Bai Hanzhong’s “It turns out that it’s so simple to make good fortune in Yangzhai and transform evil spirits”

Bai Hanzhong’s “It turns out that Yang Zhai is so simple to get lucky and transform evil spirits” PDF e-book download. Introduction The ancient sages have accumulated long-term experience, and many classic records have been handed down. Under what kind of environment can they “live in peace” and live a happier and more fulfilling life. The structure of hills, flowing water, coming from every azimuth

Bai Hanzhong’s “It turns out that it’s so easy to get lucky and transform evil spirits in Yangzhai” PDF e-book download.


The ancient sages have accumulated long-term experience, and many classic records have been handed down. What kind of environment can “live in peace”, live a happier and more fulfilled life, the landscape environment around the house, ancient books Pay attention to the structure of Qinglong, Baihu, Suzaku, Xuanwu, Mingtang, hills, flowing water, incoming water, and outgoing water in every azimuth, every wall, every window, and even every corner of the house, facing different Fengshui environments, There are different influences, so geologists have different interpretations. Buildings with specific shapes combine with factors such as airflow, light, sound, and magnetic waves in nature to form “sha” that have various responses to the human body, which are called “Shaping Sha”. People who believe in feng shui hope to arrange feng shui at home by themselves, to resolve crises into opportunities, to seek safety at home, free from disasters, less sickness, and not to be misunderstood. How to avoid: villains, financial ruin , official punishment, car accident, surgery, bloodshed, etc., I hope to achieve it; I want to be a scholar, the exam goes well, and I get a title on the gold list. Workers at work, easy and smooth work, harmony among people, appreciation from the boss, etc. I hope that the methods introduced in this book can help you develop in all aspects and bring you good luck. The completion of this book is the photos of Yang Zhai that I have collected for many years. I have selected the essential parts and sorted them out. I would also like to thank Mr. Xie Haoran from the Kaiyun Fengshui Research Center of Jiulongtang for providing the pictures of the evil spirit mascot. Master Ge Lin Zhiying drove me to take pictures, and provided text materials and pictures of mascots. I would like to thank Mr. Li Bingyao, the owner of Yulin Publishing House, for assisting in the publication of this book. I also hope that the public can have a better understanding of Fengshui culture through the introduction of this book. A deeper understanding. On May 25th, 2006, Bai Hanzhong was sincerely informed Chinese people advocate feng shui and numerology. Disgusting things is generally known as the concept and practice of expelling evil spirits and avoiding evil spirits. The land is narrow and densely populated, the alleys are vertical and horizontal, the eaves and corners are interlaced, and the walls of the houses face each other; The theory of Chong, in order to block the evil spirits and control the impact, is practiced in the space and location of the house, showing aversion to disasters and prayers for the safety of the population. Various utensils and totems to ward off evil spirits in town houses are born accordingly. Appreciation of things has long been integrated into people’s lives, and it is also a major feature of architectural landscape, especially for the display of architectural folk aesthetics, and the most important thing is to clear away disasters, seek wealth and keep safety

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