Songlin Shanren “DIY Tips for Changing Yangzhai”

Download the PDF e-book “DIY Keys to Changing Your Yang Zhai” by Songlin Shanren. Brief Introduction This book is compiled from the essence of the materials and personal research experience collected by studying Yangzhai Fengshui for many years. It seeks common ground from differences in content, and synthesizes the Fengshui theories of various schools to find the intersection point of non-conflict and make a fair argument. , combining theory and practice, explain the profound things in simple terms, easy to learn and understand, very practical

Download the PDF e-book “DIY Keys to Changing Your Yang Zhai” by Songlin Shanren.


This book is compiled from the essence of personal research experience and materials collected from years of studying Yangzhai Fengshui. The point of intersection, the arguments are fair, combined with theory and practice, easy to learn and understand, very practical, worthy of collection and adoption by those who want to reorganize their homes. This book is compiled by the author by compiling the essence of the materials and personal research experience that the author has collected over the years of studying Feng Shui in Yangzhai. Seeking common ground in differences, synthesizing the Feng Shui theories of various schools, seeking their non-conflicting intersection points, making the arguments fair, simple and easy to learn. Combining theory with practice, and detailing the details of various practical operations, it is thoughtful. It enables beginners and those who have studied for a long time but have not yet entered the classroom, to be able to master it, to achieve the state of knowing and doing, and the unity of knowing and doing. The chapters are clear and well-organized, which is convenient for readers to refer to at any time, and can be used as a manual, which is quite in line with actual needs. The accompanying charts and photos have been carefully designed, and the content is detailed, enough for readers to follow the map to find out, without having to rely on others to reduce mistakes. How to determine and arrange the Wenchang position and financial position of the residence is a problem that the general public is concerned about and pays attention to. This book contains detailed discussions, which are sufficient for reference and complete handling by themselves. The placement of the gods and the solution to the evil of the peach blossoms are explained in detail. As long as you are familiar with the practice, you can calm your mind or resolve the peach blossoms by yourself. You don’t need to use other people’s hands to expose your privacy, and you can solve problems safely and reliably. (Changing Tianxin) is the method that everyone wants to obtain (Three Elements Undefeated). Based on the belief of (Good is rewarded), the author upholds the original intention of being ashamed of hiding private matters, and discloses it to those who are destined to learn it. I hope Those who have obtained this secret will do good deeds and benefit themselves with no shame in their hearts. For An Feng Luo Jing. Bagua mirror, Qinglong. Qilin and other methods (dissolving evil spirits and prospering wealth) are all explained in detail, so that one can learn and use immediately. The commonly used diagrams and examples of essays collected in the appendix are convenient for readers to refer to and use at will. All the essays only need to be photocopied according to the format for future use, and there is no need to copy them again, which is quite convenient and useful.

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