Zhong Yiming “Astrological Geography of Mysterious Sky” (HD)

Zhong Yiming’s “Xuankong Astrological Geography” (HD) PDF e-book download. Preface The mountain doctor’s life divination was the study of immortals and sages in ancient times. It has since entered the rivers and lakes. Confucianists disdain it, and practitioners regard it as a tool for making a living. Thousands of years later, although Si Dao has flourished but not declined, the authenticity and falsehood are mixed, and a hundred schools of thought have emerged, especially the art of phase and earth. Divide

Zhong Yiming “Xuankong Astrological Geography” (HD) PDF e-book download.


The study of mountain doctors and fortune-telling was a study of immortals and sages in ancient times. Thousands of years later, although Si Dao has flourished but not declined, the authenticity and falsehood are mixed, and a hundred schools of thought have emerged, especially the art of phase and earth. The house and the tomb are separated by phase and place, which is the so-called feng shui of the so-called yang base and yin base. Those who are worthy are the way of heaven; those who are public are the way of authenticity. The sky has an image, the earth has a shape, the energy flows on the earth, and the shape is beautiful in the sky. Therefore, the ancient sages looked up at the astronomy and looked down at the geography, and took advantage of life and death. Zhougong Buluo built the king city, opened the Zhou Dynasty 802 years ago, and the husband’s study of public opinion, the ancient emperors used it to lay mountains and rivers, build capitals, make divisions, and house people. To the Han Dynasty, and merged with Taoism. Zhang Daoling of the Eastern Han Dynasty built Longhu Mountain as a place of practice, and the technique of matching tombs was entrusted to Qingwuzi. From the time of Guo Pu’s writing (burial book) in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the art of geography was popular among the people. (Geography and people’s instructions) The purpose of the theory of Kanyu says: (Wenxi Qiugong, the master of the technique was given by the gods, and he was named Yafu, and he entered the book in three volumes. The truth, the spirit, and the heart are the secrets of heaven. Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty was able to hide it with gold letters and jade cabinets. Books, but I don’t know that there will be chaos in the Huangchao in Yishi, and Qionglin’s treasury can’t be guarded. The monk and his party can write bronze letters and false scriptures to confuse the truth, but I don’t know that there are Zeng, Yang Zhixian, and Jinhan’s secretary in the army. It is all obtained. Both Zeng and Yang went to the south of the Yangtze River. Seeking Ji (Zeng Qiuji) was created by Li Sikong to restrain himself. Because of the mistakes of Qiu Gong (Qiu Yanhan), he published a stone as a record. Compiled, there are miscellaneous rumors, and there are no disadvantages. Only Yang Gong passed it on in Wenxuan, and the heart mirror of Longxue sand and water was first written. Wenxuan was passed down to Xiyi, and the annotations of (Qing Nang) Jingzhuan began to be detailed. Lai Buyi is a copy of Yang Gong’s couple Therefore, the theories of (Yang Cuiguan) and (Lvyu) are all related to Tianxing. Liao Jinjing was selected by Zhang Shouzhi, so the theory of (Yang Fu) and (Yin Qi) all came from Jingluan (Wu Jingluan). Ziwei (Zhang Ziwei) A generation of great men, but (Chalcedony Sutra) only cares about Xiang, and cannot fight against Liao and Lai. Mu Tang (Cai Mu Tang) respects Confucianism in Taoism, but (fa Wei Lun) has not shown the sky? And Zhu Hui’an, Cai Mutang Although Xishan is fond of geomantic omen, there are other legends outside the teaching, and I am afraid that it has not been studied. Therefore, it does not use the theory of a certain mountain and a certain direction, which has caused endless excuses for future generations. ) is dedicated to the national tone. Husband Fu Botong (the outline of geomancy) and Zou Zhongrong (answer to Wang Boyan’s book) respectively push Ming Liqi and inherit Wu and Liao Zhixu.) From the description in the previous paragraph, we can roughly know the secret of the teaching of geomancy theory, and there are many schools . The books that have been handed down in ancient times include: Jin? Guo Pu (burial scriptures), (nine volumes of Qing Nang Jing). Don? Yang Junsong (Qingnang Austrian), (Shaking the Dragon), (Suspecting Dragon), (One Grain of Millet), (Li Cone Fu), (Tianyu Jing), (Baozhao Jing), Qiu Yanhan (Haijiao Jing), (Tianji Sushu), (Li Qi Xin Yin), Zeng Wenxuan (Qing Nang Preface), (Looking for the Dragon), (Q&A of Yin and Yang), Sima Toutuo (Iron Case Seal), (Xuanguan Tongqiao Song), Song Dynasty ? Lai Buyi (Reminder for Officials), Gu Tuo Elder (Earth Eyes), Wu Jingluan (Regulating Qi and Heart Seal), (Tianji Shu), Zhang Ziwei (Chalcedony Sutra), Ming? Xu Shanji, Xu Shanshu (Notes to the Son of Man), Xu Shike (re-engraved Geography and Tianji Yuan), Leng Qian (gui Houlu), Qing? Jiang Dahong (Supplementary Biography of Qingnang Jing) and (Geography Debate), Che Ruyu (Geography Yuan Zhizhi), Jiang Zongcheng (Geography Authentic), etc., are numerous, and the above list is just the most important ones. The study of geography probably started in the Jin and Han Dynasties, and flourished in the Tang, Song, Ming, and Qing dynasties. During this period, there were many authentic books and formulas written by Ming masters. Unfortunately, they were lost due to political factors or due to wars. , to teach and accept privately from father and son, master and apprentice, it is inevitable to make mistakes and misunderstand later. Therefore, to this day, few people want to get the real book and the real formula. This province is remote, and in ancient times, those who wanted to find real scholars had to travel to the mainland to visit masters. However, those who have real books and formulas are often kept secret, and they are called ancestral treasures. Thanks to the move to Taiwan and the improvement of transportation, the true Daxuankong three-dimensional geography was introduced, and our compatriots in Taiwan were saved by the truth. However, looking at it from a wider perspective, in today’s society, geologists have become professional. Karma is karma, there are those who do not learn and have no skills to make money, there are scholars who are virtuous but not practical, there are those who have practical learning but no virtue, there are those who learn the three-in-one, four-round, nine-star and name (three yuan) In short, there are those who call themselves (the direct descendant of Sanyuan) based on (false Sanyuan), which is dazzling, and because the main family is not familiar with the theory of Kanyu, it is impossible to distinguish its authenticity, but listening to its tongue, and exaggeration and vanity Advertisement, willfully subject to its mercy, destroying families and ignorance, and even to the death of those who still believe their words and do not regret it. All of these are heartbreaking. (Hanwen Gongwen Collection) contains (Answer to Hou Jishu) cloud: (Pu Shao is good at learning, since besides the Six Classics, Baishi’s books, those who have not heard about them do not seek, seek but do not read, but their aspirations lie in the meaning Where to go. As for the names of rites and music, the books of yin and yang, land, stars, and prescriptions, I have not tasted their door. Although today’s officials do not want to follow this way, there is no ancient person who fails to understand this and become a great virtuous gentleman. Also.) Great virtuous gentlemen are all familiar with the books of yin and yang, land, stars, and prescriptions, so those who want to be great virtuous gentlemen should understand this way to know. Burying the bones of relatives and ancestors so that their souls can have a safe place to live is the act of a benevolent and filial son. As the ancient saying goes (filial piety is the first of all virtues), people must be filial, and bury their relatives and ancestors in an auspicious place, so that they will be blessed, and they will pass on the family and inherit the heirs, and become a great virtuous gentleman to repay the family and the country. If you do your filial piety, you should find an auspicious place. What is an auspicious place? Not only are the mountains beautiful, the acupoints are decent, and the structure is true, but you must also sit on the mountains and rivers to get the luck of the Yuan Dynasty, and to get the beauty of the auspicious stars in the year, month, and day, before it can be called an auspicious place. Furthermore, it is necessary to check the good and evil of Shide, as well as one’s self-cultivation and destiny. The theory of yin and yang is the same. As the saying goes (first fate, second luck, third Fengshui, fourth accumulation of yin skills, fifth reading), you can get rich and famous. Who doesn’t want wealth and fame? Some people can’t get it in their lifetime, and some people can get it without effort. Is it not about fate and feng shui? I believe it must be there. I was born in a poor family. When I was young, I experienced hardships and hardships. I was tortured by illness. Fortunately, my father and ancestors have accumulated good deeds for generations. , The study of Yiyi, many rare secrets have been obtained. Not only is it used to reverse family fortune, change temperament and physique, and succeed in exams, but it also helps countless people. Faithful spells and morality are marked. This is to carry forward the ambition of Chinese academics. I will choose a part of the experience of more than ten years of study and test to disclose. I hope that scholars who are interested in Xuankong will gain enlightenment through karma. Opening the gate of Xuankong, and then going deep into the hall, and gaining a glimpse of the wealth of the officials in the ancestral temple, is my original intention of writing this book. Preface

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