Morning Star Blind School Bagua Oak Feng Shui (Recording 13 episodes)

Information name: Morning Star Blind School Bagua Oak Feng Shui (Recorded 13 episodes)

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–/2021/21349. Blind School Feng Shui Lectures
01 Chapter 1 Opening.mp3 33.71M
02 Chapter 2: The Eight Trigrams and Numbers, All Things Analogous – (above).mp3 37.13M
03 Chapter 2: Eight trigrams, number theory, all things analogous – (middle).mp3 39.30M
04 Chapter 2: The Eight Trigrams, Everything Like Elephant – (Bottom).mp3 33.77M
05 Chapter 3: Blind Feng Shui Principles and Practices – (Upper).mp3 36.34M
06 Chapter 3: Blind Feng Shui Principles and Practices – (Middle).mp3 38.69M
07 Chapter 3: Blind Feng Shui Principles and Practices – (Bottom).mp3 40.28M
08 Sheet 4: The natural way of the elephant, the view of the external theory of good and bad – (top).mp3 38.70M
09 The 4th sheet of Xiangfa Nature, the view of the outside on the auspiciousness – (bottom).mp3 41.83M
10 The fifth sheet of feng shui (1).mp3 41.12M
11 The fifth sheet of Feng Shui (2).mp3 45.66M
12 The Fifth Sheet: How much do you know about Feng Shui (3).mp3 44.70M
13 Chapter 6: The compass is in your hand, and the universe is set to.mp3 45.05M

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