Chen Guo Ri-《Numerology Jin Jian》221 pages HD scanned electronic version of the eight fortune telling information

Chen Guorri – 《Numerology Jinjian》221 Pages HD Scanned Electronic Version of the Eight Character Numerology Profile

Chen Guo Ri-《Numerology Jin Jian》221 Pages HD Scanned Electronic Version of the Eight Character Numerology Profile


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According to historical evidence, the eight characters originated in the Han Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty Li Xuzhong according to a person born in the year, month, day three groups of stem to deduce the noble, low life, fortune and misfortune, is the originator of the eight characters prediction, after the Five Dynasties and early Song Dynasty Xu Ziping to people born in the year, month, day and time four groups of stem, the main day stem, divided into six things, with six relatives, the system is complete and spread to this day, so also known as Ziping art. Later on the basis of this framework, people continue to study and promote, but most of them can not get rid of the framework of Ziping, to promote the modern Yi science Shao Weihua teacher eight prediction techniques, but also lack of innovative awareness. At the beginning of this century, Mr. Li Hanchen reformed and innovated traditional numerology, creating a set of eight-character prediction system that is very different from traditional numerology methods and ideas, and closer to modern society, which has led to a significant development of eight-character prediction until today, and thus formed the old and new schools of thought. It is the inheritance and development of the new school of eight-character prediction system, as well as the combination of the old and new theories. 《It is far more concise and practical than all the eight-character prediction theories, and is the most complete theoretical and practice-testing eight-character prediction technology system, following the opinions of most of the disciples, which is also Guo Ri confidence and certainty.

In the new school system, Kokuryo numerology has the following characteristics.
First, the main line of prediction thinking of the new school of numerology, is the day stem as the center point to determine the happy and jinxed gods, the major luck flow year to the happy gods to increase the power, jinxed gods to reduce the power should be auspicious, to the jinxed gods to increase the power, jinxed gods to reduce the power should be fierce, happy and jinxed boundary is very clear. This is the main line of prediction, but not limited by the national day fortune theory, like the god of power should also be fierce, the god of taboo power should also be auspicious, prediction closer to the actual life, this is the national day 《 with the god of the center of the theory of 》 proposed.
Second, there are concise operational theories and techniques for judging pattern likes and dislikes, correcting 10-15》 of the ambiguous eight pattern likes and dislikes, and raising the moon from 50》 to 51》 of the total score of the whole fortune.
Third, cancel or compress the five theories, very little use of assertions, learning the national day fortune theory does not need to memorize the theory and assertions, to reduce the reader burden, in line with the principle of simplicity.
Fourth, the role of the relationship between the fate of the year and the year has clear provisions, feng shui is only a supplement to the year of transport, play a quantitative increase or decrease.
Fifth, there are clear regulations on the relationship, principles, techniques and ways of the role of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches and the Four Graves, especially the principles of the role of the Four Graves and the Stems, which differ greatly from the original New School theory.
Sixth, the original new school of fortune theory mostly starts on the role of the six relatives, while the national day fortune theory introduces the five elements, bagua, palace, empty death, and the prediction and depiction of a certain event is more detailed and vivid.
Seven, the innate feng shui placed in the general social environment, feng shui not only refers to the size of space, terrain height, but also refers to policies, customs, era and other factors including time, the innate feng shui quantification in 10》, 90》 of the fate predictions can be regardless of the innate feng shui.
Eight, pay attention to the operation of the acquired feng shui, in the premise of the inability to adjust the big feng shui, the adjustment of small indoor feng shui immediate effect. National day numerology for feng shui adjustment, personnel planning and operation is better.
Nine, the results of the prediction method with Guo Ri numerology are basically the same as the results of the prediction with Bagua, Liuyao, Qi Men, Feng Shui, etc. The eight characters are qualitative, and the feng shui is quantitative.
More and more detailed differences, the reader is invited to read this book to find their own.
Compared to this book, 《Chen Guo Ri Eight Character Prediction》 is a hodgepodge, although there is no misleading place, but there are many theories obscurely not written, can not be considered a good textbook, no basic people read, or a little cloudy mountain fog to, here, to buy the 《Chen Guo Ri Eight Character Prediction》 YiYou modest. 《The reader has the chance to see this book, as long as he or she has a fair heart to understand it carefully, he or she will know that what Guo Ri said is not false.
《The main reason for this is that it is not a good idea to have a good idea of what you are doing.
《The book is also a personal self-education book for people who have been measured by their own fortune tellers. This book is also the best learning material for individuals to learn numerology on their own, the country day according to the basic knowledge needed to learn numerology, prediction steps, ideas, and the necessary theoretical skills of the country day numerology almost all listed. As long as the reader is familiar with the book, seriously according to the set of the fight down, learn to predict and adjust feng shui is not difficult. State log in the popularization of easy to learn, break the mystery of easy to learn, the road to the world, also easy to people. Most people can tell fortunes, the life and work of the things that happen in the numerology to find the corresponding basis, or according to their own numerology characteristics to plan the operation of their lives, which should save how much manpower and material resources, management of business is also easy to save a lot of work. Yi is everywhere, and people use it every day without knowing it. The responsibility of Yi scholars is to pull down Yi from the hallowed halls and use the most popular language, the simplest techniques, and theories that stand up to practical testing to guide the masses in their application or practice, rather than creating greater superstition and personal worship.
The inertia of fate is powerful and irreversible, the compliant will prosper, the rebellious will be trapped, but it is not set in stone, good doctors treat diseases, good Yi treats life, medical and Yi are of the same origin, the basic theory are yin and yang, five elements, stem and branch, doctors according to the five elements to classify the medicine to correspond to the five internal organs, the loss of surplus and complement deficiencies, Yi scholars are the orientation, colors, numbers, shapes, functions, names, etc. are also taken into account in the five elements, disease is generally The eight characters and feng shui do not coordinate when the occurrence, but not all people need to have the five elements, specific people need specific five elements, cure also have to be adjusted according to the fate of the likes and dislikes, Yi scholars need to consider more problems, a broader vision. The environment makes people, people make the environment, the mind is born from the mind, the mind is born from the environment, which extends to the society and family, what should happen and what should not happen, are all the five elements between the birth and elimination, the survival of the fittest, not only refers to physical fitness, knowledge, wealth, the most fundamental or fate. There is no chance in the world, behind all the chance there must be a law governing, one life, two fortune, three feng shui, to find out these laws and to guide the use is the responsibility and obligation of the Yi scholars.
The National Day is only a glimpse of a hole in the great hall of Yi Studies left by the sages, and more treasures are waiting for the joint efforts of Yi Studies colleagues to discover. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the rise of the economy of the Chinese circle in the twenty-first century, 《 Yijing》 and Confucianism is our strong cultural foundation, the burden on the shoulders of Yi scholars is great and glorious



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