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Download the 415-page PDF electronic version of the Fengshui book “The Application of Zhujia Fengshui Regulating Qi”. Table of Contents Chapter 1 The 24 Mountains Zhujia qi application table Explanation of the three hundred and sixty degrees of the week, the 24 mountain needles and the songs 2, the hexagrams and the eight fierce needles and the sixty-four hexagrams Say two, the method of drawing lines Twenty-four auspicious and inauspicious stars I, twelve directions of auspicious stars II

Download the 415-page PDF electronic version of Fengshui book “The Application of Zhujia Fengshui Regulating Qi”.


Chapter 1 Explanation of the qi application form of the twenty-four mountain schools Changing images 1. The method of dividing the gold line 2. The method of drawing lines Twenty-four auspicious and inauspicious stars 1. Twelve directions of auspicious stars 2. Twelve directions of inauspicious stars 3. Twenty-four star songs and twelve generals Star Break Jue 2, Twelve Generals, Stars, Good and Bad, Three Turns of Greedy Wolf Water Method 1, Three Turns of Greedy Wolf Song Jue 2, Water Release Sutra Jue Qiankun National Treasure Water Method 1, Longmen Eight Bureau Water Method Good and Bad II, Eight Luminaries Killing Song Jue 3, Sanyao Killing four, water level, water mouth, killing, good and bad, three-in-one, twelve longevity one, sitting, facing the fourth game, longevity two, twelve longevity songs, Najia, nine-star water method, Najia, Yin and Yang, two, nine-star good and bad songs, Xuankong and five elements Water Method 1, Mysterious Kong Five Elements Song Jue Other Water Method 1, Three-in-one Four Situations Nine Mysterious Scriptures Water Method 1, Nine Stars Good and Bad Song Jue 2, Nine Mysterious Scriptures Twenty-four Mountain Phases and Yao Degrees Express Heavenly Heart and Qi Luck 1, Heavenly Heart and Qi Luck The function of the gate tower jade chariot scriptures 1, the gate tower jade chariot scriptures 2, the order of the twenty-four gates 3, the twenty-four gates are dominated by good and bad fortune, eight house tours, the year 1, the five ups and downs of the law 2, the year’s life ups and downs 3, Ups and downs of sitting on a mountain method 4, method of ups and downs on the gate 5, eight gates with eight lords good and bad luck 6, sixty-four guibu house type good and bad luck Yutang water method 1, Yutang water method verse Xuankong city gate tactic 1, city gate tactic 24 List of Forms and Qi of the Mountain Schools Chapter 2 List of Xuankong Yuan Yun Xia Hexagram Alternative Hexagram On Yuan Yun 1, Tian Yun (Three Elements and Nine Yuns) Second, Earth Yun (Dual Elements and Eight Yuns) Xuankong Xingxia Hexagrams Alternative Hexagrams Nine Fortunes Complete Diagram –, Twenty-Four Mountain Hexagrams 1 to Nine Fortunes Complete Diagram 2, Twenty-Four Mountains Alternate Hexagrams 1 to Nine Fortunes Complete Diagram (1), Tian Yuan (2), Earth Yuan (3), Ren Yuan 2, San Yuan Parent and Child Discrimination of Yin and Yang (1), Heaven, Earth and Human San Yuan (2), San Yuan Great Hexagram Distribution Twenty-Four Mountain Maps (3), Three elements, parent and child, both yin and yang (four), the land is positive and the twenty-four mountains are divided into gold, the three, the water collection four, the four gods five, the five and six, the seventeen, the left and the right eight, the poverty relief bureau Nine, Three Yuan, Nine Movements, Twenty-Four Positive Bureaus, Ten, Three Yuan, Nine Movements, Twenty-Four Poverty Relief Bureaus 2. Seventy-two Forms of Longli Ju Jue (1), Xiantian Gan Liu is Li Zong (2), Kun Erkan and One Meridian Harmony (3), Pulse Out of Heaven, Three Earth and Eight Skills (4), Seven Metals and Four Woods Qi phase from (5), when Kanshui comes to Chaozhidui (6), Xunlong enters the meridian Yingkun Palace (7), comes from Jiulong to determine the earthquake position (8), Gen Baqianjin is a friend and three yuan is undefeated. Layout Mystery and Wonderful Picture Chapter Five Twenty-eight Mansions and the Five Elements Reduction Method Twenty-eight Mansions and Five Elements Elimination Method 1, Introduction to the 28 Mansions 2, Twenty-eight Mansions Host the Five Elements Three, Twenty-eight Mansions and Five Elements Four, Sudu Five Elements Sitting on a Mountain Water Method Six, Sand Dispelling Method Seven, Elimination of Eight Evils* Five Elements Elimination Method of Linking Mountains and Returning to Tibet The first discussion on male and female mountain dragons facing water, the second discussion on male and female dragons, the third discussion on searching for dragons, the fourth discussion on passing meridians, the fifth discussion on main stars, the sixth discussion on Qi channels, the seventh discussion on acupoints, the eighth discussion on true sand, the ninth discussion on true water, the tenth discussion on Mingtang, and the discussion on halls Game 1, Songs of Finding Dragons and Acupuncture Points Yang Gong Xingluan 1, Dragon Duan 2, Dragon and Tiger Duan 3, Suzaku Duan 4, Water City Duan 5, Ming Tang Duan 6, Guarding the Gate Chapter 7 Tianyu Sutra internal commentary Tianyu Jing 1 Volume 1, Three Hexagrams for Parents of East and West (1), Heavenly Jade Sutra of Mountain Dragon Bureau, Miscellaneous Bureau of Water Dragon Bureau, Volume 1, Three Hexagrams for Parents of Heaven and Earth (1), Twenty-Four Mountains and Stars Jue (2), Zibai Juetian The second volume of the Jade Classic, the three hexagrams of wealth and honor (1), the twenty-four heavenly stars (2), the full text summary The impact of missing corner killing on people and its resolution 3. Yangzhai Bagong Judgment Method

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