Geography Debate Word Version PDF Version (Jiang Dahong Note Traditional Chinese Characters)

Geography Debate Word Version PDF Version (Jiang Dahong Note Traditional Chinese Characters) e-book download. Part of the content of the Qing Nangjing Volume 1 [Heaven is respected and the earth is inferior, Yang is odd and Yin is even, one or six common ancestors, two or seven are of the same way, three or eight are friends, four or nine are friends, fifty are on the same road, split between odd and even, five signs are born, popular from beginning to end. The eight bodies are grandly distributed, the children and the mother are distributed, the heaven and the earth are positioned, the mountains and rivers are ventilated, the thunder and the wind are thin, and the water

Word version PDF version (Jiang Dahong’s note in traditional characters) e-book download of Geography Debate.

Part of the content

The Green Capsule

First volume

【Heaven is respected and earth is inferior, Yang is strange and Yin Even, one or six have a common clan, two or seven are in the same way, three or eight are friends, forty or nine are friends, fifty are on the same journey, odd and even, five signs are born, and the popularity ends. The eight bodies are grandly distributed, the children and the mother are distributed, the heaven and the earth are positioned, the mountains and rivers are ventilated, the thunder and the wind are thin, the water and the fire do not shoot each other, the middle five sets up the poles, controls the four directions, the back and the one side nine, the three and seven are on the side, two, eight, four, and six, vertical and horizontal Ji Wang. Yang is to complement yin, yin is to contain yang, yang is born from yin, softness gives birth to rigidity, yin’s virtue is grand, and yang’s virtue is prosperous. That’s why yang is originally yin, yin breeds yang, the sky follows form, and the earth follows qi. This is called the beginning of transformation. 】

Jiang’s note: This article uses the invisible qi as the beginning of the heaven and the earth, and infers the origin of the original way. According to the way of tomorrow and earth, it is said that yin and yang are the roots of each other. The sky is high and respected, and the earth is humble. Its number is combined, so it is unified, its shape is treated, so it communicates, the outline of heaven and earth is formed from this, the metabolism of the four seasons is transported from this, the transformation of all things is born from this, and the relationship between yin and yang is odd and even. Dao, if you take a thing, everything is there. Heaven and earth have no heart, sages have no intention, and it is revealed naturally. And Hao is like a river map, so there are one or six common ancestors, two or seven are in the same way, three or eight are friends, and four or nine are friends. Fifty images of the same journey, the sage seeks their righteousness because of their images, the strange ones belong to yang, have the name of heaven, one day, three days, five days, seven days and nine, and the odd ones are yin, and they have earth, earth, four, earth, six, earth and eight. The name of the ten of the land means that if there is one, there must be two, if there is three, there must be four, if there is five, there must be six, if there is seven, there must be six, if there is seven, there must be eight, and if there is nine, there must be ten. Two, this three is four, this five is six, this is seven, this is eight, this is nine, and this is ten, this so-called form of treatment, the number of heavens and the number of earth are each equal to five, this is called a tenth of a number, and hundreds of thousands of billions Infinite numbers can be deduced from this, the number of heaven and earth, each has five, and two and five make ten, if there are five, there are ten, and if there is one, there are two, the natural way of yin and yang, so there is the law of heaven One, there is six of the earth, two of the earth, seven of the sky, three of the sky, eight of the earth, four of the earth, nine of the sky, five of the sky, and one of the earth Ten, the number of yin and yang is equal to one by joining the army. It is easy to say that five phases are obtained, which is called this. If one and six are at the bottom, then two and seven must be at the top, and three and eight are at the left, so four and nine must be at the top. Right, five is in the middle, and ten is also in the middle. The number of yin and yang, when dealing with those who come and go, it is easy to say that the five phases are obtained, and each has a combination. Occasionally shines but does not flicker, treats them and communicates with each other, so between odd and even odds, one closes and one opens, hidden and self-responsive, the origin of this generation is also, the sky produces water, and the earth produces sixty percent of it, and the earth produces fire two, and then The sky is seventy percent, the sky three is wood, the earth is eighty percent, the earth four is metal, the sky is ninety percent, the sky is five earth, and the earth is ten percent, and one life is ten percent. It is the beauty of yin and yang intercourse. , and the signs of the five elements descend above the nine heavens and rise below the nine grounds, flowing around the six voids, without rest, beginning and ending, and ending and beginning again. And its body has been completely completed, when it exists and its body ranks like, the sage has a hexagram because of the number of images in the river map, and the hexagram only has four images, but the hexagram has eight bodies and ten hexagrams. Gaiyi draws a line, and the line is handed over. The qi of Taishi has only one yang, which is called the sun. When the sun meets, it becomes Taiyin, which is called Liangyi. The sun and the sun are called four images. The appearance of this river map is also two numbers per side of the river map. When analyzed, there are eight. The image of this river map is hidden and manifest. Therefore, the eight in the hexagram is due to the four images. , the three lines, because of the three intersections, the two hexagrams of Qiankun are the mother, and the six hexagrams are the sons. The eight hexagrams are the mother of the children. It fills the universe, so the stem of yang is taken as the sky, and the yin of kun is the earth, which is called the positioning of heaven and earth. When the sky covers the top, the earth is contained below. The intersection of yin and yang forms the sky and the earth. Taking the gen of Yang as a mountain, and taking the change of yin as a lake, it is said that the mountain is ventilated, and the mountain is carried below, and the water is received by the top. Thin, when the thunder strikes below, the wind moves above. The threshold of yang is regarded as water, and the separation of yin is regarded as fire. It is said that water and fire do not shoot each other. The yin and the three yang are intertwined, and they are the ones that give birth to all things. The sages took this as the innate hexagram, which was determined by Fuxi. It was created based on the negative image of the dragon and horse. Five, the five of them are the intersection of the four images, the true yang of Qian, and the true yin of Kun. They are all formless but in the shape of earth. The upper part is pure and empty, all the yang energy accumulated in the dry sky, and the earth and skin are spread flat like a palm, even from yin to yang, the place where heaven and earth intersect, water, fire, thunder, wind, mountains and lakes, all the transformation mechanisms of heaven and earth are exposed here. Therefore, the five in the middle, the eight trigrams support the body to store essence, and it is also the place where the formation is manifested and used. Therefore, the Hetu Luoshu is the same as the five in this book. , can not be described as the four directions, since the five poles stand in the center, and then the four poles are drawn, each of which is in the right direction, there is a square in the right position, and the four dimensions are in between, so the eight directions are established, and the five emperor poles are unified into nine, divided As for the distribution, one is in the north, two is in the southwest, three is in the east, four is in the southeast, five is in the center, six is in the northwest, seven is in the west, eight is in the northeast, and nine is in the south. Originated from Luoshu, it is actually consistent with the numbers in the Hetu. The principles of heaven and earth are naturally discovered, and there is no difference. The position is said to wear nine shoes, one on the left, three on the right, seven on the right, two and four on the shoulders, and six or eight on the feet. The position of the eight directions is suitable to be equal to the number of the eight directions. The sages use the eight trigrams to enshrine it, and the sequence is Kan one, Kun two, Zhen three, Xun four, Zhong five, Qian six, Dui seven, Gen eight, Li Ninth, this is four positive and four-dimensional, and it is not easy to locate. Although the number starts from one, it uses the actual first shock. After the building is established, Shaoyang uses things. Yi said, the emperor came out from Zhen, Qi was from Sunda, met from each other, served from Kun, spoke from Dui, fought from Qian, labored from Kan, and made words from Gen, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eighty-nine. , the ancient and modern Zen dynasties, those who repeat the cycle, those who shake Xun, Li Kun, and Gan Kangen, the sun and moon, the air mechanism of the four seasons, the movement and change, and the cycle without reason. The sages took this as the acquired hexagram. When Dayu controlled the waters, the tortoise came out of Luo, and King Wen wrote the Houtian hexagram because of it. How could there be no Luoshu when Fuxi drew the hexagrams? For a moment, the hexagram positions of Xiantian and Houtian are also fixed in one day. Fuxi has hexagrams and lines, but the words of the first line of King Wen, Hetu Luoshu must have two numbers, and Xiantian and Houtian must have ambiguous meanings. If one treats Yin and Yang in the same way, there is each other, but there is no corner. If the hexagram of Houtian is based on the prevalence of Yin and Yang, there is a corner. The purpose of the hexagram lies in the root of Yin and Yang. Dao, Guiyang is inferior to yin, so yang should be dominant, and yin should be supplemented, but why is it that cloud and yang use yin to complement each other? The beauty of covering yang does not lie in yang, but in yin. The yang in yin is the real yang, so yin is the feeling, and yang responds to it. It seems that yin is the king and yang is the phase. This scripture says that the gods The purpose is also, but the reason why yang comes to respond to yin is that yin is inherent in yin, and it follows each other, so it responds to ears. Isn’t it true that yin contains yang, and yin contains yang to produce yang? Both yang and yang are governed by yin, and they all come from yin. Hardness and softness are yin and yang. Yin and yang are expressed by qi, and firmness and softness are expressed by quality. Among them, both Yin and Yang exist, so both have hardness and softness. If Yang is regarded as rigid and Yin is regarded as soft, then it is advisable that rigidity is born of softness, but it is cloudy that softness is born of hardness. , the tangible quality, the yin is rigid and the yang is soft, and the invisible softness is born from the tangible rigidity, and the quality is angry, and the qi returns to the quality, so it is said that softness is born from rigidity. The reason why it can help each other, can be contained and endless, if so, it is based on yin and yang, and it has its own virtue. Only the virtue of yin can promote yang and benefit yang. Therefore, the virtue of yang can be close to yin and transform yin. If the image is like this, then you can know the way of heaven and earth. In the way of heaven and earth, yang always originates from yin, and yin always grows from yang. Therefore, the sky is the sky if it is not empty and empty. , its shape is always attached to the primordial qi, and it rises all the time. However, the qi of the sky is always in the ground, and the qi of the earth is all the qi of the sky. Although yin and yang are called two qi, they stop at one ear, so the qi that is born of the heaven and the earth, Therefore, it is the qi that gives birth to all things, so it is called the beginning of transformation.

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