Lim Kit Seng’s “Lucky Fortune and Prosperous Business Secrets”

Download the PDF e-book of Lim Kit Seng’s “Business Secrets for Lucky Fortune”. (For the clarity of the content, please refer to the screenshot below.) The profiler must have innate wisdom, fluent eloquence, diligence and frugality, and hard work in order to become a talent. Borrowing the power of subsidy, anyone who wants to be prosperous in wealth needs to operate wisely.

Download the PDF e-book of Lim Kit Seng’s “Lucky and Prosperous Business Secrets”. (Content clarity, please refer to the screenshot below)


People must have innate wisdom and fluent eloquence, Diligence and frugality are more needed. Insufficiency in nature requires hard work in the future to be a talent. Encouraging wealth is just a kind of borrowing power. Anyone who wants to prosper in wealth needs to operate with wisdom. The God of Wealth will take care of you. Usually planning things falls behind others. It is just a waste of time and money to recruit wealth in any way. Money is just a passing cloud. You can really make a lot of money and keep it. A person’s fortune and his own pattern need to have innate conditions, and Acquired diligence and frugality, and other methods of attracting wealth, will definitely be of great help. If you do a lot of evil in your life, waste a lot of money, flower streets and willow lanes, where you can eat, drink, prostitute and gamble, is it useful for attracting wealth? Wealth is equal and similar. When you meet people, you must treat each other with sincerity and diligence. Someone will value you and help you become a noble person. If you are treacherous and cunning in your life, lazy to act and plan things, and treat people dishonestly, how can noble people dare to reach out to help others and be loyal to others? Some people get close to others, others cheat and stay away from others. Recruiting nobles is just a kind of subsidy, and subsidizing the innate deficiency depends on the help of the day after tomorrow.

Table of Contents

Preface Chapter 1, Byford, Five Ways of Wealth Chapter Six: The Art of Capping the Soul and Getting Out of Luck Chapter Seven: What You Need to Know About Booming Five Thunders and Sending Arrows Fragrant Arrows Chapter Eight The twelfth chapter of taking medicine mantra and the thirteenth chapter of taking medicine for internal organs pain

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