6 sets of rash eight-character recordings for beginners/intermediate/advanced classes on the flow of the year/eight-character essentials/elephant method

Name of information: rash head eight characters recording 6 sets of beginner class/intermediate class/advanced class flow year big luck class/eight characters essentials/elephant method class

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The Eight Characters Essentials
The Eight Characters Open Class_20160409八字要略之三.mp3 16.97M
The eight characters open class_20160409八字要略之四.mp3 13.81M
The eight characters open class_20160416八字要略之六.mp3 9.36M
The eight characters open class_20160416八字要略之五.mp3 16.24M
The eight characters open class_20160423八字要略之八.mp3 10.49M
The eight characters open class_20160423八字要略之七.mp3 14.08M
The eight characters open class_20160430八字要略之九.mp3 8.01M
The eight characters open class_20160430八字要略之十.mp3 2.95M
八字公开课_20160430八字要略之十一.mp3 11.80M
The first time I saw a person name, I was able to see it.
20160319八字要略之一.mp3 13.93M
Beginner Class Recording
The Eight Characters_20130427 Lesson 4
八字_20130427第四课之二.mp3 25.85M
八字_20130427第四课之一.mp3 13.95M
Eight Characters_20130503 Lesson 5
八字_20130503第五课之二.mp3 7.62M
Eight Characters_20130503 Lesson 5 No.3.mp3 8.76M
The Eight Characters_20130503 Lesson 5 No.4.mp3 8.97M
The Eight Characters_20130503 Lesson 5 No.1.mp3 12.36M
Eight Characters_20130510Lesson 6
八字_20130510第六课之二.mp3 17.91M
八字_20130510第六课之一.mp3 18.22M
Eight Characters_20130511 Lesson 7
八字_20130511第七课之二.mp3 19.86M
八字_20130511第七课之一.mp3 13.09M
Eight Characters_20130517Lesson 8
八字_20130517第八课之二.mp3 15.50M
八字_20130517第八课之一.mp3 15.92M
Eight Characters_20130518Lesson 9
八字_20130518第九课之二.mp3 15.15M
八字_20130518第九课之三.mp3 13.29M
Eight Characters_20130518第九课之一.mp3 5.18M
Eight Characters_20130524 Lesson 10
八字_20130524第十课之虫子八字取象说明.mp3 7.20M
八字_20130524第十课之二.mp3 12.59M
八字_20130524第十课之一.mp3 10.62M
八字_2013052520十一课后讨论.mp3 4.74M
八字_2013052520十一课之二.mp3 12.25M
八字_2013052520十一课之一.mp3 15.68M
八字_20130531十二课后讨论.mp3 3.17M
八字_20130531十二课之二.mp3 13.76M
八字_20130531十二课之三.mp3 5.85M
八字_20130531十二课之一.mp3 13.12M
八字_20130601第十三课之二.mp3 10.86M
八字_20130601第十三课之三.mp3 4.87M
八字_20130601第十三课之一.mp3 12.42M
八字_20130607第十四课后讨论.mp3 7.03M
八字_20130607第十四课之二.mp3 12.54M
八字_20130607第十四课之一.mp3 18.94M
八字_20130608等15课之二.mp3 9.32M
Eight Characters_20130608 et 15 Lessons No.3.mp3 3.98M
八字_20130608等15课之一.mp3 10.67M
八字_20130615第十六之二.mp3 11.62M
八字_20130615第十六之三.mp3 12.25M
八字_20130615第十六之一.mp3 8.43M
八字_20130621第十七课后讨论.mp3 5.83M
八字_20130621第十七课之二.mp3 7.26M
八字_20130621第十七课之三.mp3 20.11M
八字_20130621第十七课之一.mp3 6.42M
八字_20130622第十八课后讨论.mp3 3.10M
八字_20130622第十八课之二.mp3 13.52M
八字_20130622第十八课之一.mp3 14.49M
八字_20130628第19课之二.mp3 21.83M
八字_20130628第19课一.mp3 15.48M
八字_20130629二十十课之二.mp3 14.35M
八字_20130629二十十课之一.mp3 12.56M
八字_20130705第二十一课之二.mp3 15.72M
八字_20130705第二十一课之一.mp3 14.32M
八字_20130706第二十二课之二.mp3 7.73M
八字_20130706第二十二课之三.mp3 16.62M
八字_20130706第二十二课之一.mp3 11.48M
八字_20130712第二十三课之二.mp3 5.86M
八字_20130712廿十三课之三.mp3 28.41M
八字_20130712第二十三课之四.mp3 10.76kb
八字_20130712第二十三课之一.mp3 2.07M
八字_20130713第二十四课后.mp3 3.81M
八字_20130713第二十四课之二.mp3 13.84M
八字_20130713第二十四课之一.mp3 13.73M
Advanced class
Advanced Class Year of the Stream Year Great Fortune Open Class No.320180127.mp3 19.10M
Advanced Class Year of the Streaming Year Great Fortune Class 420180127.mp3 27.01M
The year of the stream year fortune public class 1 and 2.mp3 33.53M
The Eight Characters Open Class
The second lesson of the beginner class.mp3 22.06M
Rash Head Green Eight Characters Beginner Class Lesson 2 No.3.mp3 7.77M
The first lesson of the first class.mp3 5.77M
The first class of the eight characters of the rash head Qing class, the third lesson of the second.mp3 1.60M
The first lesson of the class is to learn the words of the first person.
The first class of the third lesson of the eight characters of the rash head green.mp3 14.06M
The first lesson of the third course of the eight characters of the rash head green.mp3 16.99M
The first lesson of the first class.mp3 15.49M
The first lesson of the first class of the eight words of the rash head youth.mp3 10.36M
Rash Head Eight Characters Beginner Class Lesson 1.mp3 8.29M
Audio to Text
The Eight Character Essentials.pdf 1.44M
Mr. Chen Eight Character Numerology.pdf 127.01M
Beginner Class Transcription.pdf 5.25M
Advanced Class Recording to Text Tutorial.pdf 113.16M
Yearly Fortune Transcription.pdf 985.17kb
Height and the Eight Characters.pdf 39.64M
Chinese Character Class Transcription.pdf 2.90M
Intermediate Class Transcription.pdf 3.31M
Xiang Fa Class
20170318 Elephant Method Class Lesson 3 Section 2.mp3 17.46M
20170318 Elephant Method Class Lesson 3 Section 1.mp3 18.92M
20170325 Elephant Method Class 4 Section 2.mp3 7.24M
20170325 Bishop Method Class Lesson 4 Section 1.mp3 19.36M
20170408 Elephant Method Class Lesson 5 No.2.mp3 7.09M
20170408 Elephant Method Class Lesson 5 No.1.mp3 15.63M
20170422 Elephant Method Class Lesson 6 Section 2.mp3 10.31M
20170422 Elephant Method Class Lesson 6 Section 1.mp3 10.78M
20170520 Elephant Method Class 7 Section 2.mp3 21.78M
20170520 Elephant Method Class 7 Section 1.mp3 18.30M
20170527 Elephant Method Class 8 Section 2.mp3 10.75M
20170527 Elephant Method Class 8 Section 1.mp3 16.79M
20170603 Elephant Method Class, Lesson 9, Section 2.mp3 12.36M
20170603 Elephant Method Class Lesson 9 Section 1.mp3 13.97M
20170610 Elephant Method Class 10 Section 2.mp3 11.45M
20170610 Elephant Method Class 10th Lesson 1.mp3 14.86M
20170624 Elephant Method Class 11 Section 1.mp3 18.90M
20170701 Elephant Method Class XII Section 2.mp3 9.21M
20170701 Elephant Method Class 12 Lesson 1.mp3 13.46M
Xiangfa Class 20161224 Lesson 1 Section 2.mp3 13.99M
Elephant Method Class 20161224 Lesson 1 Section 1.mp3 19.55M
象法班20170107第二课第二节.mp3 15.76M
Elephant Method Class 20170107 Lesson 2 Section 1.mp3 26.09M
Intermediate Class Recording
八字中级班_20130726开班前开班闲聊之二.mp3 11.62M
八字中级班_20130726开班前闲聊之一.mp3 9.94M
八字中级班_20130802第一课之二.mp3 18.13M
The Eight Characters Intermediate Class_20130802 Lesson 1.mp3 14.59M
八字中级班_20130809第二课之二.mp3 22.13M
八字中级班_20130809第二课之一.mp3 14.46M
八字中级班_20130816第三课之二.mp3 18.19M
八字中级班_20130816第三课之一.mp3 12.65M
八字中级班_20130830第四课之二.mp3 9.21M
八字中级班_20130830第四课之三.mp3 7.16M
The Eight Characters Intermediate Class_20130830 Lesson 4.mp3 13.87M
The Eight Characters Intermediate Class_20130830Lesson 4.mp3 4.57M
八字中级班_20130906第五课之二.mp3 18.59M
八字中级班_20130906第五课之一.mp3 20.81M
八字中级班_20130913第六课之二.mp3 8.46M
八字中级班_20130913第六课之三.mp3 10.29M
八字中级班_20130913第六课之四.mp3 3.61M
The Eight Characters Intermediate Class_20130913 Lesson 6 No.1.mp3 11.34M
八字中级班_20130920第七课之二.mp3 17.01M
八字中级班_20130920第七课之三.mp3 7.23M
The Eight Characters Intermediate Class_20130920Lesson 7.mp3 12.89M
八字中级班_20130927第八课之二.mp3 26.36M
The Eight Characters Intermediate Class_20130927Lesson 8.mp3 19.32M
The Eight Characters Intermediate Class_20131004第九课之二.mp3 16.67M
The Eight Characters Intermediate Class_20131004 Lesson 9 No.1.mp3 14.87M
The Eight Characters Intermediate Class_20131011 Lesson 10 No.2.mp3 17.66M
The Eight Characters Intermediate Class_20131011 Lesson 10 No.1.mp3 18.42M
八字中级班_20131018第十一课之二.mp3 12.44M
八字中级班_20131018第十一课之三.mp3 6.56M
八字中级班_20131018第十一课之一.mp3 11.87M
八字中级班_20131025第十二课之二.mp3 14.55M
八字中级班_20131025第十二课之一.mp3 15.23M

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