Wang Shie Yuan commentary on the house spectrum Dacheng course video 80 episodes

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Information name: Wang Shi Yuan Commentary on the House Genealogy Dacheng course video 80 episodes

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–/0Feng Shui Meaning/2021/21920. Shi Yuan Commentary on House Genealogy Dacheng
Wei Qingjiang House Genealogy Dacheng eBook
Wei Qingjiang – Qingjiangzi – Tianxing Selecting Time to Make Fate (Ancient Text) 218 pages.pdf 9.16M
The Greatest of House Genealogies (1).pdf 34.02M
The Greatest of House Recipes.pdf 9.92M
01.mp4 72.46M
02.mp4 133.54M
03 The Great Pattern Feng Shui, General Theory of Yang Residence Fundamentals.mp4 43.94M
04 Valley Yangji and Flat Yangji Selection.mp4 141.92M
05 The role of the Yang Foundation and a brief description of the Three Harmonies and Four Patterns.mp4 64.48M
06 Sanhe SiBu usage and the division of gold house style.mp4 77.78M
07 Tianjing when the courtyard three gods put water law.mp4 61.52M
08 Yang house gas law [a]: boundary gas and back to the wind turn gas.mp4 69.94M
09 Yang house gas law [two]: door gas and house with the principle of.mp4 52.88M
10 Luoshu nine stars and purple white Shengwang death retreat brakes orientation of the auspicious.mp4 62.82M
11 phase house and phase house Chongzheng: the literati phase light when.mp4 70.81M
12 layer number five elements and purple and white transfer basis 1.mp4 65.73M
13 Size Yuan Yun, combination and Shan Shui on the Palace.mp4 64.26M
14 The prosperity of urban Yang houses and streets.mp4 63.21M
15 on yang house trigrams: purple and white fly cloth on the auspiciousness of 1.mp4 57.36M
16 on yang house Gua: flying volt relationship, the annual life into the bureau.mp4 53.98M
17 on Luoshu luck what division?.mp4 56.44M
18 Purple and white transfer foundation: year transfer, month transfer 1.mp4 60.73M
19 Purple and white transfer application: double stars in the same house auspicious.mp4 68.91M
20 Double stars in the same house: one four, seven nine, three seven.mp4 59.40M
21 double stars in the same house: square, mountain, layer, between and the cooperation of transport.mp4 35.58M
22 On the relationship between the five yellow rushing off and six things.mp4 35.92M
23 On the birth of the house and the same reference.mp4 44.44M
24 phase of the residence and the residence base rich sand theory.mp4 43.47M
25 ask the residence base expensive sand.mp4 44.46M
26 on the shape of the house before and after the law of gas.mp4 43.13M
27 on the shape of the house around the gas law.mp4 44.07M
28 Asking the auspiciousness of the sand and the auspiciousness of the valley Shi Hom.mp4 47.42M
29Q water law and mingtang auspiciousness.mp4 34.16M
30 asked the influence of the pond and its image of good and bad.mp4 38.03M
31 asked the road and trees of the auspiciousness.mp4 57.00M
32 asked how the wind and the pit shortage of the evil fulfillment.mp4 41.44M
33Q the auspiciousness of walls and alleys.mp4 43.26M
34Q Village and Yang residence influence each other.mp4 42.95M
35Q Shops and gutters are good and bad.mp4 36.09M
36 Q water mouth relationship and yang house auspicious.mp4 45.98M
37Q How to view the image and color of the house.mp4 37.66M
38 Re-discuss the house shape of the auspicious.mp4 41.25M
39 How to solve a house with bad luck in a house.mp4 38.59M
40 gate feng shui: phase door shape of the good and bad.mp4 47.22M
41 door building, compartment and corridor good and bad.mp4 38.88M
42 the well hall yard and kitchen stove auspicious.mp4 51.68M
43 ask the well and the pestle and mill direction of good and bad.mp4 47.04M
44 warehouse, toilet and livestock direction of good and bad.mp4 47.06M
45 Yang house how to deal with insects and ants.mp4 49.42M
46 children, brothers, couples and other feng shui causes of disagreement.mp4 49.45M
47 official lawsuit mouth lust and lustful feng shui reasons.mp4 31.06M
48 the basic principle of promoting Ding and bed door to promote Ding method.mp4 31.64M
49 Destiny theory and man determination to win the sky, to promote Ding to promote the noble whether it is against the way of heaven.mp4 47.22M
50 The Four Pillars of Destiny and the Four Gua Theory of East and West.mp4 46.51M
51 The Sun Square Path to promote the auspiciousness of the son.mp4 44.79M
52 Bedroom luck and anger off the determination of the bane side.mp4 45.07M
53 Sitting on the bane of life and the differences between the rooms.mp4 38.95M
54 The influence of each room and the couple successive days of positive match.mp4 44.13M
55 sixty azi xiu sun party to promote the child guide.mp4 52.47M
56 The old case (a): the group: Lu Ma Guiji evil gods and goddesses star demons hodgepodge.mp4 54.04M
57 The Old Case (2): Techniques for Promoting Dating and Suggestions for Choosing the Date of Birth.mp4 44.45M
58 The Case Notes.mp4 43.52M
59 Feng Shui Reasons for Unfavorable Births and Infertility.mp4 46.90M
60 Other Feng Shui Factors Affecting People Daughters.mp4 42.12M
61 Promoting wealth: general discussion on saving poverty and case evidence.mp4 45.43M
62 Promoting Officials: General Theory of Promoting Nobility and Case Evidence [with case time examination].mp4 42.45M
63 The Official: The General Theory and Evidence of the Case of the Lucky One [with case time evidence].mp4 56.40M
64 The factors beyond the nine stars, feng shui terminology interpretation.mp4 58.36M
65 Factors beyond the nine stars, feng shui terminology interpretation.mp4 42.91M
66 Cases of phlegm, wind diseases, compulsions and other illnesses and feng shui causes.mp4 40.31M
67 Wind disease, head and face disease case sets and feng shui triggers.mp4 47.81M
68 Ear disease cases and feng shui causes.mp4 52.18M
69 Eye and nose disease cases and feng shui causes.mp4 45.36M
70 raspy, neck, hands and feet, poisonous sores and other diseases cases and feng shui causes.mp4 50.80M
71 through the \”Qian\” trigram cases straightforward interpretation (a).mp4 38.15M
72 through the \”Qian\” hexagrams case (two).mp4 42.66M
73 through the \”Kun\” hexagrams case study.mp4 48.00M
74 through the \”Zhen\” trigram case straight.mp4 53.31M
75 through the \”Xun\” trigram case straight.mp4 48.06M
76 through the \”Kan\” hexagrams case study.mp4 42.50M
77 through the \”Li\” hexagrams case study.mp4 50.50M
78 through the \”burgundy\” hexagrams case straight.mp4 47.58M
79 through the \”Tui\” hexagrams case study.mp4 46.74M
80 Course summary: gains, shortcomings and future prospects.mp4 31.21M

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