“Feng Shui Secrets of Miao School Celebrities” written by Chen Beisheng by Liang Feng, page 218

Download the 218-page PDF e-book “Feng Shui Secrets of Miao School Celebrities” by Liang Feng. Introduction This book “Feng Shui Secrets of Miaopai Celebrities in Rongxian County, Guangxi” was given to me by my hometown masters Yang Kaifa and Master Liang Feng. The geomantic cultural heritage, citing the geomantic omen of celebrities’ Yang houses and ancestral graves

Download the 218-page PDF e-book “Miaopai Fengshui Secrets of Celebrities” by Chen Beisheng School by Liang Feng.


This book “Feng Shui Secrets of Miaopai Celebrities in Rongxian County, Guangxi” was given to me by my hometown Master Yang Kaifa and Master Liang Feng. And carry forward the geomancy cultural heritage of our country thousands of years ago, cite the secrets of geomantic omen of celebrities’ mansions and ancestral tombs, and prove that geomantic omen of celebrities is scientific, not superstitious. At the same time, when people travel, they should have such a celebrity Fengshui book in their hands. Knowing the environmental information of the celebrity’s origin, increasing the understanding of Fengshui conditions, enlightening the similarities and differences of the Fengshui environment that breeds celebrities, and making future choices. This is the purpose of awakening the world and asking Mr. Zhu from Jiuding Publishing House to publish this book. The authors and editors in this book are all my fellow countrymen and friends, and their Fengshui materials are all given to me unconditionally. I love my hometown, admire the celebrities in my hometown, strive for knowledge, bravely struggle in the sea of people, and work hard Having made impressive achievements and shed a lot of blood and sweat, he was awarded the title of celebrity and general. All of this serves as a learning and example for our younger generations. In Fengshui, there are two important principles: “If there are ridges but no rational qi, it will not work. If there are rational qi but no ridges, it will not work.” I am a world-conscious person and I can say two things with my saliva: If there are Fengshui ridges and rational qi , No one has the courage to strive hard and achieve goals, and there will be no successful celebrities. Whether this principle can be established, readers are welcome to correct me. Correct me. (Note: One more sentence, if there are successful people, they must be born in the environment of the earth spirit in Fengshui. This is the earth spirit.) Here are the resumes of the two authors. Aristocratic family, about 60 years old, strong and strong, with some white hair, no aging, talk like Hong Zhong, once took more than ten apprentices on my behalf, toured famous mountains, famous people’s family life, ancestral halls and ancestral graves, talked and laughed happily, very happy I am in vain. Served in the army, was a retired soldier, did administrative work, now retired, indulges in geomancy and academics, travels in the mountains and rivers in his free time, is very serious about Fengshui, people without merit, refuses to do acupuncture and survey Fengshui for others, and even more Do not teach Feng Shui casually. In 2004, I visited Hong Kong, where I had a good time with us, traveling around mountains and playing famous bases. At present, he is still editing Fengshui secrets and other books at his home in Rong County. Master Liang Feng and Yang Aini, Luo Chuangui. . . Ten of them are disciples of Luo Qun, a geological engineer. They are known as the top ten sages. Liang Feng, who is nearly 50 years old, has worked as an educator and the principal of a school. Lucun, Wenqu, Lianzhen, Wuqu, auxiliary stars and arc stars are divided into nine stars according to the twenty-four mountains and left and right, and the nine stars are replaced by English letters A (greedy), P (giant), B ( Lu), L (Wen), Y (Lian), N (Wu), T (Bro), X (Auxiliary), O (Bi) as flying star symbols, if ANPX returns to the lucky star and flies to the door or the water source, then Auspicious, good feng shui and geographical location, BLYT four inauspicious stars, flying down to the side of the water is also auspicious, the first four auspicious stars are inauspicious when they go to the water, and the last four inauspicious stars are also coming out of the water and the gate. This is the true meaning of the Nine Profound Scriptures. Use English letters instead to prevent disclosure. They are different from Yang Kai’s three-element geography formula, the flying star method is open, and the flying game method is also open, which is worthy of praise and encouragement. Secondly, Master Yang Kaifa and Master Liang Feng discussed the name of Lai Buyi’s Nanshan Jindou (famous acupoint) and argued with each other. The difference in language may be “according to the written records of Jindou Fu, “Nanshan has Jindou Jindou, nine twists and thirteen twists, whoever can get it buried, and the sesame official for three years.” This is the general idea. Therefore, Mr. Luo Qun’s “Jindou cave “, has the title of astonishing sensationalism, I have been to this point and saw that it is just an ordinary lotus point. It is inevitable that no one has touched the surface of Lai Buyi’s Liuti acupoint in the millennium, but it has been pointed out by the Jiuxuan Zhenjing. It is so easy, and it will inevitably cause many problems. What’s more, the ground given by the lotus is not really worthy of fate, nor worthy of standing. Those who choose to bury their ancestors will not get the right time and harmony with the people. The burial effect is somewhat effective and some are ineffective. Even the masses themselves do not choose auspicious days for the burial of their ancestors. Burial on the eighth day, not worthy of the life of the master, even the taboo of oneself, and the real emergency of dying without understanding, can be seen in this pair of sitting and choosing a date, which is very important. It is very important to wake up the world. It is inevitable to wake up everyone again. ! Choosing a date and setting a direction must be worthy of fate, don’t say I’m too wordy! The Nine Profound Scriptures are good newly discovered ancient scriptures, worthy of study, but the direction line and the start of construction and burial are not worthy of fate. It is unlucky and unlucky to choose a date. It is necessary to wake up the world and tell you this point Remember! Mr. Zhu and I discussed it, and I don’t charge any fees, and the copyright is still the original author. Before publishing, I haven’t contacted the former author for advice. For the sake of tourists and Feng Shui readers, I want to get his sneak peek. All consequences are at your own risk, please forgive me! For the time being, I will make a foreword. Chen Beisheng, April 15, 2005, Pingshugang

Contents Zanrong County Fengshui Poems, one poem and one inscription Preface 1, Rongxian Geographical Fengshui Overview 2, Rongxian Some Celebrities Fengshui Exploration Preface Introduction : Nine-star performance master 1. Fengshui of Huang Shaohong’s ancestral home 2. Fengshui of “Shan Cui Huang” ancestral hall 3. Fengshui of Huang Xuchu’s home mountain 4. Fengshui of Luo Qi’s ancestral home 5. Fengshui of He Zhuguo’s ancestral home 6. Fengshui of Wu Tingyang’s home 7. Fengshui of Li Benyi’s ancestral home 8. Su Zuxin’s ancestral house Feng Shui 9. Ma Baocui’s ancestral house Feng Shui 10. Feng Huang’s family Feng Shui 11. Gan Lichu’s ancestral house Feng Shui 12. Gan Chengcheng’s ancestral house Feng Shui 13. Gan’s ancestral grave “Qutou Duck” Feng Shui legend 14. Li Yi’s ancestral house Feng Shui 15. Fengshui of Xia Wei’s Ancestral House 16. Fengshui of Lingya Xi’s Ancestral House 17. Fengshui of Ma Xiaojun’s Ancestral House 18. Fengshui of Wei Yunsong’s Ancestral House 19. Fengshui of Wei Zhi Tang’s Ancestral House 20. Fengshui of Chen Xiong’s Ancestral House 21. Fengshui of Yang Yuangong’s Ancestral House 22. Liang Dong’s New Ancestral House Fengshui 23. Zeng Dachi’s ancestral house Fengshui 24. Liang Baoren’s ancestral house Fengshui 25. Hou Guang’s ancestral house Fengshui 26. Li Xiangpin’s ancestral house Fengshui 27. Li Guhuai’s ancestral house Fengshui 28. Liang Fangjin’s ancestral house Fengshui 29. Xu Songshi’s ancestral house Fengshui 30. Panzhu Qi’s ancestral house Fengshui 31. Yang Wenzhao’s ancestral home Fengshui 32. Zhou Changdan’s ancestral home Fengshui 33. Liu Jue’s ancestral home Fengshui 34. “Jiaowan Feng” ancestral home Fengshui 35. “Gentianlu” ancestral home Fengshui 36. “Lvjingpan” ancestral home Fengshui 37. Fengshui of the ancestral house of “Shiling Feng” 38. Fengshui of Hechou’s ancestral grave 39. Fengshui of Concubine Yang’s ancestral home Fengshui Records 1. Sun Yat-sen’s Former Residence 2. Mao Zedong’s Ancestral Grave 3. Liu Shaoqi’s Ancestral Residence 4. Chiang Kai-shek’s Ancestral Residence 5. Li Zongren’s Ancestral Residence size-full wp-image-26218 aligncenter” src=”/wp-content/uploads/guoxuehuidian/1664676074-8bd3a68f8ac5cb5.jpg” alt=”” / alt=”Liang Feng’s “Miaopai Celebrities Fengshui Secrets” by Chen Beisheng, page 218, Kanyu Yangzhai The first photo” title=”Liang Feng’s “Feng Shui Secrets of Miao School Celebrities” by Chen Beisheng, page 218, Kanyu Yang Zhai, the first photo-” >

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