Yishan Layman “Xuankong Geography Truth”

Yishan Layman “Xuankong Geography Truth” PDF e-book download. Brief Introduction Currently, in geography academics, the most widely used academics generally include: Sanyuan School, Sanhe School, Jiuxing Tianxing School, Fuxing School, etc. Among them, the Sanyuan School Xuankong Geography is the most used. wide, the most accurate test rate! Geographical geomantic omens change with time, space, and location

Download the PDF e-book “Xuankong Geography Truth” by Yishan Layman.


Currently, the most widely used academics in geography are: Sanyuan School, Sanhe School, Jiuxing Tianxing School, Fuxing School, etc., among which Sanyuan School Xuankong geography is the most widely used, and the test rate is the most accurate! The goodness of geography and geomantic omen changes with the change of time, space and location. Today’s academic ancient books on Xuankong geography generally lack examples, and because of the different forms of ancient and modern buildings, it is difficult to get accurate points from them. Moreover, the conclusions of ancient books are all to the point, or the printing is poor, or they are just filling in the numbers. In view of this, the author especially lists many examples at the beginning of this book.

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