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–/2021/21094_Old Blind Man Eight Characters Folk Practical Blind School
Old Blind School Other Recordings
Old Blind Eight Characters Class Recordings
Old Blind Folk Practical Eight Characters
20120414_nayin speed calculation table.bmp 157.55kb
老瞎子【01】陰阳五行.wmv 7.38M
老盲子【02】天干地支.wmv 15.34M
Old Blind Man【03】Eight Character Arrangement.wmv 10.74M
老瞎子【04】平平经常聊十神.wmv 8.43M
老瞎子【05】12宮和解释.wmv 12.54M
老盲子【06】旺衰、宫位和神煞.wmv 10.16M
老瞎子【07】疾病部分.wmv 11.32M
老盲子【08】10神专论.wmv 11.57M
Old blindness [09] The use of the six relatives.wmv 11.68M
Old blind man [10] marriage.mp3 23.54M
Old blind man [11] Ten gods standing.wmv 5.90M
Old blind man [12] character and education.wmv 12.73M
The old blind man [13] the method of breaking the great fortune and flow year.wmv 3.78M
Old blind man [14] Numerology lecture –disease.wmv 9.74M
老盲子【15】五行寄生長生12宫.wmv 13.59M

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