Li Fei’s Vernacular Commentary on “Five Judgments of Geography”

Li Fei’s “Five Judgments of Geography” vernacular commentary PDF e-book download. Content Abstract There are many names for the five elements, and different legislations are used. The book says: “The four meridians examine the veins and follow the three harmony, and the three elements are empty. The principle of the five elements is also one, why there are four births, three unions, four dimensions, two mountains, Yuankong, and upward divisions? Its usage is different.

PDF e-book download of Li Fei’s vernacular commentary on “Five Judgments of Geography”.

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There are many names of the five elements, and different legislations are used. The secret of twin birth and five elements.” The principle of the five elements is also one, why there are four births, three unions, four dimensions, two mountains, yuan emptiness, and upward divisions? Because of their different usages, they are also named differently, such as wood and fire , water, metal, and soil are the five elements. However, Mudong, Huonan, Jinxi, and Shuibei each have their own positions, but soil resides in Zhongxin, and geographers either use sitting on the mountain, or use upward, instead of the middle palace. five elements. If there are three combinations, that is, among the four classics, they are named after their combination, such as Wen, Wu. Xu combined with Xianhuo Bureau, Ji, Xi, and Chou combined into Gold Bureau, Shen, Zi, and Chen combined with Yingshui Bureau, or , eggs, unsynthesized wooden boards. Sheng, Wang, and Ji are linked together, and the name is the three-in-one five-element moon. In addition, there are only four immortals in the four corners, so it is called the four births and the five elements. Ruofu and Shuangshan, the two characters are in the same palace, and the stems and branches are combined. Ru Ri, Bing Xin He, Kuan Wu Xu, is F Zhen, Fire. Xun, Geng Guihe, already You Chou, is Wu Qu, Jin. Kun, Wang Yihe, and Shen Zichen are Wenqu, water. Qian, Jia Dinghe, Xuan egg Wei, is greedy wolf, this. The two characters are combined into one palace, so it is called Shuangshan Wuxing. As for Yuankong and the Five Elements, being born restrains others, and birth restrains birth, so it is named after the rain of good fortune and bad luck. The old man means that the gods change; the empty one means that there is nothing to lean on. Acupuncture point orientation is all taken by the water method of Xuling. Water has no emptiness, so it is called Yuankong Wuxing. Upward to the Five Elements is Yang Gong’s secret recipe for saving the poor. If the mouth of water is used to determine longevity, the water is not auspicious and cannot be used, so it is used for personal use. The method of finding life in a desperate place is to live forever by rising upwards, so it is called upward five elements. Although the names of the above four classics, Sanhe, Shuangshan, Yuankong, Sisheng, and Shangxiang are different, their principles are attached together. Scholars can familiarize themselves with these six five elements and use them to collect water and stand upright, including those that have already been exhausted. Although there are Hongfan ancestral temples, seventy-two dragons piercing the mountains and piercing the ground, the five elements of Qi and five elements in the mountains, and various names and colors, there are no fewer than ten families. or gain) loss, it is difficult to believe it.

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