Lai Guan Yang Eight Character Numerology Course Video 33 Episodes

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–/0Feng Shui Meaning/2021/21797. Lai Guan Yang Eight Character Numerology
01. How to start the palm of the eight characters (upper).mp4 99.21M
01、 How to start a palette of eight characters (bottom).mp4 49.31M
02、 Yin and Yang.mp4 61.90M
03、Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.mp4 112.75M
04、Daily Stems.mp4 150.35M
05、Earthly Branches Interesting Explanation.mp4 161.43M
06、Yin Yang and Day Master.mp4 134.30M
07、The role of Bijou.mp4 93.04M
08、What is food and injury.mp4 75.34M
09、The role of food and injury in the natal chart (Case 1).mp4 93.33M
10、The role of food and injury in the natal chart (Case 2)a.mp4 35.55M
11、Eclipse Injury Star in Numerology Case.mp4 101.97M
12、Eclipse injury star restrains official star affects female relationship.mp4 106.69M
13、Eclipse injury produces wealth, not without effort (Case 1) a.mp4 36.85M
14、Eclipse injury does not give birth to wealth, although the star of wealth and prosperity, but to cope with out less a.mp4 33.18M
15、Eclipse injury produce wealth social people would have liked to rely on their talents to earn more money.mp4 76.66M
16、Eating injury produce wealth although rich, but the star of wealth does not produce official star, a little less support for the husband.mp4 94.26M
17、Cai Sheng official work is stable, but the star of wealth is not vigorous reaction to the problem.mp4 77.04M
18、Woman life is unconditional husband for you, because you are my world.mp4 77.45M
19、What is the official star.mp4 124.64M
20、Officer star destiny example, obviously you can eat with a golden rice bowl a.mp4 32.47M
21、Officer star destiny example \”WuXuTu\” is the special performance of the wealth stara.mp4 32.71M
22、Officer star restraint than robbery, can become the head of.mp4 57.23M
23, the star of wealth gives birth to the star of the official, an almost perfect combination of eight characters.mp4 91.19M
24, official star female emotions, good-looking people reverie.mp4 107.56M
25, official star emotions of the fate of the example, emotional destiny does not come out of nowhere.mp4 104.54M
26、The face of the Seal Star.mp4 150.85M
27、First understanding of the pattern.mp4 102.89M
28、Indian star destiny example, talk about the lord, Indian star becomes a taboo god.mp4 97.13M
29、Inspector of the life example two, high income is not only look at the star of wealth.mp4 61.56M
30、The subversive nature of the Star of Indigo cannot be ignored.mp4 94.84M
31、Analysis of the god of use, the most reliable method of jinxing (the advantages of feedback analysis).mp4 160.24M
32、Excluding some wrong knowledge points, and the average of the industry.mp4 161.79M

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