(Qing) Shen Zhuren Zheng Yi’s “Illustration of Shen’s Yixue·Shen’s Xuankong Study Part 2: Judgment of Good and Bad Fortunes in the House”

(Qing) Shen Zhufeng and Zheng Yi’s “Illustrated Shen’s Yi Xue·Shen’s Xuankong Study Part 2: Judgment of Good and Bad House Fortune” PDF e-book download. Introduction “Illustration of Shen’s Yi Xue · Shen’s Xuankong (Part 2): Judgment of Good and Bad House Luck (1984-2023 Full Record of Housing Prosperity and Avoidance of Misfortune)”: After Shen’s Xuankong Fengshui developed from Shenzhufeng in the late Qing Dynasty, In people’s fortune-telling places,

(Qing) Shen Zhuren Zheng Yi’s “Illustration of Shen’s Yi Xue·Shen’s Xuankong Study Part 2: Judgment of Good and Bad House Fortune” PDF e-book download.


“Illustration of Shen’s Yixue·Shen’s Xuankong Study (Part 2): Judgment of Good and Bad Fortunes in Houses (1984-2023 Houses seek good fortune and avoid evil Full Record)”: Shen’s Xuankong Fengshui has been developed since Shenzhufeng in the late Qing Dynasty, and it has played a very important role in people’s fortune-telling and predicting good and bad luck. Moreover, with the development of society, the scope of application of Shen’s Xuankong is also expanding. Because its own characteristics are more suitable for modern urban architecture, it has unique advantages in the inspection of urban Fengshui, home Fengshui and commercial Fengshui. A veritable Feng Shui knowledge of modern cities. Residential Fengshui Shen’s Xuankong Fengshui, when inspecting residential Fengshui, makes an accurate judgment of good and bad according to whether the flying star disk is consistent with the actual mountain topography, and then combined with the external environment of the house. City Fengshui Shen’s Xuankong Fengshui follows the principle of “one inch higher is a mountain, and one inch lower is water” when inspecting urban Fengshui, making different qualitative judgments on buildings and streets, combined with the speculation rules of Xuankong Fengshui, to make accurate good and bad judgments . Home Fengshui Shen’s Xuankong Fengshui uses the whole house as a flying astrolabe when judging home feng shui, and sees which house the furnishings in the house fall in, and then makes a good or bad judgment based on the combination of flying stars in each house of the astrolabe . Shop Feng Shui Shen’s Xuan Kong Feng Shui When inspecting shop Feng Shui, we should not only pay attention to whether the roads around the shop and neighboring houses affect it, but also look at the interior furnishings of the shop, such as the house where the God of Wealth is located, and make good and bad luck according to the flying stars judge. Accurate prediction of good and bad luck for the house, popular in the three places, South Korea, Japan, and even the entire Western world, buying a house in a modern city, opening a store and doing business, the magic weapon to help you transfer good luck, the best choice, the landscape and terrain from the outside, the layout and furnishings from the inside , Take out the master’s housekeeping skills and teach you Feng Shui.

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Mr. Shen Zhufeng (1849-1906), formerly known as Shen Shaoxun, word Zhufeng, a famous Yi scholar in the late Qing Dynasty, a native of Qiantang, Zhejiang, and a master of Xuankong Fengshui School. ” and highly praised by later generations. Shen once devoted himself to the study of Yi Xue and Fengshui theory works of the past dynasties, and bought Zhang Zhongshan’s “Yin and Yang Erzhai Records” with a lot of money, which revealed the untold secret of Xuankong Fengshui and made it known to the world. In addition to “Shen’s Xuan Kong Xue”, he also wrote “Zhang Zhongshan Zhai Duan Detailed Notes”, “Geography Dialectical Secrets”, “Lingcheng Jingyi Notes” and other books. But they are not as influential as “Shen’s Xuan Kong Xue” profound.

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