Tang Wangeng’s new compilation of Yang Zeng’s family biography of geography and his heart method “China’s Geography is Consistently Observable”

Tang Wangeng’s new edition of Yang Zeng’s geography family biography and heart method “China’s Geographical Consistency” PDF e-book download. Brief introduction to geography: principles, non-magical numbers, revealing the mysteries of Taiji, explaining the mysteries of yin and yang, five stars showing signs of misfortune and fortune, revealing their secrets, sealing nine celestial bodies, showing their signs of good and bad, that is, wanting to see through the mystery, it is difficult to dissect the sky. .

Download the PDF e-book of Tang Wangeng’s new edition of Yang Zeng’s family biography of geography.


Geography: Principles, non-magic numbers, revealing the mysteries of Tai Chi, explaining the mysteries of Yin and Yang, five stars showing signs of misfortune and fortune, revealing its secrets, sealing nine celestial bodies, forming omens of good and bad, and wishing to be straight Translucent Xuanming, Difficult to dissect the urn, Yu Ziwei’s crown, Poor scriptures supplemented by disciples who have not been able to overcome it, Difficult pain in the middle of the middle age, Words of the sages and omens, I want to find a cup to repay, Suier stops to explain the scriptures, search for the present Ancient form books, from the Qin, Han, Jin and Tang Dynasties to the Song and Yuan Dynasties, the books are difficult to name, and the accumulation is only a surplus of cars. There are many similarities, occasional contradictions, lack of fishing and hunting, blocking the essence and exhausting the map, if the reasoning has been exhausted, the gods are dead, the end of the cypress is the end of the cypress, and it belongs to the lost sheep and the widowed. The ancestor of the third phase of Yue Dynasty, Taixue Lei Taboo Shenfu, nicknamed Xinzhai, suffered from blackheads to the end and had a bright head, could not be pointed out in the end, was almost ancient, had a chance encounter with Zeng Gongwen, the 28th generation grandson of the Han Dynasty, named Shao Lian Those who poured out their family biography, less than a dozen leaves, all Yang Lu dialed the sand and dictated the formula. There are five good fortunes and four evils at the head of Bianluan, while the inner calamity is more serious, the dragon veins are judged to have the front tire and the back, and the outer calamity is like a god, to observe the sand of life and death, the sand has no leftovers, to study the water of light and dark, the water is full of magic, and it will fall One tactic with the staff, take the rest of the fetus and send it out, help the master to abandon death, give up the rear and accept the first, welcome the official and get the salary, seek good fortune and avoid evil, do nothing, make promises and deeds far and wide, the righteousness of the oxen, Yu Sansu pleads , Sincerely Lixue Fang Shangji, burning incense and vowing to Yu. The first sages and sages, who worshiped and accepted the washroom, held the record room, played repeatedly, and tried several Weibian, once they suddenly realized that there seemed to be someone who could get the essentials, so they died and traveled abroad, and the history of the famous and the first, and the disaster Fuji Jishiyan, Ruoyu Cai then, Nai dare to compile and compile the collections, according to the theory, fold and classify the articles, respectively eight volumes, one and two volumes, adopting various techniques, correcting and changing the dragon method, deleting and correcting errors, and the third The volume picks up the secrets of the sky, and nine changes, and restores the old and rejuvenates. The fourth volume considers the feelings of Xu’s four elephant points, and switches to reveal the secrets. Only the fifth volume, this is Yang Lu’s teaching and receiving, and then embellishes it, so it improves the geography. Divine Mechanism, The Mystery of Disasters and Fortunes, Six, Seven, Eight Juan Shashui, The Essence of Six Good Fortunes, The Use of Astrology and Needle Dissection, Causes Causes, Not Too Much Traces, Changes to Change, One Reason Dingheng, even the sentences are succinct, the words are not tired of slang, the words are not tired of redundant words, but the period is connected, the sages and the fools share the awareness, there is one or two in between, and the deduction and debate are not enough. The first master dictated, to prove the falsehood of the emperor and the tiger, because one corner was not exhausted, he gained three corners of righteousness, dared to see, allowed himself to change, recklessly attacked the old chapter, misunderstood the truth, sincere heart, master and ancestors sighed, Sighing, it is a collection, it has an outline and a purpose, and it is exhaustive. Xuanyi, Hebian, its head, said that those who are consistent with the public opinion and the husband’s consistent purpose, from Wuji to Taiji, and from Liangyi to Sixiang, and eight trigrams are born in one. Therefore, although the dragon’s cave theory of sand, water, and air veins is thousands of threads, Each contends for the beaks of the other sects, and studies the true lineage of its lineage. It does not go beyond Liangyi, but it is consistent, and this is a consistent work. He does not think about Kang Shizuku but is good at compiling and compiling. He knows the emperor’s position very well. Compared with Yang Lusong, he is a cloud in his family, and he still cares about his clothes. Who is like a man who governs the world and all generations. He makes everyone receive the five blessings and eliminates the evil of the six extremes. The concubine is almost too harmonious. In the universe, there is also the wind of kindness and filial piety, or there may not be no small Buyun, Tianqi Jiazi Meng Dongyue was born, Ming Chu Dongan’s postgraduate, Tang Shiyou’s preface.

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