Fengshui ancient book “Five Geography Jue” written by Zhao Jiufeng

Fengshui ancient book “Five Geography Jue” written by Zhao Jiufeng PDF Yi Xue Ancient Books e-book download. Introduction Mr. Zhao Jiufeng claimed in his writings that “Five Geography Jue” is “following Guo Jingchun’s Burial Sutra, Yang Jiupin’s Qingnang Austrian Language, Liu Bingzhong’s Jade Ruler Classic, Bu Zewei’s Xuexin Fu, Liu Qingtian’s Shaping the liver and revealing the gall, Tan Zhongjian’s “A Grain of Millet”, or Zu Qier

The ancient Fengshui book “Five Geography Jue” written by Zhao Jiufeng PDF Yi Xue ancient books e-book download.


Mr. Zhao Jiufeng claimed in his writings that “Five Judgments of Geography” is “following Guo Jingchun’s Funeral Sutra” and Yang’s rescue of the poor “Qing Nang Austrian Language”, Liu BingzhongThe Jade Ruler“, Bu Zewei “Xue Xin Fu“, Liu QingtianHiding the Liver and Exposing Gallbladder“, and Tan Zhongjian’s “A Grain of Millet”, either they were invented by their ancestors, or they directly stated their words.” And refer to “Chalcedony Sutra”, “Tianyu Jing”, “Qingwu Jing”, “Black Nang Jing”, “Xianpo Collection”, “Xiaosi Collection”, “Jade Axe”, “Thrust Needle”, “Tianji Yuan”, “Son of Man” Notes”, “Yiguan Kanyu”, “Sancaifami”, “Sima Shuifa”, “Geography Authentic”, “Geography Dacheng”, “Sitanzi” and other books on geography and Fengshui, “trace back to the source”.

The book “Five Geography” has eight volumes, the first volume is Basics of the Five Elements and the Preliminary Compass; the second volume is On Dragon Veins The image of life, prosperity and death; Volume 3 On Yin and Yang of acupoints, rich and poor; Volume 4 Discussion on the success and dislocation of sand shapes; Volume 5On The good and bad of water, advancing spirit and withdrawing spirit; volume six discusses the cooperation of four bureaus towards dragon and water; volume seven discusses the judging method of good and bad water in twelve kinds of water mouths in twenty-four directions;Volume 8 On the Geography of the Pacific Ocean. The first seven volumes are mainly about Mountain geomantic omen, and the eighth volume is about Pacific geomantic omen; mainly mountainous geomantic omen.

Volume 1 Five Elements Song Jue Compass Learning Method Volume 2 On the Dragon’s Prosperity Xiang divides into four bureaus Longshui coordination volume 72 Shuikou good and bad judging volume 8 Pacific Ocean tips

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