Lian Lihua’s “Feng Shui Guide for Xuankong Residential Environment Science Office Real Estate Home Furnishing Hotel Factory”

Download PDF e-book of Lian Lihua’s Feng Shui Guide for Xuankong Residential Environment, Office, Real Estate, Home, Hotel, and Factory. Author brief introduction Lian Lihua, male, from Guangdong Province, working in Shenzhen, born in 1953, graduated from a university. Currently, he is the dean and professor of the International Yi Xue Feng Shui Research Institute (formerly the International Yi Jing Science Research Institute), a visiting professor of Beijing Construction University, and “International Book of Changes”

Lian Lihua’s “Xuankong Residential Environment Science Office Fengshui Guide for Buildings, Homes, Hotels and Factories” PDF e-book download.

Brief introduction of the author

Lian Lihua, male, from Guangdong Province, working in Shenzhen, born in 1953, graduated from a university. He is currently the dean and professor of the International Institute of I Ching and Feng Shui (formerly the International I Ching Academy of Sciences), a visiting professor at Beijing Jianshe University, editor-in-chief of the “International I Ching” magazine, honorary president of the China Feng Shui Culture Research Institute, and a consultant of the China I Ching Association. The chief consultant of Yi Xue Feng Shui Federation, a famous contemporary Chinese Feng Shui expert, and the first top ten Yi Xue celebrities in China. Officially published two monographs on Feng Shui: “Xuankong Residential Environment” and “Residential Time and Space Selection”, which have been widely praised by many experts and readers. In 1977, Mr. Lian benefited from the enlightenment and guidance of Mr. Yu Ruilan, a local feng shui master, and began to embark on the road of amateur research on feng shui and numerology.

The Xuankong residential environment studied in this book is the selection category of human living environment. Based on the theory of Fengshui, taking the urban mansion as the object, and based on the author’s nearly 30 years of practical experience, this paper studies the Fengshui of modern residences.

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