Shen Chaohe Xie Ling’s “Book of Changes Fengjiu Method” 273 pages

Download the 273-page high-resolution PDF e-book of Shen Chaohe and Xie Ling’s “The Method of Feng Shui Mu in the Book of Changes”. About the author Shen Chaohe, the head of the Huludun Yili Research Institute, the famous teacher of Wushu numerology and the author of Xingqiao, the consultant of numerology, the Continuing Education Center of the School of Media and International Culture, Zhejiang University.

Shen Chaohe Xie Ling’s “Book of Changes Fengshuimu Method” 273 pages high-resolution PDF e-book download.

Brief introduction of the author

Shen Chaohe, head of Huludun Yili Research Institute, famous teacher of Wushu numerology and writer Xingqiao numerology consultant, Zhejiang University School of Media and International Culture Continuing Education Center Classics of Chinese Studies: Four Pillars of Numerology The instructor of I Ching Feng Shui has been obsessed with the infinite changes of Yi Xue since he was young, and has been studying for decades. He is erudite and strong in memory, has read countless people, and is proficient in Ziping Bazi, Yixue divination, Yangzhaixue, orthodox choosing a day, etc. He is honest and kind, and has benefited a lot of people. In addition to setting inkstones to relieve people’s worries and worries, he established the “Huludun Yili Research Institute” in 1997 after many years of practical teaching. Wushu talent. Articles are often published in magazines related to numerology, including “Bazi Response Station”, “Numerical Handing Down”, “Galdun Precise Perpetual Calendar”, “On Fate”, “Gourd God Number-Life I Ching Divination”, “Bazi Numerology” “Fat Law” and other books, as well as revolutionary DVD audio-visual teaching discs such as “Fate Surprising Tricks”, “Numerical Secrets”, “Gourd Magic Numbers-Life Book of Changes Divination”, “Bazi Destiny Learning Mother Law-Yuanhai Ziping 300 Jue”.

Xie Ling used to be the editor-in-chief of the publishing house and the planner of the publication. Now he is a full-time lecturer of the teaching team of Huludun Yili Research Institute. Now he is a full-time lecturer of the teaching team of Huludun Yili Research Institute. She covers a wide range of subjects, observes everything in detail, likes to study philosophy, psychology and other subjects related to human activities, especially loves Eastern and Western numerology, such as Western astrology, Ziping horoscope, Yijing divination, Yangzhai and choosing a day, all of which are extensive and in-depth Research, currently specializing in the study of Yi studies, and the writing of related books, and co-planned and edited works with teacher Shen Chaohe include “On Fate”, “Gourd God Numbers – Divination of Life’s Book of Changes”, “Bazi Destiny Learning Mother Method”, etc. Books, as well as revolutionary DVD audio-visual teaching discs such as “Gourd God Numbers – Divination in the Book of Changes in Life” and “Bazi Destiny Learning Mother Law – Yuanhai Ziping 300 Jue”.

Contents Fengshui nourishes people, people raise Fengshui / Preface 003 011 1. Essentials for learning Fengshui: basic skills of stems, branches and five elements 012 2. Origin of Fengshui: Hetu, Luoshu 022 3. Eight Diagrams The origin and evolution of Taiji 027 4. The meaning of the innate gossip 029 5. The meaning of the acquired gossip 032 6. The definition of the eight trigrams and the orientation of the twenty-four mountains 036 7. The use of the compass 040 8. The analysis of one hundred and twenty cents of gold 043 9. The definition of sitting direction 047 049 Twenty-Three Kinds of Good and Bad Xingsha050 059 1. The meaning and classification of house hexagrams 060 2. The meaning and classification of fate hexagrams 063 3. Eight house travel years Star 067 4. Dayou New Year Song and Bazhaiyou Xingpan 073 5. Bazhai Xingyao is good or bad 078 6. The importance of Fuyuan 081 7. What kind of Mingtang can prosper wealth and prosperity 083 8. The impact of sewers on health 087 9. Rules for opening the door 093 10. Key points of bedroom allocation and bed placement 098 11. The importance and placement of the stove 101 12. What are the taboos for the god position 104 13. What are the taboos for the toilet 108 14. Placement of study, office and desk Focus on 110 15. Feng Shui layout method for marriage proposal and child interest 113 16. What diseases can be caused by bad Feng Shui 116 117 1. The origin of Sanyuan Nine Stars Geography 118 2. What is “Three Elements and Nine Stars”? 120 3. Explanation of the meaning of Nine Stars 122 4. Nine Stars Flying Cloth of Eight Houses (Nine Palaces Feibo) 125 5. The meaning of life and death retreat 128 6. Eight Houses and Nine Palaces Feibo Map 130 7. What is Nine Stars Diagram 139 8. Fleeting Years and Flying Moons: Nine Stars Suspension 140 9. The Strength of Nine Stars in Yuan Yun 142 10. The Rise and Fall of Ba Zhai in Yuan Yun 144 11. What is “Five Sons Luck”? 146 12. The relationship between the number of layers, the number of intervals and the luck of the five sons 148 13. The addition of double stars to determine good or bad things 150 171 1. Introduction to Sanyuan Xuankong Fengshui 172 2. The meaning of yin and yang and zero positive 175 3. 177 4. Flying Stars in the Xuankong Four Big Situations 190 5. Changing the Heart of Heaven to Change Home Fortune 192 6. The Principle of Feng Shui Good and Bad Prediction in the Xuankong 193 The Origin of 212 2. The Theory of Paradigm 214 3. The Law of Congenital Water 217 4. The Law of Acquired Water 220 5. Internal and External 224 6. Heavenly Tribulation Water 226 7. Earth Punishment Water 228 8. Case Robbery Water 229 9. Theory of Tianshui Law 233 10. Guest Water 235 11. Fu Gua Water 237 12. Lun Shuikou and Zhengqiao 240 13. Yanggong Six Great Streams 242 14. Kuchiwei 243 15. Yaosha 246 16. Peach Blossom Water 252 17. Main response identity 253 18. Reversal and change 254 257

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