Liu Ben’s “Yang Zhai Xingjia Dialysis Nei Luan Tou”

Liu Ben’s “Yangzhai Xingjia Dialysis of Neiluantou” PDF e-book download. Introduction In Chinese geomancy, there is a distinction between Visible School and Legalism. The Xingjia discusses Luantou, and the operations focus on the situation; the Legalists discuss the flow of energy, and the operations focus on the position or Yuan Yun. Although it is said that “Qi is inaccurate if the head is not rational, and the head is not effective if the head is not regulated”, but “the head is the body, and the qi is for use”, the theory of regulating qi can definitely grab one.

Liu Ben’s “Yangzhai Xingjia Dialysis of Neiluantou” PDF e-book download.


In Chinese geomancy, there is a distinction between the Visible School and the Legalist School. The Xingjia discusses Luantou, and the operations focus on the situation; the Legalists discuss the flow of energy, and the operations focus on the position or Yuan Yun. Although it is said that “the head of the mountain is not allowed without reason, and the head is not effective without the head of the mountain”, but “the head of the mountain is the body, and the head of the mountain is used for use”, and the theory of regulating the breath can surely grab a momentary luck, but it is still restrained by the shape of evil; The head is the essence, and the long-term good and bad must follow the Xingjia.

The way of Kanyu is based on the sages’ aiming at the true mountains of nature. Looking at the classics handed down from generation to generation, the theory of the mountains and rivers is mostly about the Yang base of the mountains and rivers. The end of the pen is retouched, generally speaking, it only hides the wind and gathers the energy. In the past, most of the mansions were low and wide, or there were multi-storey high houses, and at most they were only on the second or third floors; today’s mansions are mostly developed at high altitudes, and with the gathering of businesses and businesses, the situation of the mansions in the market has already changed greatly; Luantou’s thesis method is bound to make more revisions, or even change the course. … In recent years, many practitioners have published the theory of Yangzhai Xingjia, coupled with the development of the media and the concept of a global village, it seems to have formed a hot trend.

The expositions of Yangzhai Xingjia are as numerous as crucian carp crossing the river. Although there are good theories that trace back to Yili’s “Hetu, Xiantian gossip”, there are also many fallacies; The old saying, “swallow jujubes whole”, is also mostly “only talking about the effect, not knowing the cause”, so that instead, it often spreads rumors and accumulates nothing. Liu Ben’s journey to learn Xingjia was also difficult. For more than 30 years, he was taught in a series of ways, “What not to do, how to…, otherwise what to do…” If you ask why, it is “the fairy teacher said… “. Without the explanation of the source of Yili, there are thousands of laws and regulations, but the final result is still “zero”. Facing the real mansion, but often can only be speechless. Now that I have some understanding, I am also serving my close relatives and friends. It is also the enthusiasm of the owner of Jinyuan Bookstore, Lin, who repeatedly urged the publication of Xingjia’s works; Liu Ben therefore did not hesitate to collect old notes and add illustrations, intending to figure out a more logical path for Xingjia system. I wanted to add more practical photos in the book, but the old photos are all blurry. In recent years, the environment of the photos has changed drastically, and cars are parked in front of the house. It is difficult to clearly match the description in the book, so I gave up. …Even so, drawing in the book took a lot of effort, and I sincerely hope that this book can be helpful to many readers who are wandering around Xingjia.

Knowledge by Liu Ben

Contents Preface Chapter 1 of Yangzhai Neiluantou, Section 1 of Neiluntou General Theory, Section 2 of Introduction to Neiluntou, Introduction to Zhaiyuan Section 3, Theory The fourth section of the palace, the fifth section of the general rules of the interior of the house, the sixth section of the entrance section of the house, the seventh section of the miscellaneous discussion of the interior, the second chapter of the interior decoration, the first section of the living room, the second section of the living room, and the living room Situation Theory Section 3, Other Living Room Taboos Section 4, Living Room Promotion Chapter 3, Bedroom Theory Section 1, Bedroom Xingjia Introduction Section 2, Bedroom Position Section 3, Bedroom Taboos Section 4, Room Bed The fifth chapter on the situation, the taboos of room and bed arrangement, the sixth chapter, other taboos on the room and bed. The Placement and Taboos of the Gods Chapter 5, The Hall of the Gods and the Table of Gods Section 1, The Summary Section 2, The Location of the Hall of Gods and Taboos Section 3, The Taboos and Taboos of the Tables Chapter 6, The Study Room and the Desk Section 1, Summary Section 2, Dos and Don’ts of Home Study and Desk Chapter 7, Office and Desk Section 1, Summary Section 2, Office Location Section 3, Office Layout Section 4, Desk Taboo Section 1 Chapter Eight, Toilets and Stairs Section 1, Introduction Section 2, Location of Toilets Section 3, Toilet Taboos Section 4, Stairs and Elevators Comprehensive Application Chapter 9, General Introduction to the Inside and Outside of Yangzhai Section 1, General Introduction to the Situation of Yangzhai Section 2, General Discussion on Yangzhai Pattern and Responsibilities Chapter 10, Planning of Factories and Storefronts Section 1, Planning of Factories Section 2, Planning of Storefronts Chapter 11, Methods of Reducing Fufu and Shaking Hearts Section 1 , Fufu Famen Anshen’s position Incense and fire rituals Promoting construction Ground-breaking rituals Completion and thanking the soil The method of anti-evil method, the method of round mirror, the method of transforming evil, the method of stone, the method of controlling evil, the method of road rushing, the method of high-jueyang house, the method of making the place of spirits, the method of making biological grid, the method of suppressing evil, the method of opening the knife, the solution of filling the creek, filling the pit, and the method of transforming the evil, the method of filling the well. Sha Hua Sha method, earth shaking method, method of deterring shock, first method of shock removal, second method of shock removal, third method of shock removal, fourth soul method postscript ◎ method of securing treasury ◎ ◎ treasury material selection table ◎ some screenshots

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