“Book of Changes Fengshui Layout Secrets” – the core secret book of Xuankong Fengshui

“The Secret Book of Fengshui Layout of the Book of Changes” Xuankong Fengshui core secret book PDF e-book download Xuankong’s original meaning describes metaphysics for a long time. When it comes to the situation of mountains and rivers, it is also geography. Soil quality and soil color, then geology also. The layout gathers momentum, and the strength is centered, which is the mechanics of physics. Looking down and looking up, the image is formed, and the astronomical

“The Secrets of Feng Shui Layout of the Book of Changes” PDF e-book download of the core secret book of Xuankong Fengshui

The original meaning of Xuankong

Metaphysics has a long history. The academic also. When it comes to the situation of mountains and rivers, it is also geography. Soil quality and soil color, then geology also. The layout gathers momentum, and the strength is centered, which is the mechanics of physics. Looking down and looking up, the image is formed, so is astronomy.

Fengshui orientation, yin and yang are in harmony, so is meteorology. Eight trigrams and nine palaces, three yuan and two pieces, are nothing more than mathematics. Geography, geology, physics, astronomy, meteorology, and mathematics are known to everyone as natural sciences. Xuankong Geosciences clarifies the essence of these studies, and learns to use them far away. The establishment of a state and the field can be used to know its rise and fall, its strength and weakness. If a person’s Zhong Ling is beautiful, then one can know his nature is stupid, noble or humble. It also has the purpose of social science, which is called non-scientific, and it is possible. Science is inseparable from time and space, and geology is nothing more than situation and rationality. Its key lies in being reasonable, the life, prosperity, decline and death of Li Qi, and the timeliness of the ground. The key lies in the timing, if you know the situation but don’t know how to regulate qi, you will only know the sand and water in the dragon’s cave, but you don’t know when it will flourish and when it will die, or you will inevitably wear fur in spring and summer, and clothes in autumn and winter. If you know how to regulate qi but don’t know the situation, then Those who only know that life flourishes, declines and dies, but do not know where it flourishes and where it declines and dies, will inevitably worship Xia Yige and Winter Yiqiu, but do not know what is fur and what is Ge. However, both situation and principle are known, that is, space and time are both important, and there is nothing to be fooled about to make geology scientific. Science must be invented by hypothesis and experimentation. In mystical myths and superstitions, only those with the longest history are not enough to establish hypothetical tests, and they are not the highest in culture. I don’t know that there are such hypotheses and tests. What the nation can know. After the Qin and Han Dynasties, this study was privately owned by the emperors, and the Yellow Emperor’s well field had already established the Nine Palaces. Then, this learning was gradually passed on to the world, and Qing Nang Huangshi, Guan Guo Qiuyang, Zeng Lai and Liao, philosophers came out from generation to generation, and the unique learning continued. Because of its great relationship, the learning heart was very close. It can be seen that the situation, although there are many The books of hundreds of schools of thought, but the subtleties are yet to be explored, the invisible principle of qi, and the theory of three elements and three combinations, and the authenticity is difficult to distinguish. In modern times, Jiang’s writings are distinguished, and the world deduces that the principles and qi are authentic. also. In fact, the dragon is drawn without clearing the sky, and later scholars are caught in the fog. Wujin talked about my teacher and raised me, a scholar who has devoted himself to regulating Qi for decades. At the beginning, he belonged to the Zhang family of Wuxi. Close to the original meaning of Xuankong, become the words of a family, solve the confusion of the world, save the world with a mother-in-law, and the righteousness of geology. Although it is also limited to the prohibition, it is inevitable that the dragon will see the head but not the end. However, the outline is hooked, and the hidden and the hidden are seen together. The books of Jiang’s family are far more profound and clear. Good readers can gain something by playing with them, and those who are eager to learn and think deeply can know by heart. It’s absurd, today’s extreme chaos must be cured, stripping extremes must be restored, if you can master the needs of the country, and learn the principles of geology, you will take advantage of the situation, the land will be outstanding, the rivers and mountains will be colorful, the humanities will flourish, and the national fortune will flourish and flourish. , its role is very important and great, it is better to be reasonable, the paper of the book is expensive in Luoyang, and it is not known. Zi regards geology as a scientific academic. Because of the micro-narrative, there is no record, no writing, and I would like to express what I see, so as to tell the people of the country.

The thirty-seventh year of the Republic of China, the second year of the Wuzi year, July 24th, Renxu Shuoyue, Lieutenant General of the Yiyou Army, Gu Linjutian Fourth Garden, and I would like to talk about the residence in Shanghai

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