Ma Wancheng’s “Xin Yi Tai Chi Feng Shui”

Ma Wancheng’s “Heart Yi Taiji Fengshui” PDF e-book download. Introduction “Xin Yi Tai Chi Feng Shui” was suddenly realized by the author while chatting with several Yi friends in July 2004. Although this method was realized in an instant, the problems involved in this material were before the advent of this method Three years have been included in the scope of seeking a solution. There are many schools of Feng Shui, I believe many love

Ma Wancheng’s “Xin Yi Tai Chi Feng Shui” PDF e-book download.


“Xin Yi Tai Chi Feng Shui” was suddenly realized by the author when chatting with several Yi friends in July 2004. Although this method was realized in a flash, the information involved Three years before the promulgation of this law, the problem has been included in the scope of seeking solutions. There are many schools of Fengshui. I believe that many Yixue colleagues who love and learn Fengshui have a general understanding and mastery of various Fengshui academics. The author loves Yixue and everyone feels the same. With continuous learning and progress, in view of the The love of Yi Xue makes us full of curiosity about every new method of Yi Xue, but it is undeniable that our life time is limited after all, and it is impossible for us to master unlimited knowledge in a limited life time. Therefore, the author finally realized a truth after being tortured by all kinds of helplessness during the long learning process, that is, we must learn to give up in the process of learning, and we must learn to control our greed. In the process of communicating with the majority of Yiyou, the author found that this phenomenon is very serious. It can be said that nearly eighty to ninety percent of the alumni have similar problems. As a result, after busy learning many methods, they discovered what they had learned over the years. A lot, when it comes to any knowledge, you can demonstrate a thing or two, but once you use it, you find that what you have mastered can’t be used at all. The light ones complain about their low IQ, and the serious ones may give up learning. The same is true for the author at the beginning of his study of Yi. After learning many methods, he repeatedly made mistakes in practical application and suffered serious setbacks and blows. After a period of calm thinking, the author finally figured out a truth. There is absolutely no problem with the IQ of those of us who study the Book of Changes. The problem lies in our failure to improve our ideas. No matter how attractive the theory is, the practicality of this theory needs to be verified by practice in the final analysis. Therefore, the most important thing in learning the Book of Changes is to cultivate into a good way of thinking. The method is greater than the skill, only in this way our flexible thinking will not be restricted by those rigid rigid rules and regulations. Learning methods are very important. We must not be fooled by those advanced theories. In fact, the true connotation of Yi Xue is precisely the avenue to simplicity. The learning process does not break away from the Yin and Yang laws of Yi Xue. From the shallow to the deep, and then reduce the complexity to simplify, digest and absorb the content we have mastered when we entered the high-level stage, and then transform and release it in a simple way. Isn’t this a very vivid Tai Chi? The real soul of Yi Xue is change. Yi said: “I have changed many times for the sake of Taoism.” Theory The friends around us who have studied the Book of Changes for many years can memorize it backwards. If the study of the Book of Changes is the accumulation of formulas and theories, then after so many years of study, these friends of ours should have belonged to the master level, but what is the actual situation? Therefore, the author believes that the key to our study of the Book of Changes is to obtain the method. It is necessary to study with questions. If the author did not study and practice with questions, there would be no “Xin Yi Tai Chi Feng Shui” published today. Before 2002, the author communicated with a Fujian Yi friend about the problem of Fengshui interruption and measurement of fleeting years. When everyone was talking about how Fengshui’s image is broken, how to measure fleeting years, good and bad times, good and bad events, and how to respond to events, a problem appeared to bother us. That is, how to extract information when there are many kinds of material objects and five elements placed in one direction. It should be in the human affairs in life that there will be many good and bad things happening in a year. For example, some people lose their relatives while making a fortune. , so should this kind of thing be judged according to the auspicious or the ominous information? The law of the natural operation of the universe is endless. We live in this ever-changing society, and the things we encounter every year or even every day are definitely different. Obviously, this is a major problem that we must face when we actually make predictions. Of course, we can also ignore this issue. In the process of practice, we can also extract one or two pieces of information at will to prevaricate customers. For those customers who do not understand the culture of Yijing, they will not think of making things difficult for us, or even I will also pay admiration for the few ones that have been tested. But we should be soberly aware that this is just self-deception. Therefore, the emergence of this problem made the author realize that there are still many imperfections in Fengshui survey, and the superficial knowledge we have mastered is far from enough to meet the needs of practical operations. So since that exchange, the author has been concentrating on and researching and discussing this issue, until one afternoon in July 2004, when chatting with a few Yi friends, I suddenly realized that within a week, the author was invited to Shijiazhuang, Hebei to adjust for a boss. The company’s environmental feng shui, in order to confirm the accuracy of the actual operation of this newly realized method, the author put aside the shackles of the fixed knowledge learned in the past and boldly used this method to conduct a test. The results have proved the new test environment that the author has realized. Feng Shui thinking is very correct. It can be said that this trip to Handan has opened up a new world of easy-to-learn thinking for the author, and at the same time it has laid a strong foundation for the author to summarize such a simple and quick prediction method in the future research on environmental geomancy. “Xin Yi Tai Chi Feng Shui” should belong to the traditional Feng Shui image system based on the theory, mainly based on image analysis, restore the so-called sand water and other abstract symbols in traditional Feng Shui to the real objects in real life. The actual image corresponds to the symbol of the hexagram image, and then the information reflected in the hexagram image corresponds to the personnel, faithful to the information reflection of the five elements of the natural environment object image, and integrates the theory, image, and number into one for all-round investigation. Based on the theory of death, he imitates the dogma of hexagrams, and everything starts from real life. Through keen observation, he captures the specific information contained in the specific time and space of nature. “Material” breaks the routine but rationally uses the Yin-Yang, Eight Diagrams, and Tai Chi diagrams to cross and flexibly intersect the three-dimensional planes, breaking through the limitations of vision and entering the multi-dimensional world of spiritual perception. After mastering this forecasting method, we can measure the environmental Feng Shui in more detail, because the natural environment is connected, and the five elements in various directions are connected to each other to form a variety of good and bad auras. As long as we can understand the good and bad aura The inner mystery of the field, we have mastered the golden key to change and improve the aura and grasp the opportunity. As long as you continue to understand life, understand the society, and use pure artistic mind to understand the environmental feng shui, our easy skills will surely reach perfection. realm.

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