Yang Qingjuan Blind School of Numerology 2018 Jinan Intensive Course Video Lecture Notes

Yang Qingjuan Blind School of Numerology 2018 Jinan Workshop Video Lecture Notes

Yang Qingjuan Blind School of Fortune-telling 2018 Jinan intensive class video handouts
The Jinan class is all about the mystery of fortune telling, techniques, and directly teaches how to tell fortunes. It includes the view of financial life, official life, marriage, how to take the image of professional work, how to look at physical illness, how to look at education, how to see if there is an official disaster, and how to resolve it, how to calculate the annual trigrams, find good luck through the eight characters, lucky objects, etc., how to look at the feng shui of the home through the eight characters, and how to adjust, and some folk Taoist immortal blessing techniques…… and so on content is very rich, each section is the focus, are directly taught how to fortune telling, on a wealth of eight views, but also divided into very fine, how to look at broken fortune, how to look at cooperation for wealth, how to look at their own alone, how to look at the laborer, how to look at which year to get rich, robbing money to see the wealth, which case is rich, which case is broken, and so on some eight combination of views The company business is to provide a wide range of services and services to its customers.


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