Li Zheming’s “Eighth Fortune Mysterious and Empty Mansion Secrets”

Li Zheming’s “Eight Luck Secrets of Mysterious and Empty Yang House” PDF e-book download. Introduction Postgraduates are very interested in the five arts. For example, Fan Ziping Bazi, Ziwei Doushu, name study, divination, date selection, geography and geomantic omen, all of which are studied earnestly and piously to the best of their ability, but they are not enough to be called specialization. The so-called ” Boundless academic career” with a vigilant attitude to study and revise, I also hope that the predecessors of the five arts from all walks of life will give me a lot of advice

Li Zheming’s “Secrets of the Eight Luck Mysterious Kong Yang House” PDF e-book download.


Followers are very interested in the five arts, such as Fanziping Bazi, Ziwei Doushu, name study, divination, choosing the day, geography and geomantic omen. With the so-called specialization, the so-called “boundless learning career” studies and corrects with a cautious attitude. I also hope that the seniors of the five arts from all walks of life will give me a lot of advice. There are unique research experiences in the book, which can be provided to everyone who is curious about knowledge. It also reveals the secrets of many predecessors and teachers who are not easy to disclose, because in the past, the author studied Sanhe, Sanyuan Jiuyun, Longmen Water Method, East and West Four Houses, Jiuxing Water Method, Shen’s Xuankong, etc. . . After more than ten years of spinning around, the most difficult thing to learn is geomancy, which is also the author’s heartfelt words. After the karma matures, he is predestined to learn the true formula, study the six methods of Xuankong, and be able to understand the natural qi of the world. In the past, it was misleading to say that “human life is matched with the direction of sitting”, that is, Younian Gua, East and West Four Houses, Nine Star Water Method, Shen’s Xuankong, Four Great Situations, Zibai Yuanyun’s landscape and flying astrolabe, not the astrolabe, because the flying astrolabe cannot It is used to determine the ups and downs of mountains and rivers or to see the zero gods. Therefore, readers have quietly thought about whether the author’s proposal is logical. The author has systematically edited the “Secrets of the Eighth Luck, Mysterious and Empty Mansion”, and hopes that readers will study and use the secrets in the book, which will surely bring you unlimited business opportunities, make you rich, and make your home safe without wasting precious money. Time and money are spent in fake books. Finally, I wish all readers and improve the strength of geomancy for the benefit of Duhui.

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