Chen Jianli’s “The Complete Book of Heavenly Stars Urging Officials”

(Song) Lai Taisu, Chen Jianli’s “The Complete Book of Heavenly Stars Urging Officials” PDF e-book download. In the preface Kanyu’s family talks about geography, nothing more than talking about Luantou and Liqi. The two should be viewed separately. The books about Luantou, such as Qingwu Jing, Burial Sutra, Xuexin Fu, Suspecting Dragon Sutra, Shaking Dragon Sutra, etc. Book, this book is about the situation and style, it talks more about the style, less about the use, and it is a book about rationality, such as Lai Gong’s article on urging officials.

(Song) Lai Taisu, Chen Jianli’s “The Complete Book of Heavenly Stars Urging Officials” PDF e-book download.


Kan Yujia talks about geography, nothing more than talking about Luantou and Liqi. The two should be viewed separately. Books such as Shaking the Dragon, ,,, etc., this book discusses the situation and style, and it talks more about style than it uses, and it is a book about rationality. It is all about both body and function. The above ancient scriptures are all authentic geomancy. I only hate that the divine scriptures are clearly written, and everyone passes them on by word of mouth, and they are also stingy and afraid of precious secrets, and they are easy to change. It has been handed down from generation to generation, so there are many violent discussions and lawsuits. This is right and that is not, and this is not right. The spirit of non-scholars. Therefore, scholars of the true way should carefully study the books written by the sages and sages of the past dynasties, and explain the theories that are difficult to understand in the ancient scriptures and Austrian language in detail with vernacular and pictures, develop them to the smallest extent, and make them public to the public. This is true learning The spirit of Taoism and the responsibilities that geologists should have. The article on urging officials was written by Lai Taisu (Lai Buyi) in the Song Dynasty. A nine-star method has a history of 900 years. (Inspecting the tomb on Guanyin Mountain, such as the sages of Tangshan geologists who came to Taiwan to select the rich and noble dragon caves for people, all use this method). It is difficult to understand the Austrian language of the ancient scriptures in the reminder chapter, and few people know it, so readers think it is a fake book and must not be read. No, it is actually because the readers have little knowledge of ancient scriptures and literature, and have not received the guidance of a master. Today I can’t bear the book written by the sages, but was slandered by mediocre teachers and abandoned this book, resulting in the gradual loss of the Nine Stars Method, so I can’t bear to keep it secret. Its errors make up for its deficiencies, and it is still important to study and edit it with illustrations to illustrate the secrets of yin and yang in the official chapters to make it clear at a glance and easy to learn. That’s why this book is titled: “Tianxing Treasures to Remind Officials”. It may not be a small supplement to the nine-star method. Reminding officials, as the name suggests, means prompting people to send out quickly. Officials are rich and honored. Today, I will disclose the secrets to the world. Follow the secrets, so that the square will prosper, everyone will be healthy, everyone will be prosperous, rich and noble, the people will be rich and the country will be strong. The inherent philosophy of China for more than 5,000 years has been passed down from generation to generation. I care about the rest. However, the completion of the book is in a hurry, and mistakes and omissions are still unavoidable. I hope that all sage teachers will enlighten me, and it is fortunate that I can correct them. The seventy-fourth year of the Republic of China, the year of Yi Chou, the year of Ji Donghou, Chen Jianli’s preface, Taipei Residence


Volume 1 Comments on the Dragon Chapter Volume 2 Comments on the Sand Chapter Volume 3 Comments on the Point Chapter Volume 4 Comments on the Water Chapter

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