Li Mozhai’s “Li Mozhai’s Secret Deficiency” (Geography Pijing Collection, Episode 2) reedited by Li Chongyang

Li Mozhai’s “Li Mozhai’s Secret Deficiency” (Geography Pijing Collection II) Li Chongyang’s reedited PDF e-book download. The preface to the book of geography is described in detail by the ancients, and they want it to be obvious, easy to understand, and easy to understand. Jing Xian, who is a late learner from Wuliang, has also taught Ye Sidao for decades, and everything from Yang Zeng, Liao Lai, and other schools of thought Said everything was ready to read, and read the map again, and selected the six characters of Longxue sand, water and vapor veins to the deepest

Li Mozhai’s “Li Mozhai’s Secret Deficiency” (Geography Pijing Collection II) Li Chongyang reedited PDF e-book download.


The ancients said the book of geography is detailed, and they want it to be obvious and easy to understand. Lai and all the theories of various schools of thought are all prepared, and he also reads the pictures, and chooses the six characters of the sand, water, and vapor veins in the dragon’s cave, and chooses the deepest ones to make people understand them. The principle of the mystery is nothing more than the truth. This book is not intended to be publicized. My brothers and sisters are afraid that my descendants will regard geography as a deep hook, and Zhiyuan will be misunderstood by the teacher. It is suitable for those who are wronged by the teacher. Don’t lose it for my collection, so that the future volume will be like yesterday’s book, and it will live up to the painstaking efforts of my life. Encourage it to look forward to it.

Where does the theory of geography come from? , There are people who abandon their relatives and die in the gully, and those who don’t know how to die have no other. He is not ignorant of the danger of not choosing the place, but the trouble of not knowing the choice of the place without going through the tricks. I am not surprised that the world’s inaction is unreliable, Gu. Those who don’t see Xingshu, but talk about it on their own, don’t follow Qiu Ji, but are good at talking about the Long family, are certainly sniggered by the knowledgeable, and they also misunderstand their relatives. Also, Yuye Si Dao has been around for a long time, but he did not dare to believe that manipulation can benefit others, but he knew that lack of skill can actually bring harm to himself, so it is better to talk about it without being good at it. It is also said that every family says that Qihuang, the population will die for many days, that is exactly what is said. Afterwards, there are those who get the book, Gou Fei will study it humbly, realize it sincerely, make a great vow, and spare no expense of wealth. The farmer’s harvest of stone fields is of no benefit, and it is suitable to destroy his hoe, so beware of it.

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