[Yang Qingjuan] June 2018 Blind Numerology Shenzhen Luohu Course Recording 37 Episodes

Information name: [Yang Qingjuan] June 2018 Blind Numerology Shenzhen Luohu course recording 37 episodes

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–/2021/21635.June 2018 Shenzhen Luohu 37 recordings
1 Luohu first day morning first session.m4a 54.85M
20180603_103651 First day morning second session.m4a 76.73M
20180603_144149First day afternoon first session.m4a 62.26M
20180603_161416 Day 2, Afternoon Session 2.m4a 68.73M
20180603_190836First day evening.m4a 52.68M
20180604_085855The second day, first morning session.m4a 62.73M
20180604_103551 Second day, second morning session.m4a 52.79M
20180604_143317Next Day Afternoon Session 1.m4a 56.08M
20180604_160810 Second Day, Second Afternoon Session.m4a 53.13M
20180604_185718 Second day evening.m4a 69.28M
20180605_084642 Day 3 Morning Session 1.m4a 76.64M
20180605_103634 Day 3 Morning Session 2.m4a 58.55M
20180605_142941 Day 3, Afternoon Session 1.m4a 57.90M
20180605_160914 Day 3, Afternoon Session 2.m4a 51.46M
20180605_190229Third Day Evening.m4a 61.03M
20180606_085756 Day 4 Morning Session 1.m4a 63.67M
20180606_103600 Day 4 Morning Session 2.m4a 50.44M
20180606_145038 Day 4, Afternoon Session 1.m4a 36.53M
20180606_160334 Day 4, Afternoon Session 2.m4a 54.84M
20180606_190348 Fourth Day Evening.m4a 58.70M
20180607_103542 Day 5 Morning Session 2.m4a 59.37M
20180607_143648 Day 5 afternoon session 1.m4a 57.04M
20180607_160801 Day 5, Afternoon Session 2.m4a 49.13M
20180607_185828Fifth day evening.m4a 57.44M
20180608_085609 Day 6 Morning Session 1.m4a 50.78M
20180608_104125 Day 6 Morning Session 2.m4a 53.61M
20180608_130511 Day 6, Afternoon Session 1.m4a 39.64M
20180608_143118 Day 6, Afternoon Session 2.m4a 53.67M
20180608_190248 Day 6 Evening.m4a 58.16M
20180609_085726Day 7 Morning Session 1.m4a 53.47M
20180609_103626Day 7 Morning Session 2.m4a 49.13M
20180609_142613Day 7, Afternoon Session 1.m4a 37.69M
20180609_155602 Day 7, Afternoon Session 2.m4a 52.52M
20180609_185725第七天晚.m4a 58.88M
20180610_080827Day 8 Morning Session 1.m4a 55.71M
20180610_093802 Day 8 Morning Session 2.m4a 58.40M
20180610_111812Day 8 Morning Session 3.m4a 61.26M

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