Military Master House Four Pillars and Eight Characters Advanced Class Video 24 episodes (missing episodes 14 and 16)

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Information name: Junshifu Four Pillars Eight Characters Advanced Class Video 24 episodes (missing episodes 14 and 16)

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—/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22071. Jun Shi Fu Four Pillars Advanced Class
01: Fundamentals Review.mp4 615.55M
02: Four Pillars Fundamentals Review.mp4 317.89M
03:Advanced class knowledge supplement.mp4 186.10M
04:Four pillars to determine disease (I).mp4 215.51M
05:Diseases of Numerology (II).mp4 329.27M
06: Numerology Diseases (III).mp4 137.48M
07: Marriage and Affection (I).mp4 167.69M
08: Marriage affection (II).mp4 162.98M
09: Marital Affection (III).mp4 235.64M
10: Marital Affection (IV) and the next questions answered.mp4 199.73M
11: Parents and Children (I).mp4 162.34M
12: Parents and Children (II).mp4 144.75M
13: Parents and Children (III).mp4 220.53M
15: Career and Financial Planning (II).mp4 339.83M
17: Career Choice and Selected Case Studies.mp4 251.38M
18: Academic Assertion.mp4 317.18M
19:Disasters and the transformation of good fortune.mp4 302.83M
20:Take the image to break the law (a).mp4 318.88M
21:Take the image to break the law (two).mp4 448.28M
22:Take the image to break the law (three).mp4 432.65M
23: Practical Forecast Summary.mp4 618.47M
24:Learning experience and practice skills.mp4 324.19M
Eight Characters Advanced Class – Health and Marriage Chapter of Eight Characters Special Detailed Discussion.pptx 5.97M

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