Wang Bingcheng Four Pillars and Eight Characters Beginner Course Video 28 episodes

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Information name: Wang Bingcheng Four Pillars and Eight Characters Beginner Course Video 28 episodes

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—/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22631. Wang Bingcheng Bazi Beginner 28 Sections
00 Opening Remarks: Basic, Advanced, and Advanced are all important.mp4 1006.21M
01 Ten Heavenly Stems and Five Elements.mp4 103.83M
02 Twelve Earthly Branches and Five Elements.mp4 2.57G
03 Four Pillars Basic Ranking.mp4 516.99M
04Year Push Month, Day Push Hour.mp4 844.44M
05 Earth Branch Hidden Stem.mp4 1.14G
06 incoming qi, middle qi, last qi.mp4 1.50G
07 True Solar Time.mp4 221.51M
08 The focus of the five elements.mp4 1.42G
09 Key to the Five Elements.mp4 813.38M
10 How to line up the year.mp4 1.97G
11 The focus of the five combinations of the ten heavenly stems.mp4 1016.17M
12 Earth branch synastry.mp4 1003.06M
13 The focus of conjunction, punishment, harm, breakage, rushing, meeting.mp4 1.41G
14 12 Longevity to see the decline and prosperity.mp4 1.40G
15 empty death, the use of the fetal element.mp4 1.54G
16 Six relatives relationship.mp4 1.40G
17 relationship between the eight characters and body parts.mp4 1.01G
18 Judging the prosperity of the Lord of the Day.mp4 1.54G
19 天德贵人、月德贵人.mp4 166.34M
20 Tian Yi Gui Ren, Wen Chang Gui Ren.mp4 121.53M
21 General Star and Huagai.mp4 625.81M
22 Hongluan Tianxi.mp4 856.29M
23Yang (Yang) Blade and Jianlu.mp4 698.76M
24Tian Luo Di Net.mp4 789.53M
25 Peach Blossom Fury.mp4 841.26M
26 Phi Ma Xing, Phi Tau Xing, Death Gate, Hanging Guest.mp4 96.95M
27 Kui Gang Gui Ren, Non Riding Dragon Back and Primary Class Summary.mp4 169.29M

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