Zheng Zhaohuang “The Lamp of Passing Salaries in Yangzhai”

Zheng Zhaohuang’s “Yangzhai Salary Passing Lamp” PDF e-book download. Introduction First of all, I would like to thank the readers for their enthusiastic response to the book “Bazi Passing Salary Lamp”. Readers often call the author to encourage and discuss the essence of the book. I am very happy and accept it as a friend. But there are also people who come to take the “examination”. The author is not a god, and only by making mistakes can there be room for further improvement.

Zheng Zhaohuang’s “The Lamp of Passing Salaries in Yangzhai” PDF e-book download.


First of all, I would like to thank the readers for their enthusiastic response to the book “Eight Character Passing Salary Lamp”. Readers often call the author to encourage and discuss the essence of the book. I am very happy and accept it as a friend. But there are also people who come to take the “examination”. The author is a human being and not a god. Only by making mistakes can there be room for further improvement. We should satisfy everyone with a more sincere heart, but please do not criticize personally. People’s hearts and human nature have their own lovely side, but also hateful side; when it is famous all over the world, slander also follows. I encourage myself. I promise myself to be an enthusiastic person in the study of the five arts. Since learning in my early years was not easy and it was hard to find a good teacher, I have gained something now, so I will open a door of convenience for all students, so as not to let the inheritance be lost. There are also many calls asking how much the author charges for passing on his career? There is an ENT department on Zhengyi North Road in Sanchong City, which is very famous, but the clinic only charges at its own expense, and it is still full of people going to the clinic every day. Because doctors who use good medicine with conscience are not restricted by health insurance, although their own expenses are more expensive, patients often recover sooner, suffer less physical pain, and restore their previous life order. Of course, it is unaffordable for poorer families, but this is also the reason why poor people cannot escape their fate. Just like when studying mountains, medicine, fate, divination, and physiognomy, I often save some money to learn the five arts, but I don’t imagine that I can learn the real skills, and even regret it after being deceived. If I don’t give up now, I will work for a few more years, save some money, and then find a teacher to study. I will be confused by sweet advertisements, disappointed, and start all over again. It’s like having to look at health insurance many times, although the fee is cheaper each time. After a long time, I am disappointed in human nature, and when the real opportunity comes, I hesitate and miss it. There is no such thing as a free lunch in the world. To get a rich harvest, there must be corresponding sacrifices. Those who get things that are easy and easy will not know how to cherish them; things that come too easily will not be regarded as treasures; this is human nature. If readers experience the “Bazi Passing Salary Lamp” with their hearts and can understand the meaning and spirit, then you at least have a solid foundation in Bazi! The strength of the intermediate class is moving towards the stage of advanced judgment. Then the key is how to see through the pattern and understand the pattern, which is a breakthrough step. Some people have spent decades on this step, but the reason is that they cannot see through the root of the horoscope. Outside the teaching of horoscopes is usually divided into elementary, intermediate, advanced, research, vocational, training teacher classes, etc. In fact, in the end, you will pay more tuition fees. This is a fishing method; Readers who are willing to learn from the author’s teaching, the author will only divide it into (1) junior and intermediate level: people who have no foundation and unstable foundation are suitable for learning. Participate in 10,000 yuan. (2) Intermediate and advanced classes: Those who think they have a solid foundation and are proficient in ten spirits are suitable for learning. Participate in six thousand yuan. It can judge the power of any horoscope. (3) Lu Wanzheng will be charged for one-time payment for junior, middle and senior students. This is the eight-character charging method. If you are interested, please call again and try it in a hurry. However, those who have doubts about the problems in the seminar are very welcome. In addition, the Yangzhai class only accepts vocational classes. Since there are no basic classes in water law and talisman law, the fee is 60,000 to 6,000 yuan. From beginner to professional in one go. Yang Zhai retested the actual combat, once the tricks are taught, he will immediately leave the army. You have to learn theory in circles, and you are still sitting in class three years later. The book “Yang Zhai Salary Lamp” published this time discloses many secrets and practical methods, and even inherits readers’ true skills such as calming the nerves, dividing the furnace, and cleaning the house. Only then did I make up my mind to spread it to the society and create good karma. Among them, the transportation of Xuankong hexagram to Zhengshen Lingshen is the secret of the ternary, and the author is reluctant to disclose it. Once this book comes out, it is bound to cause a sensation. Destined readers and students, seize the opportunity. The book analyzes the theory in the form of notes, which is simple and easy to understand. After reading this book, it will definitely increase your skills for ten years. It can even be used as a reference book, with endless benefits. Students who are interested in learning, please pay in full at the beginning of the class, so that the author can teach freely without any worries, teach without any scruples, pass it on enthusiastically, and never keep it. Maybe you are afraid of being cheated, and never trust anyone again! Then it’s up to fate. The author is currently working in the High Court as a national civil servant with a salary of about 50,000 yuan per month. There is one son and one daughter in the family who are studying in elementary school. My wife works as a temporary employee in the Labor Insurance Bureau. I have a fat body, 100 kilograms, and 168 centimeters in height. No smoking or drinking. I bought a house with a Catholic loan and currently lives in Bali Township. wait. Do your best for the five realms.

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