Ziwei Yang Yang Junze “Burning Rhinoceros Rizhilu”

Ziwei Yang Yang Junze “Burning Rhinoceros Daily Knowledge Record” PDF e-book download. Brief Introduction According to legend, there is one of the simplest ways to see monsters, that is, to burn rhino horns to illuminate demons, that is, “rhinoceros lighting”. Some things that cannot be explained or solved by human wisdom can be enlightened from this. Is it true that the secret cannot be leaked? If the person who counts the karma violates the “law of heaven”, he will be “dead in the coffin”

Ziwei Yang Yang Junze “Rising Rhinoceros Rizhilu” PDF e-book download.


According to legend, there is one of the easiest ways to see monsters, which is to burn rhino horns to illuminate demons, that is, “rhinoshine”. get hints. Is it true that the secret cannot be leaked? If the karmic practitioner violates the “Law of Heaven” and obtains the extremely ominous hexagram image of “putting a corpse into a coffin” and the retribution of “short life expectancy”, can this catastrophe be avoided? In “Song of Shaobing”, which kind of magic did Liu Bowen use to figure out what was covered in the bowl of Mingtai? Liurenshu is known as a rather legendary art of magic. Its “three biography”: what are the first biography, middle biography and final biography? What’s the use? There are many false tricks in Xuan Kong, and there are also many liars. Those who believe in Feng Shui but don’t know how to distinguish the true from the false, be careful to be fooled! Why do “shushu experts” dare to say that “three evil spirits” are eight trigrams, three forks and woks? The ancients often said that “blessed people are buried in a blessed place”. Do lucky people naturally get a blessed place with good geomantic omen? How can it be regarded as moving to the wrong house? Ziping numerology and Ziwei Doushu cannot be applied to people born in tropical places below the equator and further down to Australia and other places? So what about Feng Shui? Is the relationship between people really so important? Even if a karmic practitioner talks about fate with guests, it depends on God’s will? This book records some unbelievable cases, including the encounters of people who are skilled in numbers, and those who are good at numbers but can’t understand them. Readers may wish to refer to them together, or only you can know the mystery.

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Mr. Yang Junze, known as “Ziwei Yang”, is proficient in many Chinese techniques, and has unique experience in “Ziwei Doushu” and Feng Shui. The name “Ziwei Yang” has long been lost shin away. Almost everyone in Hong Kong likes to study arithmetic. Yang Jun himself is a journalist. He used to be the editor of many newspapers in Hong Kong (including the editorial director of “Ming Pao”). He studies arithmetic as his hobby. It has been more than ten years since he retired, and at the age of nearly 90, he is still enjoying himself behind closed doors and indulging in the study of alchemy. Ziwei Yang has a total of nine works, and the eight early books have been combined into “Ziwei Yang. Shushu Series”, which is extremely popular. Now he has revised his nine books in his later years, and will combine them into a new “Ziwei Yang. Shushu Series”, which will be republished by Tiandi Books, which can be called a rare work

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