Wang Bingsen Eight Divine Furies Essence Course Series Video 20 episodes

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—/Feng Shui Meaning/22B/07/22B07106. The Eight Character Divine Furies
01 Should I learn about the Divine Furies? How to properly understand the Divine Furies?.mp4 13.46M
02 How did the Divine Furies originate? What is the origin of Divine Fate?.mp4 13.71M
03 How to view Gods and Monks correctly? What is the role of the Gods and Monks?.mp4 14.84M
04 Peach Blossom Brakes – How to check the \”Peach Blossom\”? What are the characteristics of the peach blossoms in different positions?.mp4 18.92M
05 How to check the post horse? What are the manifestations of the destiny with the post horse?.mp4 12.69M
06 Tian Yi Gui Ren to find the recipe, do you have the help of gui ren around you?.mp4 21.07M
07 how to calculate the day of the ten evils of the great defeat? What are the taboos for people born in these ten days?.mp4 15.78M
08 yin and yang wrong day how to calculate? What will be the performance?.mp4 16.13M
09 What does the God of Locus represent? How will it behave if it is charged or used as a contraindication? What is the arch of Roo?.mp4 24.20M
10 What does the Yang Blade represent? What is the nature of the heart and how to look at the items? Case study

.mp4 19.06M
11 What is the Heaven and Earth Nets? How does it apply in the eight characters?.mp4 19.71M
12 How to calculate and find the Heavenly Virtue and Lunar Virtue? What are the benefits of having the Heavenly and Lunar Virtues in one life?.mp4 17.57M
13 What is the \”Robbery Fate\”? What are the benefits of this?.mp4 17.09M
14 Is Dead God good or bad? How to deduce? What will happen when it is good or bad?.mp4 12.63M
15 How to start the Hua Gai? What kind of people have the most Huagai in their lives? What are the characteristics?.mp4 16.41M
16 How to deduce the orphaned star and the widowed star? What are the characteristics of men and women who are destined to have a solitary star and a widow?.mp4 12.67M
17 How to inquire about Red Luan and Tian Xi? What is the performance? The actual example analysis corroborates

.mp4 19.90M
18 What are the characteristics of the Big Dipper? What are the special features of personality and appearance? How to see the work marriage?.mp4 14.74M
19 tomb library analogy analysis, applied to the specific eight characters how to break?.mp4 1181M
20 How to use the empty death? How to determine children and parents?.mp4 20.47M

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