(Qing) Jiang Yong’s “Heluo Jingyun” Nine Volumes

(Qing) Jiang Yong (Qing) Jiang Yong (1681-1762), the word Shenxiu, was born in Wuyuan (now Jiangxi). He has never been an official in his life, and he teaches students as a career. Zhu Zi, his study book, has a lot of works, as many as more than 20 kinds, and most of them are recorded in “Siku Quanshu”. “Drafts of Qing History” has a biography. His Yi Xue works include “River

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(Qing) Jiang Yong (1681-1762), word Shenxiu, Wuyuan (now Jiangxi )people. He has never been an official in his life, and he teaches students as a career. Zhu Zi, his study book, has a lot of works, as many as more than 20 kinds, and most of them are recorded in “Siku Quanshu”. “Drafts of Qing History” has a biography. His Yixue works include nine volumes of “Heluo Jingyun”.


” Volume 1 and 2 deduce “this book” and “Yuan Gua Hua”, and volume 3 deduces “Ming Yi Ce” and “Kao Bian Zhan”. The second chapter “Heluo Yun” Six volumes, based on the Heluo books and the techniques of various schools: “Pythagorean formulas for calculators, five tones and six rhythms for musicians, Qiyao Gao Xia for astronomers, Najia Nayin for five elements, and clear letters for phoneticians. The turbidity, Luo Jingyu’s Qi, and the choice of the day’s Dou Shou Qimen, so that the sky has five luck and six qi, and people have meridians and arteries. This is the root of medicine, and the principles of treatment also come from books and hexagrams. “. Said: “Everyone who talks about books, hexagrams and paintings, and promotes other things that can be bypassed, all of them are included in this article. To show; the sage’s Yun, because of the hexagram to send out. “Jiang Yongshi’s book is named based on this theory, and the preface says: “The so-called essence flows out naturally, without artificial intelligence arrangements; Wonderful. More specifically, the essence of the hexagram is the essence of the book, the hexagram has its right contract, and the book has its left contract. The content of the hexagram is the content of the book, the hexagram is its descendant, and the book is its ancestor. “

The value of the book “Heluo Jingyun” does not lie in the so-called “essence” and “integration” of Heluo books, but precisely those contents that have nothing to do with Heluo books Such as “the theory of doubts about divination”, “the theory of changing divination”, “the theory of divination”, “the theory of changing the remaining meaning of divination”, “the theory of twelve divination”, “the theory of mutual hexagrams”, “the theory of changes in hexagrams”, “the theory of divination Hexagram Bianchao”, “Distinguishing the Misunderstanding of Lai’s Complicated Two Characters”, “Guaxiang Shuo”, “Guaxiang Xiangchao”, “Luozhen Sanpan Theory”, “Dunjia Qimen Theory”, etc. , on Li Yundang” (Huang Shouqi’s “Yi Xuequn Book Review”). Among them, “Gua Bian Theory” and “Gua Bian Test” are of reference value. Those who oppose the theory of Gua Bian can be found in Zhu Zhen’s “Han Shang Yi Zhuan” (In addition, Li Tingzhi’s “Change Gua Opposition Map” is listed in “Han Shang Yi Chuan Gua Tu”), and later Yu Yan’s “Zhou Yi Ji Shuo” broadened his theory, and said that “since Qin, Han, Tang and Song Dynasties, the discussions of Confucianism have never been There is not a single word about this.” Zhi Lai Zhide used the theory of hexagrams to replace the opposition and said hexagram changes, while Jiang Yong discerned that Lai Zhide “changed hexagrams into comprehensives, which is the fallacy of Lai Shi”, and determined its The twenty-nine cases are twenty-two cases. Those who interpret the words of “Zhuan Zhuan” based on the opposition of the hexagrams can be regarded as a summary of Jiang Yong’s textual research. In addition, the “Testimation of the hexagrams and images” is also very intensive, which is sufficient for future generations to refer to.

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