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Half of the book is devoted to the mastery of a happy marriage and the maintenance of a happy marriage. The fact is that nine out of ten men and women, regardless of appearance, education, or family background, suffer deeply from love; The ups and downs and the inconsistency of married life will both affect the individual’s career achievements, and what’s more, they will feel that life is boring.

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Preface Author Introduction Part 1    How to get a good married life and the greatest wealth? Preface Chapter 1    How to arrange your chart? Chapter 2     Fate Paradigm Part 2    How to master the life that Shangyi bestowed on you in this life/Chapter 1 of the previous chapter    How to really understand yourself? Chapter 2 &nbsp ;  How to have a happy married life? Chapter 3    Do you have good and well-behaved children?   Do you have rich fortune? Chapter Six    How much real estate do you own? Chapter Seven    Do you have a unique career foundation? Chapter Eight    Are you suitable for working and starting a business? Chapter 9    Do you have reliable friends and colleagues? Chapter 10    Are your parents taking good care of you? Chapter 11   ;  Are brothers and sisters helpful to you? Chapter 12   Do you enjoy a fulfilling life? Part 3    And make up for the insufficiency of the inborn destiny? Preface The appendix of the fate of the stars and the small limit

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