Lu Yangcai’s “Qimen Kanyuxue”

Lu Yangcai’s “Qimen Kanyuxue” HD PDF e-book download. Introduction This book has a systematic comprehensive introduction to geomancy. The author of this book has accumulated more than 20 years of application experience of Qimen Gemyuology, from the basics of geography to the geography of Sanyuan, Sanhe, Jiuxing, Tianxing, Qimen Yin and Yang Houses, etc. It is easy to explain clearly between the studies and works, leading the study of geomancy to a higher level. sequence in colorful

Lu Yangcai’s “Qimen Kanyuxue” HD PDF e-book download.


This book has a systematic and comprehensive introduction to geomancy. , Qimen Yinyang House and other geography works are easily and clearly explained, leading geomancy to a higher level.


In a colorful and complex world, people are often in the middle of complicated things, constantly straightening out and adjusting everything around them, and trying to make everything around them act according to their own wishes, day after day , Month after month, year after year, it seems to understand and not understand, it seems to be clear and not clear, problems are solved one after another, desires are satisfied one after another, self-satisfaction or self-conflict in the passage of time. And all these things, what is ruling and manipulating all these things? What else is there in the dark? It seems invisible, but it appears and disappears from time to time.

The avenue is as simple as it is easy, the sun is the sun, and the moon is the moon, each running in its own orbit and performing its duties. The avenue is in front of you, what is in front of you? Isn’t it just a house for daily companionship? People spend most of their time almost in residential rooms. Different residential room structures have the function of absorbing corresponding cosmic information. A huge potential information energy permeates every blood capillary of people all the time. This kind of permeation is silent, driving people’s words and deeds unconsciously.

The Three Styles of the East have a long history. The application and practice of astronomy, geography, personnel, etc. in the past dynasties are all exquisite. Luoshu is used as a reference to determine the method of yin and yang rotation, and to divide the movement of heaven and earth, which can not only distinguish life and death, misfortune, prosperity and decline from the chart, but also combine the essence of changing the fortune of things into the chart. A little movement brings about a change in everything, so that people can see the opportunities of the world, combine the principles of yin and yang, control their own good and bad, and be happy and at ease. Its various functions have long been explained in Qimen Zongjue: Born between heaven and earth, there is no life on both sides. People are born between heaven and earth, as long as they follow the path, the non-existent and the existent are free to move between the two sides.

Qimen Kanyu was launched after the publication of the previous forecast books, and the process of writing this book was much more fun than the previous ones. The good fortune of heaven and earth is incomparably mysterious, and Qimen Kanyu possesses the basic factors that most directly change everything. The “Huangdi Neijing” said: Yin and Yang are unpredictable. The god in the dark is the body of the movement of qi. When understanding the laws of qi, there is only one step between the god and the human. This step is the highest state of geomancy: divine enlightenment. Achieving the unity of man and god cannot be achieved overnight. The accumulation of experience, assiduous study, advice from teachers, access to information, and harmony of mind and nature are all essential elements.

Qimen Jue Yun: Qimen has a real opportunity, don’t go around indiscriminately, practice is not a day, how can Taoism be taken lightly. The meaning of life lies in seeking knowledge and exploring. In Qimen’s extensive and profound method, real skills and wonderful ideas abound. The only way to practice and seek knowledge is to proceed step by step and lay a solid foundation first. Going around indiscriminately will only waste your life and waste your money. Those who want to reach the sky in one step are even more skeptical, deceiving their ears and stealing their bells. Only those seekers who take steps one step at a time will become real masters.

Qimen Gemyu judges good and bad luck and fortune in terms of geography, landscape, residential environment, sitting orientation, door orientation, and interior layout. People are safe, and those who are destined are blessed and auspicious. The essence of Qimen Kanyu is to reflect the ups and downs of personnel, the essence is easy to count, and the color and orientation are the means of adjustment. Taking time and space as the category, Qi number as the base point, nine stars as the representative, and Hetu and Luoshu as the origin, it builds the framework of the entire Kanyu system , human beings are the final bearers of the overall field source in this structure.

People are born with qi, and die when they lose qi. Someone made a fortune overnight? Why do some people get promoted frequently? Why is fortune high for a period of time, and then plummets afterward? Those who made their fortunes by framing others or by manipulating others, have a lot of anger, and are eventually trampled down by others. This is all related to Qi. With the advancement of time and space, the number of qi is also adjusted accordingly. If you are lucky enough to get qi, you will be promoted or get rich. Those with a righteous heart will do more good deeds and accumulate more yin virtues when they are in power. Transform to a new qi, otherwise, once the time and space change and the qi fortune changes, the qi will decline several times. If you are still obsessed with the fame, fortune and grievances in front of you, the time will change, the fortune will decline, the family will be cold and desolate, and you will even suffer from criminal injuries. . Once the daughters gather together, they return at sunset. This is the result of letting luck be at the mercy of luck because they don’t understand the secrets of geomantic omen.

The theoretical basis of geomancy includes: the comprehensive basic knowledge of Zhouyi, Qimen Dunjia, Taiyi, and Da Liuren, which is the sublimation of the combination of the four. Theory is the center of practice, and figuring out theory is the key among the keys. If you are not familiar with the basic knowledge of forecasting, you must first clarify and memorize the basic knowledge of forecasting before you can study further, otherwise it will be thankless and difficult to reach the upper level.

This book is based on the theory and practice of the sages. It took a lot of time for actual verification, and at the same time incorporated some articles about experience introduction and experience in practice, hoping to solve some obstacles and confusion in learning for readers. Theories are formed when they are put on paper, but in practice, they should not be copied mechanically, but the essentials must be carefully studied, especially the subtle meaning of the formulas in the book, which depends on people and shapes, and there is no fixed format. To enter the high-level practice, you must face the teacher’s heart-to-heart instruction.

The heavens and the earth are reincarnated in the universe, and the luck is transformed into a number of misfortunes and blessings. In the face of blessings and misfortunes, there is a way to find and a thread to lead. May Qimen Kanyu bring you happiness and auspiciousness!

Lu Yangcai in Lantai Study

June 2000

Table of Contents

Preface Part 1 Basic Part Chapter 1 Introduction to Qimen Gemology Chapter 2 Basic Knowledge Section 1 Twenty-Four Mountains Section 2 Three Yuan Tuluoshu Section 9 Five Elements, Eight Diagrams, Nine Palaces, Nine Stars Section Ten Basic Definitions of Twelve Branches The fourteenth section Five Son Yuan Dun The fifteenth section The twenty-four mountains and the nine astrology disks The sixteenth section The change of fortune Nayin The method of choosing auspiciousness in the twentieth festival. The second part is the application part. The first chapter is the calculation rules and judgment steps. The fourth section, the sun arrives at the mountain, and the three photoshoots. The fifth section, the moon travels to the twenty-four mountains. The relationship and function of floors and rooms Section IX Sanyuan Nine Luck and Floor and Room Number Calculation Rules and Functions Section Ten Sanyuan Liujia Nayin Section Eleven Qimen and Eight Palaces Section Twelve Nine Stars Replacing Thirteen Section 2: Basic Patterns Section 1: Forward, Concurrent, and Straight Section 2: Towards the Water Section 3: Uphill and Down the Water Section 4: Concealed Construction Section 5: Use of City Gates Section 6: Dark City Gates Section 7 Anti-Yin Fuyin Section 8 Najia and Shanxiang Section 9 Zhouyi Discussion of Hexagrams Section 10 Game and Mountain Section 11 Layer and Xiang Section 3, Twenty-Four Mountain Directions, Section 4, The Relationship between Mountain Stars and Xiangxing, Good and Bad, and Fifth Solar Terms, Section 6, Li Qi Break, Section 7, Water Break, Section 8, Nine Stars, Water Law, Section 9, Water Break, and Tenth. The 11th section of water release, the 11th section of twelve longevity noun income tactic, the 13th section of sand section, the 14th section of five star section, the 15th section of landscape section, the 16th section of dragon cave section, the 17th section of dragon Sand Break Section 18 Shuanglong Break Section 19 Dragon Cave Three Line Break Section 20 Miaodu Section 21 Subject-Object Theory Section 22 Qimen Gemyu Secret Jue 23 Nayin Function Fourth Judgment of lucky and unlucky Zhang Guan Lu The first section is eighty-six good and bad luck The second section is four in the same palace The third section is three six nine, two five eight, one forty seven The seventh section of wealth, Ding Guixiu, the eighth section of Xiangbuduowang, the ninth section of the zodiac, the tenth section of fortune and acupoints, the eleventh section, the collection of mountains and the evil spirits, the twelfth section, the robbery of the seven stars, the thirteenth three-star five-auspicious section, and the fourteenth order star Chapter 5 Bagua and Nine-Star Basic Definition Section 1 Bagua Basic Image and Meaning Section 2 Hetu Shengke Judgment Section 3 Luoshu Judgment Section 7 Nine Lucky and Prosperous Phase Stars Section 8 Basic Meaning of Doufu Nine Stars Section 9 Judgment of Purple and White Nine Stars Chapter 6 Judgment of Double Stars On the relationship between the city’s caves, sand, water, bright halls and the four. Chapter 8 Judgment of the effect of the residential environment. Chapter 9. On the observation steps and adjustment skills of the urban residential environment. Feng Shui Secrets Section 2 The Use of the Kitchen Chapter 11 The Twenty-Four Mountain Orientations Chapter 12 The Three-Yuan and Nine-Force Table Chapter 13 Detailed Explanation of the Rules of the Pan The third section of the seven-luck twenty-four mountain arrangement and analysis the third section the eighth luck twenty-four mountain arrangement the fourth section the nine-nine twenty-four mountain arrangement Gymnastics Diagram Examples Part Three Basic Theory Chapter One The Essence of Gymnastics – Yishu Chapter Two The Interrelationships and Functions of Hetu and Luoshu Chapter Three The Function and Significance of Xiantian Bagua and Acquired Bagua Doufu Nine Stars and Zibai Nine Stars in Gemology Chapter 5 The Core of Qimen Gemology – The Rise and Fall of Dryness and Prosperity Chapter 6 The Function of Earthly Branches and Tibetan Stems in Qimen Gemology Chapter 7 On the Nature of Nayin Chapter 8 Date and Time The Basic Principles and Functions of Choosing Auspiciousness Chapter 9 The Theory of Eastern and Western Gemology in Qimen Gemology and the environment. Chapter Two: Mechanism and Significance of East-West Mapping. Chapter Three. Operational Effect and Mechanism of Indoor Mapping (1) Chapter Four. Operational Effect and Mechanism of Indoor Mapping (2)

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