Wu Junzhou’s Correspondence Textbook for Fengshui Disciples of Yang Gong, page 157

Download the 157-page PDF version of Wu Junzhou’s Correspondence Textbook for Fengshui Disciples of Yang Gong. Table of Contents 1. Definition of Fengshui 2. Introduction to Fengshui of Junzhou School Yang Gong 3. Hexagram 4. Meaning of Nine Stars Calculation method Ten, a family of flesh and blood Eleven,

Wu Junzhou’s “Correspondence Textbook for Fengshui Disciples of Yang Gong” 157-page PDF download.

Table of Contents

1. Definition of Fengshui 2. Introduction to Fengshui of Junzhou School Yanggong 3. Hexagram 4. Meaning of nine stars 9. Calculation method of purple and white stars in fleeting years and moons 10. Flesh and blood relatives 11. Drawing Yao and changing direction 12. Secret acupuncture method 13. Pulling sand 14. Nashui 15. Choosing a day 16. Qimen Dunjia choosing a day Lesson seventeen, cemetery Fengshui eighteen, head nineteen, ninety-nine eighty-one purple and white star combination good or bad judgment twenty, reminder of fortune 1, reminder of Ding 2, reminder of wealth 3, reminder of Wenchang 4, reminder of officials 5, reminder of peach blossom 6 , Broken Peach Blossoms 21, Dispelling Evils 22, Piling and Laying Lines 23, Shop Rent Selection 24, Fengshui Plan Design 25, Community Building Selection 26, Five Ghosts and Fortune 27 , Other knowledge points (some feng shui applications) Twenty-eight, Yang Gongfu twenty-nine, making a living base thirty, receiving dragon veins thirty-one, connecting blood veins thirty-two, regulating qi and heart seal thirty-three, releasing nine tunes Thirty-four, moving palaces and changing places thirty-five, identifying men and women in graves thirty-six, robbery daily classes thirty-seven, cutting roads and dividing houses thirty-eight, seven-star robbery

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