Mr. Bai Long basic course and improvement course

Mr. Bai Long basic course and improvement course

The latest introduction of Mr. Bai Long basic course and improvement course.

Admissions for the teaching of the Xiang Method of Numerology – Inherit the wisdom of the ancients and learn the Bai Long Xiang Method

To promote traditional culture, inherit Chinese wisdom, and promote correct thinking in numerology, Bailong Xiangfa Bazi Numerology 2016 with a new teaching outline, systematic teaching methods. With the concept of quick effect and quality, we open the door of Xiangfa to friends who love numerology, and welcome those who are interested to join the study of Xiangfa numerology.

The Xiang Method comes from life and is inherited from the wisdom of our ancestors. The earliest origin of Chinese writing is the oracle bone script, the pictograph. The ancients learned long ago how to depict what they saw through pictorial forms, grouping the same categories together. Nature is understood through pictographs. The eight-character pictograph is based on the ancient summaries of life, and the different states in nature are simulated by stem and branch symbols. This allows us to use these stem and branch symbols to simulate all kinds of things in life. This is also the greatest charm of the Chinese numerology.

Through years of practice, a large number of folk fortune tellers experience, and years of research on traditional fortune theory, now a mature system of fortune telling, the elephant method of fortune telling to show you, the elephant method of fortune telling features, easy to learn, flexible start, learning is not strenuous, knowledge points are extremely easy to understand, there will be no unintelligible, understanding the phenomenon, the elephant method of thinking in a new image to It is like a child reading a picture and remembering it. It is the easiest way to learn in today numerology world, and is also the most natural and life-like theoretical system.

The cornerstone of Elephant Law Numerology is based on the traditional numerology books of 《Yuanhai Ziping》《Three Lives of the General Assembly》《Poor Tong Baojian》《Dripping Heavenly Pith》, which are interpreted through the way of elephantine thinking, and the difficult numerology terms of the ancients are told in a living language, so that learners can fully digest and absorb the ancient understanding of nature.

And the elephant method of numerology also summarizes a large number of techniques from the folk fortune tellers, with the word touching the word and the intuitive image of the point node to interpret the eight characters, and the integration of the essence of the [big six nones] [Qi Men Dun Jia] [Zi Wei Dou Ji] [Guo Lao Xing Zong] and other types of art and mathematics, the practicality and science of the elephant method of numerology more systematic, more perfect. Through the study of Xiangfa Numerology will also directly understand the other arts, learn the Xiangfa Numerology and then learn other numerology arts will feel very easy to get started, and soon find the main points of learning other arts.

The teaching system is a concentrated version of the essence, focusing on high frequency, high absorption rate, in-depth reinforcement of the main line, the numerology content into the brains of students in the shortest possible time, the scientific natal skylight layer by layer poke through, to give students an enlightening experience

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