Mr. Yin Yang’s method and spell practice (second period)——

FS2023050701 Mr. Yin Yang’s method and spell training (phase 2)

Affiliated disk—Xiaoliang——

Mr. Yin Yang method and spell practice (Part 2) Qingyu lecture video➕ audio➕ document  This method is taught by Yunyou practitioners, There is no need to set up an altar, you can pass it on after learning

? 1. Make the water taste delicious. Nowadays, many water sources are evenly added with various bleaching powder and disinfection powder, which makes the water taste strange. Use this talisman to make the water taste better The taste of the water is purified, and there is no peculiar smell when drinking. ? 2, Tianshi town evil spirit talisman, this talisman can resolve many evil spirits in Fengshui 3, Tianshi town traffic is unknown, when boats, cars, airplanes and other means of transportation encounter supernatural events, this talisman can protect yourself for refuge ? 4 , Strange talisman in Tianshi Town, strange things happen in Anzhen 5, chicken chicks into the stove spell, chickens in rural areas generally do not run around when they are in the pen, but one day the chicken suddenly entered the kitchen of the house, indicating that something bad happened at home If it happens, use this talisman if you want to resolve this evil thing. Generally, chickens entering the kitchen without reason are the main fire. ? 6. Amulet for calming the nerves and withdrawing generals, commonly known as the charm of retreating God ? 7. Amulet for treating headaches, which can be used for headaches without reason ? 8. Phantom viewing field talisman, this talisman is a kind of deterrent method, so that others will not dare to come forward when they see the phantom. If you want to travel far away from home, and no one in the house is afraid of being stolen by others, you can use this method to deter thieves from entering the house. Someone used to say that this phantom is as tall and wide as a Dharma protector, with a scary appearance, and everyone who sees it can be shocked. ? 9. Know the Thunder God Curse. Clear your mind and clear your mind to eliminate disasters. If you practice Mahayana, you can exorcise demons and evil spirits, and break the prison in the temple. ? 10. The cultivation of the Transformation Mantra requires frequent practice to reach the realm of true oneness. ? 11, Zodiac natal mantra, good luck protection ? 12, detailed explanation of house feng shui, there are many kinds of feng shui courses, here are some feng shui theory that can be used in home and office, sort out and explain, and feng shui alone can explain a section I am here to teach you to seize the opportunity. The price of this class should be twice the price of the course. Now the benefits are released to everyone. This class must be listened to. Mantra, reciting it sincerely can avoid disasters, and help people fulfill their wishes ? 14. Iron plate hiding talisman, this can also be called a kind of shelter, which can avoid harm. This is to help you block at your critical moment Injury is a metaphor for a car being hit but you are fine, maybe it’s just a little bit of skin damage, and the iron plate will have marks, which means that the damage is transferred from you to the iron plate. ? 15, Yuanchen natal lamp, a Yuanchen talisman offering lamp can illuminate Yuanchen for 21 days, and the Yuanshen is strong. ? 16, Punish ghosts and cure essence talisman ? 17, Harmonious husband and wife talisman ?18, true sickness talisman, can save intractable diseases ? 19, support talisman for good luck. ? 20, the secret method of receiving thunder. ? 21, Aborted baby spirit superseding method. ? 22, the secret method of beheading the mistress.

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