Chen Xuetao “The Heart of Yang Zhai”

Chen Xuetao’s “The Heart of the Yangzhai” PDF e-book download introduction “The Heart of the Yangzhai” explains the important methods of the heart in Jiang Dahong’s “Tianyuan Five Songs‧Yangzhai Chapter” – door qi, road qi, wind qi, return qi, rush qi, etc., that is, Yangzhai Fengshui The secret lies. In this book, Mr. Chen Xuetao pointed out the essential truth, and it is in the same line with the former sages such as Wuxin Daoist and Wuyizi. It is really a classic

Chen Xuetao’s “Yangzhai Xinyao” PDF e-book download


“Yangzhai Xinyao” explains Jiang Dahong’s “Tianyuan Five Songs‧Yangzhai Chapter” important heart-door methods-door atmosphere, road atmosphere, atmosphere, Returning qi, rushing qi, etc., are the secrets of Fengshui in Yangzhai. In this book, Mr. Chen Xuetao points out the essential truth, and it is in the same line with the former sages such as Wuxin Taoist and Wuyizi. It is really a classic and good book, and you must read it.

In the winter of 1999, Yu was invited by a magazine to give a lecture at the Cultural Center in Tsim Sha Tsui: “Five Songs of Tian Yuan? Yang Zhai Chapter”. At that time, it was also a grand occasion. Due to limited time, this lecture can only talk about the superficial level. However, the friends who attended the lecture are still satisfied. Later, Yu Yu accepted more than a dozen disciples in a very low-key situation, and awarded Xuankong and Ziwei Doushu. During the lecture period, most of Shizhi’s disciples had participated in the lecture, and it can be said that they have a good relationship with each other. Afterwards, they often talked about the profound meaning in “Tianyuan Wuge”. In modern times, there are a lot of people who practice Fengshui, but there are even more people who mistakenly enter the school and waste time learning false techniques. This is the result of the mutual attraction of the common karma of all beings. Practicing algebra, the most important thing is the karma between master and apprentice, and the prohibition of Xuankong Fengshui is especially strict. Therefore, Mr. Zhao Jingxi, a famous Xuankong master in modern times, always said: “Steady your mouth and hide your tongue!” Believe it.

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