Numerology advanced advanced class easy eight characters master version Yi Huan main lecture video 32 episodes

Information name: Numerology Advanced Advanced Course Simple Eight Characters Master Edition Yi Huan Master Lecture Video 32 episodes

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–/2021/21107. Numerology Advanced Advanced Course: Easy Eight Characters Master Edition
01 Introduction to the Eight Character Schools and Courses.mp4 73.55M
02 The key to unlocking the Eight Character Numerology: The Gods of Use.mp4 19.61M
03 The Four Gods of Use: Suppression, Subordination, Passage, and Adjustment.mp4 141.28M
04 The method of using the gods of support and suppression.mp4 31.27M
05 Gods of wealth and prosperity.mp4 67.62M
06 Teach you a trick to identify the strength and weakness.mp4 56.19M
07 Extreme subordination.mp4 63.97M
08 Difficult to distinguish between strength and weakness: a neutral and balanced destiny.mp4 93.64M
09 The root of the stem and the translucent stem.mp4 28.99M
10 The Tomb and Head and Foot of the Stems and Branches.mp4 30.73M
11 Stems and Branches of Motion and Stasis.mp4 8.74M
12 The Far and Near of Stems and Branches.mp4 45.97M
13 Circulation and Control of Stems and Branches.mp4 55.47M
14 The greed for conjunction and forgetfulness of the stem and branch.mp4 86.60M
15 The excesses and shortcomings of the branches.mp4 82.18M
16 The conditions of the merging of the branches.mp4 71.57M
17 The method of breaking the intersection of the dharma and the draconic.mp4 79.24M
18 The relationship between destiny, fortune and current year (above.mp4 51.23M
19 The Relationship Between Destiny, Luck, and the Year of the Stream (Bottom).mp4 37.99M
20 The Luck and Fortunes of the Lunar Year (Upper.mp4 65.69M
21 The Luck of the Year (Bottom).mp4 61.85M
22 Eight Grades.mp4 55.26M
23 Official.mp4 55.04M
24 Kill.mp4 80.60M
25 Wealth.mp4 67.98M
27 Ruler.mp4 46.57M
28 Eros.mp4 61.42M
29 Hurt.mp4 116.40M
30 Subordinate.mp4 136.49M
31 Pseudo-Subordinate.mp4 83.23M
32 Specialized.mp4 65.00M
33 Miscellaneous.mp4 50.57M

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