Jin Yuzhang Numerology Transmission Course Recording 187 episodes

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Information: Jin Yuzhang Numerology Transmission Course Recording 187 episodes

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—/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22137. Jin Yuzhang Numerology Transmission Class Course
1 On mixed qi grid.docx 22.44kb
8 Bad Grid 1 Mixed Officials and Killers.docx 16.85kb
8 Bad Grid 2 Bad Seal.docx 80.01kb
Section 100: The four pillars of longevity.mp3 36.02M
Section 101: The Four Pillars of Officials and Non-Jail.mp3 58.76M
Section 102: Ideas and Steps for Judging Officials and Prisoners.mp3 27.47M
Section 103: Career, wealth, and talent.mp3 39.64M
How to judge education from the four pillars.mp3 41.59M
Section 105: How to judge wealth from the Four Pillars.mp3 37.92M
Section 106: Industry and Nature of Occupation (1).mp3 47.61M
Section 107 Industry and Nature of Occupation (2).mp3 30.65M
Section 108: Steps to infer the nature of occupation.mp3 49.19M
Section 109 Four pillars of marriage (1).mp3 27.39M
Section 10 nayin match and nayin pattern (5).mp3 65.64M
Section 110 Four pillars of marriage (2).mp3 64.17M
Section 111 Four pillars of marriage (3).mp3 33.37M
Section 112: The year of great fortune (1).mp3 44.39M
Section 113: The Year of Great Fortune (2).mp3 67.16M
Section 114 – The Great Luck Year (3).mp3 54.88M
Section 115 – The Year of the Stream (1).mp3 24.61M
Session 116 – The Year of the Stream (2).mp3 59.58M
The Year of the Stream (3).mp3 33.12M
Section 118: The year of the stream.mp3 80.53M
Section 119: Choosing good fortune and prosperity.mp3 71.63M
Section 11: Nayin Matching and Nayin Patterns (6).mp3 62.74M
Section 120 [Case Studies] Why is a mediocre person when the official seal is born?.m4a 23.56M
Section 121: The Yen comes with its own transfer and has many opportunities in life.m4a 21.56M
Section 122 [Case Studies] 2019 Numerology of a bereaved father.mp3 15.58M
Section 123 [Case Studies] How to determine major disasters and illnesses and longevity gates.mp3 24.54M
Section 125: Education: Qian zao: kuaiwei yimao gengchen xinsi.mp3 30.70M
Section 126 – Growing Up Special – Kun: Cxu Ding You Kui Chou Ding Si.mp3 35.75M
Section 127 – Marriage – Kun: Azi Axu Xue Xue Xie Si Xin You.mp3 27.57M
Section 128: Kun: wu wu geng shen chen wuzi.mp3 56.11M
Section 129: Kunzuo: C Yin A Wu B Si Xie Wei.mp3 23.96M
Section 12: The specific application of nayin.mp3 66.39M
Section 130 [Marriage] Kun: Hexi, Ding, Chou, B, Wei, C, Xu.mp3 24.57M
Section 131 – Marriage – Qian zao: kueiyou, geng sheng, ding mao, non yin.mp3 32.22M
Section 132 – Career – Kun: C Yin, G Yin, G Yin, Xin Si.mp3 17.73M
The first one is the one that is the most important.
Section 134: Health Special: KUN: JIYOU, NON-SHEN, JIWEI, BMAO.mp3 13.53M
Section 135 [Health Special] Qian Zao: Geng Zi, Hex Mao, Wushen, Nonsuch.mp3 11.98M
Section 137: Education: Kun: Xinmao, Wuxu, Kemao, Genshen.mp3 27.55M
Section 138 [Year of the year] Kun zheng wu hexwei wuxu chen.mp3 6.97M
Section 139 [Year of the stream] Kun zheng yichou gengchen hexu nonshen.mp3 16.13M
Section 13: The Ten Gods and Patterns (1).mp3 33.82M
Section 140: Kun zheng: C Chen, Ding You, Hexi, A Xu.mp3 9.85M
Section 141 [Year of the Stream] Kun: Xin You, Hex Hai, Non Yin, C Wu.mp3 15.64M
Section 142 [Year of the stream] Qian: C Chen, Xin Mao, Hexi, Ding Mao.mp3 9.44M
Section 143 [Year of the stream guide] Qianzheng: Kiyou Geng Shen Ding Mao Non Yin.mp3 9.36M
Section 144 – Year of the Dragon: Azi, Gengwu, Bhai, and Kewei.mp3 7.15M
Section 145: Special Career Criticism: Kun: Hexu, Auxu, Auxu, Dingmao.mp3 49.98M
Section 146 [Special Project] Kunzuo A Zi A Xu B Wei Xin Si.mp3 32.92M
Section 147: The career of the Kun zao, Xinhai, C shen, Kexi, Nonzi.mp3 13.64M
Section 148 – Marriage and Children – Kun Zu 癸亥 癸亥 癸亥 己巳 甲子.mp3 15.12M
Section 148 – Health and Safety – Kun Zu 癸亥 癸亥 己巳 甲子.mp3 26.39M
Section 148: Career and Wealth: Kun Zu 癸亥 癸亥 己巳 甲子.mp3 13.82M
Section 148: Analysis of the Four Pillars: Kun Zu 癸亥 癸亥 己巳 甲子.mp3 13.97M
Section 148 – Suggestions and Answers to Questions – Kun Zu 癸亥 癸亥 己巳 甲子.mp3 24.04M
Section 148: \”The Year of Luck\”: Kun Zu 癸亥 癸亥 己巳 甲子.mp3 23.78M
Section 148: The Four Pillars of Destiny Analysis: Kun Zu 癸亥 癸亥 己巳 甲子.mp3 17.85M
Section 149: The Four Pillars Detailed Criticism of Emotional Marriage: Xin Wei, Hexai, Ding Wei, B Si.mp3 26.34M
Section 149: The Four Pillars of Health and Safety] Kun: Xin Wei, Hexai, Ding Wei, Yisi.mp3 38.02M
Section 149: Analysis of the Four Pillars: Kun: Xin Wei, Hexai, Ding Wei, Yisi.mp3 29.78M
Section 149: The Four Pillars Detailed Analysis: Kun: Xin Wei, Hexai, Ding Wei, Yisi.mp3 24.22M
Section 149: The Four Pillars: The Year of Luck: Kun: Xinwei, Hai, Dingwei, Yisi.mp3 46.13M
Section 14: The Ten Gods and Patterns (2).mp3 48.72M
Section 150: \”Qian zao: Geng Yin Ding Hai C Yin B Wei.m4a 24.49M
Section 151: Qian zheng yi mao yi you azi yi hai 2020 year of the year horoscope.m4a 8.43M
Section 152 [Yearly Horoscope] Qian zheng: yi mao yiyou azi yihai 1997 yearly horoscope.mp3 30.43M
Section 153: The marriage of the Kun zao: wu wu nonsu xu nonsu yisi.m4a 32.47M
Section 154: How to make a four-pillar prediction.mp3 62.64M
Section 155: \”The year of the year of the year of the Kun\” (kun zao c Yin, gengzi, xinchou, dingyou).m4a 2187M
Section 156: Qian Zao Xin You B Wei Ding You Yi Si.m4a 14.83M
Section 157: The year of the Kun zodiac is C Yin, H Hai, A Zi, A Zi. m4a 15.83M
Section 158: The year of the year of the Kun is Xinwei, Ganyin, Hexi, and Xinwei. m4a 13.70M
Section 159 – Case Studies – Kun zao B chou D hai A yin H si.m4a 21.24M
Section 15: The Ten Gods and Patterns (Examples of Patterns).mp3 62.19M
Section 160 [Health Special] Kun zao yichou hexu yichou czi.m4a 21.94M
Section 161 [Career Special] Qian zao hexi dingmao yichou wuyin.m4a 12.42M
Section 162: Qian zao: Hexi, Ding, Mao, B, Chou, Wu, Yin.m4a 33.97M
Section 163 [Destiny Analysis] Qianzao: Ding Si 癸亥 癸亥 壬子.m4a 23.11M
Section 164 [Destiny Analysis] Qianzheng C Yin 癸巳 壬子 戊申.m4a 30.43M
Section 165: \”The Births of the Dry Zao Gengchen A Shen Xinmao Wuxu.m4a 9.34M
The first of these is the first of the two.
Section 167: \”The Case of the Births of the Dzogchen, the Dzogchen, the Dzogchen, the Dzogchen and the Dzogchen.
Section 168 [Education Special] Kun zao: Geng Chen, Wu Zi, Non Zi, Ding Wei.m4a 26.27M
Section 169: Qian zheng: Geng Chen, E Zi, Non Zi, Ding Wei.m4a 12.31M
Section 16: Seven Killing Patterns (1).mp3 28.07M
Section 170: The Year of the Stream: E Mao, H Mao, W Wu, C Chen.m4a 19.28M
Section 171: Qian Zao Ding Mao C Wu C Shen Non Chen.m4a 13.40M
Section 172: Qian zheng wuchen chen chen nonzi gengzi.m4a 9.76M
Section 173: The Year of the Dragon, A-Chen, B-Chou, and Ke-Wei.mp3 11.90M
Section 174: The Dry Year: 癸丑 甲子 壬午 庚子.m4a 17.67M
Section 175: In-depth understanding of the two sides of the Bi-jack to help the body.m4a 13.60M
Section 176: The life of a rich man in the partial seal pattern with partial wealth.m4a 10.29M
Section 177 [Marriage Special] Kunzuo: Geng Shen, Hexu, Xinhai, Geng Yin.m4a 14.36M
Section 178 [Year of the stream] Kun: Ding Mao Ding Wei A Xu Non Shen.m4a 21.98M
Section 179 [Year of the stream] Kunzuo: Hexi, Dingchou, Awu, Axu.m4a 23.49M
Section 17: The Seven Killing Patterns (2).mp3 23.66M
Section 180 [Year of the stream] Kunzuo Kuihai Xinyou Yisi Gengchen.m4a 13.52M
Section 181 [Year of the stream] Qian zheng Gengxu Huanmao Huanchou Huansi.m4a 11.85M
Section 182: A Special Conformation Pattern.m4a 24.89M
Section 183 [Year of the stream] Kunzuo Dingmao Dingwei Auxu Non Shen.m4a 10.43M
Section 184 [Year of the stream] Qianzheng 壬戌 乙巳 己亥 丙寅.m4a 31.19M
Section 185 How to judge a person occupation from the eight characters (1).m4a 10.49M
Section 185: How to determine a person occupation from the eight characters (2).m4a 24.56M
Section 185: How to judge a person occupation from the Eight Characters (3).m4a 10.00M
Section 186 – Marriage – Qian zheng hexi yihai non wu sebao.m4a 42.02M
Section 187: \”The Year of the Stream\” – Qian Zao Xinwei 癸巳 癸卯 戊午.m4a 16.37M
Section 18: Seven Kills Case Study.mp3 40.20M
Section 19: The rules for using the Seven Killings and the Seven Killings Pattern.mp3 61.29M
Section 1: My Four Pillars Prediction System (above).m4a 46.85M
Section 1: My System of Four Pillars Prediction (Lower).m4a 26.05M
Section 20: A detailed discussion of the Hurt Official.mp3 61.19M
Section 21: Hurt Official.mp3 34.70M
Section 22: Hurt Official.mp3 21.00M
Section 23: Relationship between Stems and Branches (1).mp3 43.22M
Section 24: Relationship between Stems and Branches (2).mp3 47.83M
Section 25: The Complete Theory of Partial Seal.mp3 63.50M
Section 26: A detailed discussion of the positive seal.mp3 22.23M
Section 27: Several Directions of Achievement in the Seal Grid.mp3 34.87M
Section 28: Criteria for Judging the Level of Achievement of the Yin Grid.mp3 26.97M
Section 29: The Four Pillars of Prediction: Is the Four Pillars of Prediction a divulgation of heaven? Will it create oral karma to bring bad karma to oneself?.mp3 26.76M
Section 2: Body Usage.mp3 28.87M
Section 30 Understanding the Star of Fortune – Basic Attributes and Connotations of the Star of Fortune.mp3 45.78M
Section 31: The boundaries of the Four Pillars of Prediction.mp3 31.74M
Section 32: The success and failure of the Cai Grid.mp3 35.58M
Section 33: Analysis of Cai Ge fortune cases.mp3 37.78M
Section 34: The method and general usage of the birth, life and body houses.mp3 71.46M
Section 35: A detailed discussion of the positive official.mp3 43.50M
Section 36: Zhengguan Ge.mp3 37.96M
Section 37: A detailed discussion of the Bijou.mp3 60.11M
.mp3 59.57M
Chapter 39: Examples of the Locus Blade Pattern.mp3 37.51M
Section 3: Basic Steps and Ideas of Four Pillars Analysis.mp3 29.55M
Chapter 40: Eros and Eros Grid.mp3 53.26M
Section 41: Reviewing the Pattern Method.mp3 31.79M
Section 42: Analysis of Pattern Method Numerology Examples.mp3 35.64M
Section 43 Special Patterns.mp3 25.74M
Section 44: Qi of the Four Pillars.mp3 49.99M
Section 45 Case Studies.mp3 34.09M
Section 46: Specialized prosperity (1).mp3 36.06M
Section 47: Specialized Wang Ge (2).mp3 72.10M
Section 48: From Killing Pattern.mp3 57.39M
Section 49: Case Study of From Killing Frame.mp3 58.18M
Section 4: Roots of the Four Pillars.mp3 33.43M
Section 50: From wealth.mp3 49.24M
Section 51: The relationship of the heavenly stems.mp3 33.02M
Section 52: Earth branch relationship.mp3 65.60M
Section 53: Relationships between Stems and Branches of the same column.m4a 28.41M
Section 54: Relationships between two groups of stems and branches.m4a 34.24M
Section 55: Four Pillars Shape Method – Punch.mp3 66.32M
Section 56: From the child frame.mp3 64.38M
Section 57: From the Potential Grid.mp3 72.50M
Section 58: Phenomena of qi transformation in the four pillars.mp3 59.54M
Section 59: Phenomena of qi transformation and the combination of A and H.mp3 5188M
Section 5: Nayin analogy.mp3 69.09M
Section 60: Phenomena of Qi Transformation – B G, C X.mp3 59.42M
Section 61: Phenomena of qi transformation – ding nun, wu dec.mp3 72.80M
Section 62: The pattern of qi transformation.mp3 70.53M
Section 63: General discussion of the qi pattern.mp3 57.54M
Section 64 Other Special Patterns.mp3 60.12M
Section 65 [Qi Method] A Wood (1).mp3 55.98M
Chapter 66: The Method of Qi Numbers: A Wood (2).mp3 60.84M
Chapter 67 [Qi Numerology] A Wood (3).mp3 62.59M
Chapter 68 [Qi method] B wood.mp3 59.76M
Section 69 – Qi Numerology – C Fire (1).mp3 53.56M
Section 6: Nayin Matching Histories and Patterns (1).mp3 4186M
Section 70: \”Qi Numerology\” (2).mp3 43.70M
Section 71: The Qi Method: Ding Fire (1).mp3 48.85M
Qi Numerology】D Fire (2).mp3 62.94M
Qi Numerology】Earth (1).mp3 33.29M
Qi Numerology】Earth (2).mp3 49.38M
Section 75: [Qi Numerology] Earthen (3).mp3 44.13M
Section 76: [Qi Numerology] Hexi Earth (1).mp3 40.09M
Section 77 [Qi Numerology] Hexi Earth (2).mp3 57.90M
Section 78: [Qi Numerology] Geng Jin (1).mp3 45.52M
Section 79 – Qi Numerology】Geng Jin (2).mp3 81.94M
Section 7 nayin match and nayin pattern (2).mp3 44.10M
Section 80: The method of qi numbers: Xin Jin (1).mp3 41.92M
Section 81: The Method of Qi Numbers: Xin Jin (2).mp3 49.65M
Section 82: [Qi Numerology] Nonsui (1).mp3 44.54M
Section 83 [Qi Numerology] Nonsui (2).mp3 55.58M
Section 84 [qi method] decisive water (1).mp3 40.84M
Section 85 [Qi number method] deciduous water (2).mp3 5184M
Section 86: The law of intention (1).mp3 83.54M
Section 87: The Law of Intention (2).mp3 50.71M
Section 88: The Intentional Method (3).mp3 71.50M
Section 89: Preparing for the Four Pillars Analysis.mp3 85.00M
Section 8: Nayin Matching and Nayin Patterns (3).mp3 91.65M
Section 90: Concepts of Four Pillars Analysis.mp3 30.65M
Section 91 Analytical ideas and steps of the four pillars.mp3 74.38M
Section 92 Marriage Special (1).mp3 27.79M
Section 93 Marriage Special (2).mp3 28.56M
Section 94 Career Special.mp3 40.98M
Health and Safety.mp3 45.76M
Section 96 Calamity Numerology (1).mp3 34.59M
Section 97: Calamity Numerology (2).mp3 50.94M
Section 98: Basic Understanding of the Four Pillars of Death.mp3 34.10M
Section 99: Rules of the Four Pillars of Death.mp3 42.77M
Section 9: Nayin Matching and Nayin Pattern (4).mp3 71.44M
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