Yu Shengtang’s “Flying Diagram of Time and Space”

Download the PDF e-book of Yu Shengtang’s “Kan Yu Time and Space Flying Diao Fa Wei”. Brief Introduction The author started to study Wushu Gemyu at the age of fifteen. I remember that my father gave me two books and told me that I should really learn. The first book is “Into the Earth’s Eyes”, and the second is a manuscript on kraft paper, yellowed and stained, a little tattered, very inconspicuous, the title of the book is “Secrets of Geomancy and Fa Zhen Jue”. Father Yu

Yu Shengtang’s “Kan Yu Time and Space Fei Diao Fa Wei” PDF e-book download.


The author started to study Wushu Gemyu at the age of fifteen. I remember that my father gave me two books and told me that I should really learn. The first book is “Into the Earth’s Eyes”, and the second is a manuscript on kraft paper, yellowed and stained, a little tattered, very inconspicuous, the title of the book is “Secrets of Geomancy and Fa Zhen Jue”. My father, Mr. Yu Qinghan, is a geography teacher who has intensively studied the nine-star method and the three-element law. Every now and then, I would invite my father to point out the method of searching for dragons and acupuncture points. In the spring of Guiwei year, my father took a stack of remnants of geomancy written by himself, and asked the author to reorganize them and compile them into a book. Most of them are the three legal formulas, which have three major parts: one is the fate-making and flying-hanging formula to seek good luck; Building evil spirits, stabbing evil spirits in the yin house, and stabbing evil spirits; the third is the custom-made flying amnesty method and the soil-spreading method. The author learned the above formulas when he was more than ten years old, which can be said to be the basic skills of Kanyu, because what Kanyu talks about is time and position, so the “Bagua Jiugong Feidiao Jue”, although it is the basic skills of Kanyu, it is really effective. The tactic of micro-geography. Therefore, the teacher fished Weng Yun: “Many people know these basic skills, but few people understand them, and few of them really know how to use them.” If you keep it secret, keep it secret, hide it, if you don’t say it clearly, how can future learners understand it. Generally, feng shui teachers like to talk about feng shui evil, including shape evil, qi evil, door evil, house evil, and auspicious arrangements, such as wealth position, Wenchang position, peach blossom position, career official position, health doctor, god position, bedroom layout, etc. Wait, there are all kinds of things, but the process and result of seeking good luck, avoiding evil and controlling evil are like the trilogy someone said: “Slap your head when making a decision, pat your chest when you act, and pat your butt when something goes wrong.” Take the five yellow evil spirits as an example, This is the most troublesome and difficult sha recognized by the Wushu world. The general qi method, the five yellow shamanic talisman method, Zhi’an Renshui, five emperors’ money, compass or gossip, no matter what the conditioned method is, it will always There are many people who “pat their buttocks”, why? Are the above formulas invalid? No! No! It’s just that the “creation of fate” that my teacher and my father often said was not counted, so the above formulas are all invalid. The “metaphysics” and “metaphysics” discussed by the Chinese Wushu often have no intersection. Because: Metaphysics is a supermaterial philosophy. called “futurology”. Metaphysics is a science with real matter. Called “Learning Now”. Whether it is the philosophical field of the mind or the scientific field of physical contact, because time can speak and people can speak, it often causes the true to become false, and the false to become true. Therefore, if there is no metaphysics, how can there be metaphysics? In the process of boldly assuming and carefully verifying, there is always their intersection, so the long and short scriptures say: If you want to be big, you must seek the difference; if you want to be the essence, you must seek the same. Seeking its greatness or seeking its essence is the purpose of personal thinking. Like a piece of black duck in the sky, there are many birds in the sky, but there is none in the hand. Some people think that as long as I have a bird in my hand, it doesn’t matter how many birds there are in the sky. In the same way, there are so many geomancy techniques, but not many are really useful; some adapt measures to current conditions, some adapt measures to local conditions, and some adapt measures to individual conditions, but people must always be the first consideration, because the philosophy of heaven, earth and man is based on human beings. The starting point is set for people, distributed in the world, distributed in Tao, distributed in nature and returned to people. The philosophy of heaven, earth and man starts from “human beings” and then returns to the original point “human beings” to draw conclusions. Since geospatial geomancy is to change people’s past and present, it includes “metaphysics” and “metaphysics”. The most important part of it is the “lifemaking technique”. This is Yang Gong’s true formula, which is used by ordinary people to choose the day, and very few people use it to geomancy. If it is good, if it is bad, it should be bad. This is Yang Gong’s fairy method, which is invariably hit and responsive to every request. This is the essence of the book “The True Secret of Gem Yu”. The “fate creation method” of Kanyu art is very important, as are “natal evil” and “year evil”. Yu has been practicing geology for nearly 30 years, and he is proficient in all kinds of formulas. Looking back today, when I write about the basic skills of geomantic omen, avoiding evil, and controlling law, I have a sense of steadfastness in my heart. This is my father’s decades. The brainchild of the author, the author has compiled it into a book and dedicated it to the most respected and beloved enlightenment teacher of geomancy—my father, Mr. Yu Qinghan.

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