Bango Bazi advanced classroom video 25 episodes

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–/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22729. Bango Bazi Advanced Class 25 episodes
Web Class-01 The Necessary Conditions for Wealth and Prosperity.mp4 99.60M
Web Class-02 When is the Right Edge.mp4 303.58M
Network Class-03 Determining Life and Death.mp4 137.91M
Web Class-04 Process of Reading the Eight Characters and Notes.mp4 121.41M
Web Class-05 Introduction to Basic Knowledge and Common Tools.mp4 197.02M
Web Class-06 The Four Stems of the Heavenly Stems and Five Combinations and Examples.mp4 163.53M
Web Class-07 Earth Stems Three Conjunctions and Three Combinations and examples.mp4 148.32M
Web Class-08 Earth Stems Semi-Triadic Arch and Hexagram and examples.mp4 84.44M
Web Class-09 Earth branch three penalties self penalties six conflicts and examples.mp4 110.75M
Web Class-10 Earth Branch Six Harm and Six Breaks with examples.mp4 80.36M
Web Class-11 Summary of the relationship order of the Earthly Branches.mp4 106.06M
Web Class-12 Analysis of the strength and weakness of the Yen in the current year.mp4 166.10M
Web Class-13 Analysis of the strength and weakness of the yen in the current year.mp4 147.36M
Web Class-14 The influence of the strength of the yen on the strength of the year.mp4 90.73M
Web Class-15 Analysis of the Five Elements of the Eight Characters.mp4 119.79M
Web Class-16 The Best Way to Decide Things.mp4 100.98M
Web Class-17 Health.mp4 365.77M
Web Class-18 Marriage and Relationships.mp4 403.40M
Web Class-19 Career.mp4 308.04M
Web Class-20 Judging Children.mp4 205.62M
Web Class-21 The Eight Positive Grammars.mp4 300.06M
Web Class-22 Special Rich Pattern.mp4 121.78M
Web Class-23 Special Poverty Pattern.mp4 137.68M
Web Class-24 Other Special Patterns.mp4 80.64M
Network class-25 Arranging the eight characters and the solution of not knowing the time of birth.mp4 417.00M

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