Lin Huiyin’s “Fengshengshuiqifengshui Fangjia Tan”

Lin Huiyin’s “Feng Sheng Shui Qi Feng Shui Fang Jia Tan” PDF e-book download. Brief Introduction The famous British science historian Joseph Needham said: “Chinese Feng Shui theory is actually a comprehensive natural science of geography, meteorology, landscape, ecology, urban architecture, etc., reconsidering its essential thinking and its research on specific issues. Technology is very meaningful to us today

Lin Huiyin’s “Fengshengshuiqifengshui Fangjia Tan” PDF e-book download.


Joseph Needham, a famous British historian of science, said: “Chinese Feng Shui theory is actually a comprehensive natural science of geography, meteorology, landscape, ecology, urban architecture, etc., reconsider its essence Thought and its techniques for studying specific issues are of great significance to us today.” Fengshui theory is divided into two schools: “Situation School” and “Li Qi School”: the former “searches for dragons and catches veins”, and pays attention to dragons and sand. , water, and acupoints match; the latter pays attention to the divination of good and bad luck such as azimuth, time, etc. The common geography basis of the two schools is: to judge the quality of the terrain based on the principle of the interaction between air-water and rock-soil and the movement of air-water in the rock-soil, and choose the best place for civil use”… …Because “people and things must be related to heaven and earth, and then they can succeed.” This book compiles the discussion of Wang Chong and others who criticize Fengshui. Analyzed the superstitious elements of Feng Shui and some positive values in ecology.

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