelve Black Zodiac 4, discusses evil spirits (1), Tai Sui (2), thirteen evil spirits (3), Wuhuang (4) ), Mingsha (five), hidden construction (six), heavy mourning day (seventh), third mourning day (eight), and five bad times

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