Zhong Yiming’s “New Interpretation of Xuankong Geography and Essays (Part 1 and 2)”

Zhong Yiming’s “A New Interpretation of Xuankong Geography (Part 1 and 2)” PDF e-book download. My preface to my book (Taiwan Geographic Map), (Xuankong Astrological Geography), (Xuankong Geography Collection) Series 1, (Appreciation of Fate of Celebrities from Ancient and Modern Times), (Practical Collection of Geography), (Xuankong Geography Collection) 2nd Since the publication of the series and other books, people from all walks of life and colleagues of Wushu have received letters and calls to inquire.

Zhong Yiming’s “A New Explanation of Xuankong Geography (Part 1 and 2)” PDF e-book download.


My work (Taiwan Geographic Map), (Xuankong Astrological Geography), (Xuankong Geography Cong Tan) the first series, (Appreciation of Fate of Celebrities in Ancient and Modern Times), (Practical Collection of Geography), (Xuankong Geography) Since the publication of the second series and other books, people from all walks of life and fellow Wushu have received letters, calls, inquiries, and advice. Many readers have thanked the author in the letter for publishing the secret of Xuankong by passing on the book. , to get started. In order to repay the great love of readers, the author specially sorted out some of the more confidential materials of Xuankong geography from the past teachers’ teachings, notes recorded in notes and family secret books, corrected, annotated, compiled them into a book, and presented them to those who really want to study deeply. Readers of Xuankong Geography.

The title of the book (Yi Pian)–of course it refers to the rare and precious fragments of broken bamboo slips and unpublished hand-copied secret books that were lost in ancient times.

The geography of Xuankong can be traced back to the Jin Dynasty when Guo Pu announced his release, and to the end of the Fa Dynasty, during which it was either obvious or hidden: at the end of the Tang Dynasty, Yang Yunsong Daoxian Jiangyou, taught his disciples Zeng, Liu, and Liao; In the Song Dynasty, there were Chen Xiyi, Wu Jingluan, and Liao Jinjing Shaoji; at the end of the Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, Zemu lecturers were used in Pingyang, famous in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and Liu Bowen and Leng Qian appeared occasionally; Fusang Shanggong De Wujizi taught the method of Jiugong Bagua to hit the stars, and recompiled (Qing Nang Jing), (Qing Nang Preface), (Qing Nang Austrian Language), (Tian Yu Jing), (Du Tian Bao Zhao Jing) as (Geography Discrimination and Correction) ), as (Pingsha Yurui Discrimination), (Tianyuan Wuge), (Tianyuan Yuyi), (Ancient Mirror Song), (Zizijin), Fucai (Jade Mirror Classic), (Clairvoyance), (Nightlight Collection ), (Guo’s water tongs), Yang Gong (all over the place tongs), (Shuilong Jing), (three-character Qingsang) and the compilation of books (guihoulu), which is the first of its kind in Xuankong’s transmission of books, but it is in (Tianlu There are prohibitions, not to pass on indiscriminately), and the formula is deeply hidden. However, Xuankong Earth Science was also famous because of Jiang’s ascension to the top, and it was deafening.

After Jiang Dahong, various schools contended: Zhang Shouqi (ancient book justice), Fan Yibin (Qiankun Faqiao), Duanmu Guohu (Geography Yuanwen), Yu Kai (Geography Records), Zhu Chun (Xiaohe ) (Geography Discrimination and Correction), Yin Yishao (Four Secret Books), Zhang Huiyan (Tianyu Qingnang Tongyi), Cai Minshan (discrimination and truth seeking), Ling Liaoyuan (Tianyu Jing Supplementary Note), Rong Ziyue (Geography Discrimination Zhengyi ), Zhang Zhongshan (distinguishing the correct and straightforward interpretation), Yao Mingsan (discriminating the correct and re-discriminating), Sha Wufeng (discriminating the correct and analyzing the meaning of geography), Zhang Xinyan (discriminating the correct and sparse geography), Deng Mengjue (knowing the principle of geography and locking the secrets of gold) (Golden House), Wen Mingyuan ( Continuation of Geography Discrimination), Hua Zhanen (Tianxin Zhengyun), Zeng Huishan (Xuankong Fajian), Ma Taiqing (Three-Yuan Geography Confusion), Shen Zhufeng (Zidezhai Geography Collection) (Geography Discrimination Essentials), Shen Zumian (Xuan Four general interpretations of Kong Guyi), Qian Shiqing (geography identification and interpretation), Tan Yangwu (Daxuankong Reuters) (Daxuankong experiment) (geography identification and correction new interpretation), Liao Ping (geography identification and correction supplementary evidence), Gao Shouzhong (Geography Ice Sea), Wu Shiqing (Earth Science Iron and Bone Secret), Zhao Jingxi (Xuankong Zibaijue), Huang Mingchao (Form and Qi Deyi), Kong Zhaosu (Kong’s Xuankong Baojian), (Easy Pan and Easy Solution)… Wait for the books to come out.

Ye Jiusheng (Example Notes on the Six Classics) page: (The book of geography is already full of cars! After learning, it is hard to read. However, it must not be too hard to choose – there are simple books, there are There are books for ascending to the top, books for entering the house, and books for being supernatural; there are also false rumors about Qi Dong and the false trust of good art. You can read them all, but don’t discard them?) Jiang Dahong’s book, the so-called (supernatural The book of ) is also the forbidden place of Zichen in Xuankong, with strict gates, and those who can’t get in can only see it from a distance, and don’t want to explore it. Afterwards, the books of various families include those who spread rumors, those who falsely entrusted them, those who were promoted to the hall but did not enter the house, those who had a sharp pen, and those who explored the Li but did not get the pearl; ) book also.

The convention for the books handed down by Xuankong is (the book is not handed down), the real book must also be taught by the real person; People seem to be in the fog, and even misled and go astray.

If you want to open the door lock of Xuankong Geography Palace, you must get the key—lost fragments and secret books; When you encounter it, even if you encounter it, you can’t understand it. To get the true formula and to get the real solution, it is as if you have the tool to reach the top of Thailand and China, and the boat to cross the source of Jianghan. Zheng Xiong (Jiao Chuang Q&A) said: (I wrote a fu in Ziyang in the past, and my life was called Xuexin; Qingtian wrote a book, claiming to show his courage. Is the husband letting go of the secrets?

In fact, I want to analyze the geography), the author Insensitivity, this book also imitates the sincerity of bingxin, revealing the liver and gall, interpreting ancient books, searching for the subtle attainments of Xuankong’s sages, hoping that Xuankong’s learning will be published in the holy realm; Xuankong scholars are in the ears of Huajie, but they dare not pretend to be secrets.

Master Kuang never abandons Lulu to make fun, but Luban cannot give up Shengmo to make tools. Master craftsmen must also borrow the principles and tools of Lulu and Shengmo to form their skillful skills.

The chapters and comments collected in this book are the tools and rationale for the treatment of Xuankong geography. Will be able to reach the superb state of perfection.

The only thing I want to say sorry to the readers is

First, this book is not all of Xuankong’s confidential information, but a small part of it.

Second, some of the secrets in this book are just to the point, and it depends on the reader’s personal wisdom and fortune to comprehend by himself. The reason is due to considerations such as the decline of the world, the unpredictability of people’s hearts, the precepts of teachers, and the cause and effect of heaven. Readers will forgive if they can, don’t force it.

Everything is fate!

Before reading this book, please read the first series of my book (Xuankong Astrological Geography) and (Xuankong Geography Series). The second series is considered as an entry-level resource.

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