Zhong Yiming’s “Talks on Xuan Kong Geography” (Volume 1)

Zhong Yiming’s “Xuankong Geography Series Talks 1” (Volume 1) PDF e-book download. Brief introduction The study of geography has been popular in our country for thousands of years. Its supernatural deeds have been spread among the people, and there are many people who have recorded them in classics. They have produced famous teachers from generation to generation, and the spread of anecdotes is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Due to the distant age, changes in personnel and personnel, academic divisions, and contention among a hundred schools of thought, there are many schools of geography: Sanhe

Zhong Yiming’s “Xuankong Geography Series Talks 1” (Volume 1) PDF e-book download.


The study of geography has been popular in our country for thousands of years. Its supernatural deeds have been spread among the people, and there are many people who have recorded them in classics. Due to the long history, changes in soldiers and personnel, academic divisions, and contention among a hundred schools of thought, there are many schools of geography: Sanhe, Jiuxing, Najia, Tianxing, Xuankong and other schools are parallel in the world. This province is located in the corner of the sea. In the past, those who studied geomancy and date selection mostly went to Quanzhou, Fujian Province to worship Hong Chaohe and Hong Luansheng, and learn Sanhe School geography and date selection methods. Occasionally, one or two mainland geographers from the Sanyuan School came to Taiwan to do land divination for the wealthy family, but they did not leave a scrap of what they learned. The most famous Lin Lang only left a ground seal. Fortunately, the six fortunes of the Chinese Yuan Dynasty, Qian Gua governs fortune, and various technologies and academics are revealed to the world. The geography of Sanyuanxuankong and the selection of the stars in the sky were obtained and heard by people from this province. Since Shen’s Xuankong study was published, Kong’s Xuankong Baojian and Wang Qishen (an outstanding person in the earth) followed, and the Sanyuan Xuankong geography is widely known. The origin of Xuankong geology can be traced back to Zhougong Buheluo, and then Huang Shigong, Jin Guopu, Qiu Yanhan, Yang Junsong, Zeng Qiuji (public security), and Mu lecturer continued to flourish. In the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, Liu Bingzhong was entrusted to write it and Liu Bowen annotated it (Pingsha Yuchi Jing) to publish it. In the Wanli year, Xu Zhimao (Shike), a native of Fujian Province, published his book with illustrations, so the Sanhe School Geoscience is popular in the world. In addition, it was written by Seng Cheruyu (The Original Geography) and Zhao Jiufeng (The Five Secrets of Geography). Since then, everyone has three harmony, and everyone has four big situations. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Jiang Dahong, a survivor of the Ming Dynasty, saw that everyone was harmed by the Sanhe and the Four Great Situations, so he came out and spoke out loudly. (Huating County Annals) contains: (Jiang Pingjie, styled Dahong, lived in Zhangze, Eryang Youzi, all students from Jiashan, Chongzhen period (AD 1628-1644), had a voice in Jishe. Yiyou (AD 1 June 45) died and went to Fujian. The king of Tang gave military affairs, Jin Yushi, impeached Zheng Zhilong as domineering, and entered Xianzhuang. Min broke, took the yellow crown and died, fake Qingwushu traveled to Qilu, moved to Wuyue, and enjoyed the landscape of Kuaiji , Then stop Yan. Death, will be buried in Ruoye’s Qiaofengjing. Pingjie Shao traveled from Chen Zilong, and his poems and prose are detailed and elegant. All books on astronomy, geography, yin and yang, and calendar are exhaustive. He is especially familiar with the art of war. When I met Quan Xun, I didn’t show what I had learned. In the late Kangxi period, there was someone who recommended him with erudite words. His ambition). (See Song Fu Zhi Xia Nei Shi Ji Jiang’s Genealogy) Jiang Dahong’s Xuan Kong method was taught by Wuji Zhenren when he was visiting Fusang to go to the palace. Wuji Zhenren, nicknamed Zhongyangzi and Zhu Weng, his real name is unknown. Dahong said to himself (the servant can pass it on, there are secrets but no books), (the law of heaven is forbidden, you must not spread it falsely, Gou Fei is loyal and honest to others, and he has not promised to hear a thing or two). He is the author of (Geography Discrimination), (Ancient Mirror Song), (Xingxin Song) (Tianyuan Yuyi, Tianyuan Wutu Jing). Apprentice Zhang Zhongxin, Luo Shipeng, Lu Xianglie, Jiang Yao, Hu Taizheng, Bi Shichi, etc. Xuankong School was popular during the Qianlong and Jiaqing periods, and there were many sects. Each sect was stuck in its own way, and even attacked each other. There are six most famous Sanyuan Daxuankong Schools (during the French Dynasty): Southern Yunnan School – Zong Fan Yibin (author (Qiankun Faqiao)). Impermanence School – Zongzhang Zhongshan (author (Geography Distinguishes Righteousness and Straightforward Explanation), (Mind and Eye Points to Essentials), (Yin and Yang Erzhai Record Test)). Suzhou School – Zong Zhu Xiaohe (author (Geography Differentiation and Correction), (Ke Chuang Essay)). Shangyu School – Zong Xu Dihui (Xi Duanmu Guohu (Geography Yuanwen)). Xiangchu School – Zong Yin Yishao (author (Complete Book of the Fourth Secretary of Geography)). Cantonese school – Zong Cai Minshan (author (discrimination and truth-seeking)). Others include Zhang Xinyan (author (Geography Discrimination Zhengshu)), Zhang Shouqi (author (Ancient Book Zhengyi)), Yu Kai (author (Geography Records)), Ji Dakui (author (Geography End Learning)), Wen Mingyuan (author (Geography Discrimination and Correction) Continued Explanation)), Hua Zhanen (Writing (Tianxin Zhengyun)), Ye Jiusheng (Writing (Notes on the Six Classics of Geography), (Collection of Compass and Fog Dispelling)). At present, the most popular Xuankong theory in this province is: Yi Pan: Zong Zhang Xinyan, with sixty Jiazi and sixty-four hexagrams. The hexagrams are divided into north and south parent hexagrams, Jiangdong hexagrams, and Jiangxi hexagrams. Zeng Zinan’s school belongs to this group, and there are many students. Jiang Pan: Shen’s Xuankong Studies and Kong Zhaosu’s Xuankong Studies are the main ones. In addition, there are those taught by Luo Yangjun and Zeng Zhengping. Li Pai: Li Qianxu’s biography talks about Yangwu and Zhao Yizhai (Jing Xi). Others still have family secrets. Because Xuan Kongxue is quite secretively taught, and its use is very effective, it is not allowed to be taught unless it is a gentleman with good morals and knowledge. And those who have learned Xuankong geography will never use it lightly unless they are benevolent, benevolent and filial sons. Therefore, the Xuankong faction, those who can’t get what they ask for, are pseudonyms. Sadly. Nowadays, those who have learned false techniques, or only know a little bit (geographer), hang up the signboard of (Zheng Sanyuan Daxuankong), sing the tune of Yang and Zeng’s descendants, deceive the world and steal their names, and mislead many people! There is even a book to slander Xuankong, insisting that Xuankong’s study is a fake geography, and only his geography is a true geographer. What’s even more inexplicable is that there was a teacher who copied books, compiled lecture notes, and taught some theory and geography in classes. Yang Zhai. The shelf is big and the asking price is high. It is simply mercenary, devoid of conscience. The world is in chaos, the kettle is thundering, the yellow bell is destroyed and abandoned, and the true and the hidden are revealed. Jiang Dahong’s former teacher said: (Ancient books are full of books, half of them are forgeries), so he wrote the book (Geography Discrimination) and (Tianyuan Wuge), vigorously denouncing the falseness of the current books and revealing the truth of Xuankong. However, the book is secret and not publicized, and scholars are not allowed to enter it. Although Zhang Xinyan wrote (discrimination and correction of geography), Zhang Zhongshan wrote (direct explanation), (explaining the meaning of Tianyuan Wuge), and Liao Ping wrote (discrimination and correction of geography). Sha Wufeng wrote (Geography Discrimination and Correctness Analysis), Wen Mingyuan wrote (Geography Discrimination and Correctness Continuation Explanation)…, with annotations, but most of these schools are based on conjectures, and there are gaps and omissions, which cause confusion in the study of Xuankong and make people feel at a loss as to what to do. And if you don’t know Xuankong’s true teachings, if you have a half-knowledge and fail to use it, you will turn to attack Xuankong as a fake. This is all due to the fact that Jiang Dahong was too secretive. However, Jiang Xianshi said in (Geographic Discrimination Correct Preface): (Yu Shao’s mother, Zhuang lost his father, first father Anxi Gong, early with the book of Xingjia, taught it diligently, and later learned the wrongness of common learning. Think poor The path is far away, but I got the biography of Wujizi, and I studied it for ten years outside the traveling area. Then I traced back to Huangshi and Qingwu, and studied Qingtian and Mudao recently. What he said, everyone is different, But Jue’s purpose is the same. Looking at the mountains and rivers and soils in the world, even though the wilderness is inside and outside, it is the same. It is so common that the authenticity of geology is true, and it is always necessary to explain it to scholars, but it is not allowed to be obvious. If there is nothing, it will be handed down from the current generation The book, to fix its inaccuracies, and to analyze its right and wrong, so that those who speak are not guilty, and those who hear it are punished, so that there will be no chaos. This book (Geography Discrimination and Correction) is just a collection of the (Qing Nang Jing), (Qing Nang Preface), (Qing Nang Austrian Language), (Tian Yu Jing), (Du Tian Bao Zhao Jing) that were popular at that time. ) and other scriptures, revised and corrected, and compiled into a book. The study of Xuankong is the vein of the study of Huangshi, Qingwu, Tian and Mujiao. What is handed down today (geographical authenticity) is Jiang Dian’an (name country, word Zongcheng) self-explanation, which cannot be fully believed. However, the book (Geography Discrimination and Correction) was also lost due to copying, resulting in corruption and incompleteness. If you want to learn Xuankong, if you don’t have the heart to pass on dictation, you really can’t enter the classroom. In view of the fact that I survey the Yin and Yang houses for others, I have seen that the world has been harmed by false studies and false land masters, and many people have lost their families and died. Those who study (Zhenxuankong geography) have no enthusiasm for research, but suffer from the guidance of no teacher or book (a real book and a real teacher who reveal the truth and do not hide the secret). Therefore, I wrote this book to explain the tricks of various schools of Xuankong geography. I sincerely hope that those who have learned the true teachings of Xuankong have the ambition of helping the world and saving people, that they will not be promiscuous when they are rich and honored, that they will not be subdued by might, that they will not be moved by poverty or humbleness, and that they will accumulate good virtues. Zhu Wengong said: (If there is a law of heaven, there must be a geography; if there is a heart, there must be a yin land). The sages said: (If you are not good at divination, it is about one thing. If you are not good at medicine, it will harm one person. If you are not good at geography, you will destroy your family). It’s very serious! Hope to obey the laws of heaven, only then can we gain the blessings of gods and Buddhas, and we will not lose our hearts.

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